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  Six Month Prosperity Pouch

  Presented by

Earth Childe


Who among us couldn’t use a little extra prosperity? Here’s a recipe for a prosperity pouch that has been created to increase your monetary position within the time frame of six months....

  You Will Need

2 parts Patchouli.

1 part Bergamot.

1 part Oak moss.

1 part Ground Ginger.

6 Pomegranate Seeds.

6 grains of wheat.

6 coins.


The four herbs are high in prosperity and money energy, the wheat is for abundance and the coins symbolize your intent.

Place your ingredients into a circle or pouch of green cloth.

Add the herbs and hold the pouch in your cupped hands and speak your desire directly into your hands.

  Visualize your desire and let the energy flow from your hands into the pouch. Know that what you seek is for the good of all and shall harm none (you don't want to get rich by receiving an insurance check after a devastating accident.)

Add the six grains of wheat, counting the months as you do so, knowing that each month will bring increased abundance.

Add the six coins, one at a time, again counting the months, knowing that as each month passes you will have greater resources and increased opportunities.

Sew up the pouch or tie the cloth of with a gold or green cord.


  Carry the pouch on you, or place it in a handbag that you take everywhere, and fondle it before you outlay any money to ensure its return.
  © Morgan Faie 2002, 2003
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