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  Orange Love Charm

  Presented by

Earth Childe

  You Will Need
  • One blemish free firm orange.
  • 1 tbspn Cinnamon Powder.
  • 1 tbspn Orris Root Powder.
  • Plentiful supply of cloves.
  • Length of pink ribbon.

Do you remember the pomanders that our mother's taught us to make, oranges and lemons studded with cloves? Well the origins of this ancient craft started with a love charm...


Hold the orange in your hands and visualize yourself in a relationship that has you happy and fulfilled.

With this thought in mind push a clove firm into the skin of the orange and say "make it so".

Visualize and push another clove into the orange's skin and repeat "make it so".

Continue until the entire fruit is studded with cloves and very little peel is visible.

Roll the orange in the combined cinnamon and orris root powder and tie the pink ribbon around the orange so that you can hang the pomander.

Hang in a prominent place, preferably near the front door.

  Morgan Faie 2002, 2003
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