Eagle Spirit Ministry
  Sensual Sleep Sachet

  Presented by

Earth Childe

  You Will Need
  • 2 parts Rose Petals.
  • 2 parts Lavender.
  • 2 parts Yarrow.
  • 1 part Meadowsweet.
  • 1 part Cloves.
  • 1 Cinnamon stick broken into pieces.
  • 1 part Orris Root Powder.
  • 1 Part Orange Peel Powder.
  • A circle or a square of pink cloth.

Are you waiting for the man or woman of your dreams? Perhaps they have been waiting there for you the whole time. To have romantic dreams, and possible visions of a future lover, sew up the following sachet and sleep with it at night time...


Combine your ingredients into a bowl…

Tie the ingredients up in a circle of pink cloth, or if you have some sewing abilities, make a pouch from a square of cloth, sew up three sides, stuff it with the ingredients and sew the opening closed.

Place on your pillow at night time.

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