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Connecting with the Higher Plane
Book Five Understanding Who I Am

Losing My Home


Most of that day I was left alone to attend to my duties within the business.

By afternoon I was bombarded with conflicting information in respect of what was to occur that evening. As soon as I was sufficiently bombarded with comments indicating a specific solution to make me begin to think that the result would reflect those comments, I was immediately asked, "How do you know that I am not simply assisting you to experience what you have chosen to experience?"

I mentioned to Nancy there seemed to be a lot of 'closure' occurring in my life at this time. Nancy commented that Jesus probably experienced a period of closure as well.

God said, "Yes, but for Jesus the period of closure was a little more dramatic."

Later I reflected on my Native American lifetime. I recalled that I had been ready to become aware in that lifetime, but I had chosen not to become aware. I suddenly realised that many of the souls who had shared my Native American lifetime with me, were fulfilling the same basic roles in this lifetime.

It was another day when I failed to receive my promised salvation. In many ways I felt like I was being 'toyed' with.

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I had again created an environment to experience not receiving salvation. However, this time I had attempted to avoid creating such an environment, but I had created an environment to experience not receiving salvation anyway.

One thing that I found interesting, is that I did not really experience the environment other than as an observation, because I did not feel the events which formed the environment.

I experienced some physical symptoms which I knew could occur in response to 'spiritual' events. I suddenly developed a severe migraine. I drove home in a daze, struggling just to remain awake. The pain in my head became unbearable, and I touched my forehead to ease the intensity of the pain through drawing some of the pain out.

I struggled to even walk from my car to my home, and I did not having sufficient energy to write. In two days I would not have a home, although I was far from destitute, I could stay at Nancy's place. I had three days in which to write a presentation in an attempt to retain the business's major supplier, and the circumstances of the business were such that retaining the business's major supplier was not going to be easy. I seemed to be inundated with suggestions and opinions of how I should conduct the presentation, but I tried not to become frustrated by the conflicting suggestions and opinions. I would allow my instinct to write the presentation for me.

I felt my financial burdens upon me, and I found that one of my burdens after another were in my thoughts.

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I could certainly envisage souls queuing up to experience the path of a master…. Follow this difficult path and receive their reward of homelessness.

I needed to balance between worlds for a little longer, despite my increasing burden. I wondered what would occur next. I felt that I could endure no more and I wanted nothing more than to walk away and keep on walking. In fact, if not for my responsibilities, I would have done exactly that.

Despite how I felt, I did know that I had no reason to worry, and I was not worried. However, I was very, very tired.

It continued to be a time of closure and a time of putting the remaining few pieces of my puzzle of my existence together. The time period of 800 years which I had been given several days earlier, had related to my lifetime where my awareness had overwhelmed me.

When I awoke the following morning, I knew that I would continue my journey regardless of what occurred, but I remained extremely tired.

That morning my financial pressures, the burden which I was carrying, again washed over me. I began to wonder about all of the occasions when I had been led to an experience.

God said, "We have needed to establish the point that instinct always leads one to what they need to experience. You know that instinct always leads one to what they need to experience, but being led to an experience is effectively a subconscious experience. Even when one becomes aware of what is occurring, being led by one's instinct is a subconscious awareness. When you are led to an experience through a 'verbal' discussion with me, you are effectively consciously aware that your instinct is leading you to an experience. You have been consciously aware that your instinct leads you to experience for some time. What you are now experiencing, is that you are consciously aware that you are consciously aware that your instinct leads you to experience, or if you prefer you are consciously applying your conscious awareness.

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"You have recently become aware of the reason why you have needed to experience balancing between two worlds. Now you are experiencing continuing to balance between two worlds, and being consciously aware of why you need to balance between two worlds. You are experiencing conscious awareness, and applying your conscious awareness. The pattern of becoming consciously aware, and subsequently applying your conscious awareness has been apparent in respect of all that you have become consciously aware of."

I was still extremely tired. I wanted nothing more than sleep, but circumstances would not permit me to sleep. I watched the reflections from Evelyn's crystals form rainbows and dance in front of me.

I continued my review, and I continued to feel the experiences which I was reviewing, as I reviewed them. My tiredness remained.

Perhaps as a result of my tiredness, or maybe as the cause of my tiredness, I became a little despondent at having to prepare the presentation for the business. I continued to receive opinions on how I should conduct the presentation, which only served to emphasise my feeling of despondency. I understood that the problems associated with the business had been used to assist me to maintain my employment, and to provide me with an income, but for as long as I remembered, all that I seemed to do was address problems. Problems which were not my problems, and problems which my former business partner had refused to allow me to resolve permanently.

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I supposed that the combination of my intense experiences, which were necessary for the creation of my new world, and the intense problems which were necessary for the maintenance of my old world, had reached a point where the sheer intensity of what I was experiencing felt overwhelming. As I reflected, I realised that it was more than balancing two worlds, it was the intensity of balancing those two worlds which was taking its toll.

The intensity of the financial burden that I was balancing seemed to increase the difficulty which I had in balancing two worlds, ten fold. I was very tired, and I was very, very drained. I could draw energy from the fabric of existence which would sustain me for some time, but after I had exhausted that energy, I would become drained again, until I could replenish my energy by drawing from the fabric of existence.

It seemed that every time that I believed that I could not go on, or that I could take no more pressure, I was given more pressure, so that I would experience that I could, in fact, endure more pressure.

God said, "Soon you will rest."

I thought; 'Maybe, but I have heard that promise before.'

I sat in the sun and I soaked in the sun's golden glow whilst I meditated.

I reflected on my position at a time many months earlier, a point on my journey which I 'happened' to be reviewing at that precise moment. Every concern that I'd had then, I had now and the reasons behind my concerns were now far more intense, than I had experienced previously.

Despite my intense concerns, and despite the fact that my difficulties remained, I had returned to the higher plane. I had returned to my place in the symbolic hall of masters, and I had become a master myself.

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I had not only completed my journey, but I had also become a master, and I had become a master from within an average, everyday environment which included financial pressures, and mortgages, not to mention conflicting family pressures, an ex-wife, children and a current wife. I also had significant business pressures to overcome. I had been able to balance all of my earth plane pressures, with the 'spiritual' pressure of my journey. Whilst existing within an average, everyday environment and continuing to exist within an average, everyday environment, I had become a master.

I had become a master, from within the average, everyday environment that most people in 'western society' exist within. On the way I had managed to dispel many myths about what is required to become a master. I believed that my example was almost complete.

My tiredness lifted and my energy began to be replenished. The masters were again with me, watching quietly. I became aware of a significant difference between what I had experienced when it seemed I would lose everything this time, and what I had experienced when it seemed I would lose everything previously. This time, even when it seemed I would lose everything, I did not feel 'forsaken'.

As the day continued, I felt my problems wash over me once again. I knew that I had nothing to be concerned about, and I was not concerned. I did, however, really begin to feel my problems, and to feel that a solution to my difficulties was not in sight. I always found my path difficult, when I could not see a solution to my difficulties.

I may not have liked the 'carrots' which had continually been used to keep me going, but the 'carrots' had certainly fulfilled their purpose.

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One thing that I did find fascinating was that my difficulties had only surfaced when I had begun my review, and had commenced reliving the emotion which I had felt when the events that I was reviewing, had originally occurred. I still found it fascinating that the circumstances in my life were parallelling what I was reviewing. In many ways the circumstances in my life were more intense this time than the circumstances in my life had been when I had originally experienced them. If, for example, I reviewed a two month period in my journey in one week, I would feel everything that I had originally experienced during that two month period in one week. As I continued to reflect, I realised that one thing that I really found difficult, was when I reviewed and therefore relived the events of say one or two weeks, in one day.

Despite what I relived, I needed to review whatever I had needed to review each day. Sometimes I could review events that had occurred over a period of several weeks, and at other times it would take me days to be able to review just one line.

By mid-afternoon, I would have given almost anything to sleep, such was the severity of my tiredness, but sleep was not possible at that time. I would simply have to wait.

I found myself wondering why it was necessary for me to relive my experiences as I reviewed my experiences.

God said, "You must understand what you have achieved."

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It was a very long time ago. I lived in an alcove of some sort. It was like a doorway but not a doorway. I had no lower legs and my right arm was missing. I had lost my limbs as a result of an accident in some sort of mill. I had been trapped between two mill stones. Amputation had been the only way to release me, but the accident had been many years ago, and I could barely remember the event now.

I had a roughly made wooden bowl. Occasionally passers-by would throw scraps of food into my bowl, but the scraps were not enough to sustain me.

An elderly woman took pity on me and would give me a cup of water, and a slab of bread each day. It was the kindness of the elderly woman that kept me alive.

I wore little more than rags which were dirty because it was impossible for me to keep my 'cloths' clean. Each night after everyone had retired, I would crawl down to the river and go to the toilet. Not very sanitary, but I had no choice.

It was a helpless existence, but I felt a strong love for the elderly woman whose kindness kept me alive. I looked into the elderly woman's eyes and I recognised her. The elderly woman was Katerina's grandmother.

One day the elderly woman stopped coming, I did not know why. I assumed that the elderly woman died.

Without the elderly woman's kindness, I could not sustain myself. I slowly starved to death. I did not know how long it took for me to starve to death. Days ran into each other. I reached a point where I could not crawl down to the river, and in time I no longer had the strength to eat even the meagre scraps that were thrown to me.

I felt myself slip away. Death was a relief.

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One of my stab wounds from a previous lifetime began to tingle. I did not know why.

That night, which was coincidently the last night that Katerina was able to call me until I managed to find a new home, Katerina rang. Katerina had an appointment to be interviewed by immigration in one weeks time.

Katerina's immigration appointment was a positive development. However, Katerina's immigration appointment was a double edged sword because Katerina's immigration appointment emphasised my current difficulties, and added to the pressure which I was enduring. I supposed that I could endure a little more pressure, after all.

I was continually surprised by the coincidence between what I was now experiencing, and what I was reviewing. At this point in time the pressures were almost identical in every respect to the pressures that I had endured previously.

The circles that were my life remained, although I knew that there would come a point when my need to repeat circles would cease. I knew that my need to repeat circles would cease, because I was not repeating circles as a result of becoming stuck on a point, and because I was very much aware of the repeating circles.

God said, "Each time that the circle repeats you apply a new level of awareness, and in so doing experience each new level of awareness within your 'controlled environment'. Each time that the circle turns, you experience a slightly different outcome."

I began to wonder if I was perhaps stuck on a point. Perhaps I was stuck on the 'heaven on earth' or 'salvation' point.

"'Heaven on earth' or 'salvation' is my point, not your point. I made the point of 'heaven on earth', and I made the promise of salvation. On a number of occasions you have attempted to interpret 'salvation', which you cannot do. All that you can do, is wait until it is time and then experience the events which will transpire.

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"You are correct in your understanding of what your life will be like when you exist within 'heaven on earth'. You are also correct in that you will substantially create 'heaven on earth' yourself, and that you have already created 'heaven on earth' without yet realising your new environment.

"You knew that your old world was unable to satisfy you, so you have effectively acted to create your new world, whilst not losing sight of the necessity to maintain your old world, until it is time to realise your new world. You have created your new world by writing a large number of books. To view what you have achieved correctly from an earth plane perspective, we must ignore the spiritual nature of your books.

"It is through writing your books that you have created your 'heaven on earth', and through the sale of your books that you will realise your 'heaven on earth'.

"How many times have I told you that you have already created your 'heaven on earth', but you had not realised 'heaven on earth'?

"Not all will create a new world for themselves by writing books. It is the principle of your example which, as usual, is important. You were not satisfied with your old world, and you took action to create a new world. You were also required to apply a great deal of patience and perseverance to create your new world. This principle is the same for all, regardless of their level of awareness.

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"I will tell all, so that there is no doubt. All are entitled to 'heaven on earth' and all will receive 'heaven on earth'. 'Heaven on earth' is my promise to all, because 'heaven on earth' is both foreseen and fact.

"The only requirement which exists for the creation of 'heaven on earth' is to look within. Look within and follow one's own instinct. There are no rules, no regulations, no right or wrong. For each the journey is different, and as such the only path for each is within. Each must follow their own instinct, and I am the instinct.

"The road to 'heaven on earth' really is that simple.

"What I have termed your salvation is not your 'heaven on earth'. Your salvation is as interim salvation to your ever mounting problems which will carry you from your old world to your new world. The salvation for each will be different. Salvation is the result of what is needed to be experienced. Your salvation is foreseen, because I know what you have chosen to experience and your chosen experience is a convenient and graphic illustration of the concept of salvation. It is through knowing what would happen that I have been able to allow the pressure to mount and continue to mount knowing that a solution would present itself at the last moment. Once again, it is the principle which is important, and once more the specifics of salvation are individual.

"For example; for some the salvation may be a new job which is suddenly available. If one is totally dissatisfied with their current employment, a new job which gives them enjoyment and satisfaction is their salvation.

"It may be that a soul has experienced much loneliness and unhappiness in their life. In this situation meeting a new partner with whom one is compatible when both have chosen to experience a happy and satisfying relationship, is salvation.

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"Do you understand how this concept of salvation applies? In your case it is financial strain that is your major difficulty, so your salvation needs to provide a solution to your financial difficulties.

"Salvation is individual, as is every experience."

I considered what God had said to as me that morning. I asked; "Are not all of the examples that you have suggested illusions?"

"All is illusion, but all must seem real to be experienced. If an experience is not felt, the experience is not experience.

"The need to feel experience is a very important area for discussion. Regardless of one's level of awareness, experience must be felt to be experience. We have established that experience must be felt to be experience with this example, through establishing that a master feels the experiences that are needed.

"Having felt an experience, it is then important to reflect on, or meditate, or review that experience. It is important to understand what each experience was for, and why each experience was necessary.

"After one understands why the experience was necessary, after one is aware of the experience, one may then move on to the next experience. Unless one becomes aware of an experience, even if one is unaware that one is aware, one will re-experience.

"Remember that all experiences, even joy and happiness are illusions, but all experiences need to seem real. If experience do not seem real, experiences are not experienced and without experience, one cannot return to the higher plane.

"Souls who are experiencing becoming a master are utilised through convenience to assist in the experiences of others. When one becomes aware, one does not feel the experiences that are for others. You know that you do not feel the experiences that are for others, you have experienced observing experiences that are for others. You observe all and feel only what you need to experience.

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"Every soul observes all, and feels only what they need to experience, because all are masters, but most have not yet realised that they are a master. What we have demonstrated is not that you are a master, it is all who are masters. The only difference is that you are now aware of who you are, and therefore you are aware that you are a master.

"Surely, if the one who was Judas is both worthy and a master, then all must be both worthy and a master."

It was the day that I was to leave my home, but I felt far from despondent. In fact, I felt a little excited at what was to come. I felt no sense of loss at all for what had been.

For the first time in this lifetime, I was homeless. Although it was not the same homelessness that I had experienced in previous lifetimes. I had expected to feel lost, but instead I was neither lost nor alone. I belonged. I was homeless, but I felt that I belonged.

That I belonged was a very surprising experience for me. I did not belong with my family. I did not belong within the business which was my old world. I did not have a home. I was away from my wife. I had absolutely nothing artificial in my life at that moment to belong to. However, I belonged, more than I had ever belonged previously.

For most of my life I had not felt that I belonged, but I had experienced fleeting moments when I belonged. In a job for a short period, in my house in the mountains, much of my relationship with Nancy, when I was in England, and with my 'new' family in Russia. If I added my moments of belonging together, they would have totalled less than 10% of my lifetime. I knew from my memories that I had seldom belonged in any of my previous lifetimes. Now that I was homeless, I belonged!

I suddenly fitted. I no longer felt like a round peg in a square hole. I had no home, my belongings were in storage, my wife was on the other side of the world, I had a critical presentation to write for the business within one day, and I had financial pressures which I could no longer carry. Despite this, I had found my purpose in the world and I fitted. I had removed all my artificial props, and I was left with but one thing, me. I was finally me and I was one with myself. I was, no I am, a master!


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I awoke early. I washed my face and attended to my toilet. I then meditated alone in my room for an hour. After my morning meditation, I ate a light breakfast of some fruit and a little grain. I meditated for a short while giving silent thanks for my breakfast.

I put a straw hat on my head and spent the morning working in the gardens. I had a lunch of some bread and fruit before attending to my afternoon meditation.

Having completed my meditation I went to the kitchen and assisted in the preparation of the evening meal. Bread, which we baked ourselves in the kitchen. Some soup made from the previous evening's left overs. The main meal consisted of vegetables.After assisting to serve the meal, I sat with the others and we ate in silence, after giving a silent thanks for the meal.

After dinner I returned to my room and I spent several hours meditating in solitude, before going to bed to sleep and preparing for another day. Another day which would be exactly the same as that day.

I was peaceful and serene, but all of my days were the same.

I recommenced my review. I continued to relive all that I had felt during the experiences that I was reviewing.

That night I was driven to walk for the first time in several months. I did not understand why. Shortly after I commenced my walk, I asked why I was walking again.

God said, "You are preparing."

I asked, "Preparing for what?"

"Your return to the island."

"So I will go back to the island?"

"Yes, and you will increase the depth of your understanding whilst you are on the island."

"Increase my awareness again?"

"Yes. There is more that you need to become aware of."

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I did increase my awareness during the next few months, but I did not return to the island. I was more than comfortable with increasing my awareness, but far from comfortable with not returning to the island. It was not the island itself which concerned me, it was the principle of another broken promise.God began to discuss aspects of the future after my books were published, but I struggled to hear God clearly, and I found communication difficult.

God said, "You are uncomfortable with what we are discussing. You are attempting to block our discussions. It does not matter, we will discuss these matters when you are ready."

I found myself considering the report which I had to write the following day. I did not want to write the report. I could not understand why I did not want to write the report, surely I would want to help the business.

"You know that you cannot help the business, but you will write the report, for yourself."


"You would not be comfortable leaving the business without first being satisfied that you had repaid their support."

"Have I not I already repaid the business?"

"Yes you have repaid the business, but your character is such that you need to satisfy yourself, that you have repaid the business."

"Am I attempting to obtain approval?"

"Not at all. Some will accept that you have already repaid the business, in fact some feel that they are repaying you for your past effort on behalf of the business. Others will believe that you have not repaid the business regardless of what you do."

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"I have no desire to write the report, and I am concerned that I will do a half hearted job."

"Your instinct will take over and you will write a quality presentation. Do not underestimate yourself. Have you not written dozens of such presentations, most of which have been successful? You have attempted to stop me saying this, but it needs to be said. Many people dream all of their lives of writing just one presentation which succeeds in procuring a major account. You have written and delivered many such presentations.

"Do not undersell your efforts in your old world. You would have been very successful if that had been your path. You would have been a very wealthy man, and enjoyed many of the pleasures of the earth plane. By following your spiritual path you will receive that which you would have received otherwise. You will enjoy what you receive more for many reasons. That you chose to experience success in this lifetime, was convenient.

"Understand that following your instinct would have led to a successful and happy lifetime in whichever direction your path took you. A successful and happy lifetime is what you have chosen. Whilst it appeared that you followed a spiritual path through desperation at the time, you have in fact followed a spiritual path by choice.

"Yes my friend, your thought is correct. You will one day write that book about aspects of your business life. You often wonder exactly what you will do to occupy yourself in the future. You concern yourself that you may become bored. I assure you that you will be far from bored. You have much to do.

"Why would you believe that writing a book about business is not a task that you should do, even though it is something that you want to do? Are you suggesting that those who have chosen to experience being employed in business should not receive your guidance?

"Do you not see that the most effective way to provide guidance will be through your books, which is why you write. Writing allows you to reach many, but only those who choose to receive your guidance. Those who choose to receive your guidance will be drawn to your work, which will in itself allow you to teach those who seek your wisdom.

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"Consider all that we have said. You cannot teach anybody anything. All a teacher can do is create an environment in which to learn. By writing and having your work published, have you not created an environment for those who choose to learn? In fact, you have done more than create an environment for those who choose to learn, you have effectively created an environment for those to learn what they choose to learn, when they choose to learn it.

"Yes, my friend you have already created the environment of 'heaven on earth', but you have not yet realised the environment of 'heaven on earth'.

"You are correct in your thought that as with the insights, the meaning of all that we have said in your books is individual, and that each will place their own interpretation on your words subject to their individual level of awareness, not your level of awareness. Once again, there is no correct interpretation and all interpretations are correct.

"You are correct in your thought that people like to know what is occurring in your life, so that they can pass judgement on you. The drawing of judgment upon yourself has been apparent throughout your life, and is particularly apparent in your controlled environment. You needed to experience being judged and neither accepting or refuting that judgement. You needed to be prepared, because you know that judgement will occur after your work is published.

"You now understand that those who choose to judge you are neither right nor wrong. Those who choose to judge you are simply experiencing judging another, which is their experience, not your experience. If one has chosen to experience judging others, and they judge you based on your writing, even if they judge you severely, your writing, the very thing which they are judging so harshly, has in fact fulfilled its purpose as far as they are concerned. You have provided them with an opportunity to experience judging another.

"Your awareness is increasing this morning. Yes, you have been looking for your promised salvation. You have looked for your promised salvation through a desperate need to have your burden removed. However, you know that you will not find anything by desperately searching, you must allow whatever it is to come to you.

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"Consider how you 'found' Katerina. You were not searching for your soulmate. Whenever you did search for your soulmate you searched in the wrong places. However, when it was time you were able to find Katerina easily. The circumstances surrounding Katerina and yourself have been very useful and convenient, in demonstrating many points.

"Consider those who are faced with a situation where a 'risk' is needed to be taken in respect of a relationship. Does not this aspect of your story also offer guidance if it is sought? If a soul is drawn to your work, it could be simply that the relationship aspect is what appeals to them. If so, a relationship is what they have sought guidance on.

"Do you see the point that we are making with two simple aspects of your journey? We have provided an environment for those who choose to experience judgement, and at the same time we have provided guidance or 'inspiration' to those who seek guidance in respect of a relationship, or their search for a partner. Do you see how our work has been conveniently written in a format that is individual to each reader. In fact we could write a book detailing all of the possible ways in which your work will assist others, but such a book would never be completed. There are as many examples, as there will be readers.

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"Last night you were a little concerned that you would somehow forget many of the points of your increased awareness, and this morning we have demonstrated that you will not forget your increased awareness. The possibility that you would forget your increased awareness is a concern that we needed to remove before Katerina joins you.

"Once again you have seen that the pressure which has been placed on you financially, to give you a burden to carry, has not affected those who have not consciously chosen to be affected by your journey. It was not a coincidence that your removalist would choose to send an account rather than seek immediate payment. It was foreseen as was your concern about those who you support financially being affected by your journey."

I could not see how much that was going to happen, would happen.

"You refer to your salvation. Your inability to see what will happen is the cumulation of the environment where you have placed yourself in my hands and despite your previous concerns, I have not let you down yet. By placing yourself in my hands, you are allowing your higher self to be in control. I know what is to happen, and I can lead you to what is to happen, if you allow me to lead you."

"Yes, but isn't what going to happen, going to happen anyway? Isn't what is going to happen foreseen?"

"Yes, but you do not specifically know what is going to happen. Let us consider what you are saying. You could experience worry, you could experience desperately attempting to find a solution to no avail, and you could almost rip yourself in two trying to solve a problem, only to eventually have a solution present itself to you. This process is what you have experienced all of your life.

"Alternatively, you could place yourself in my hands and I could guide you to make appropriate commitments and to act positively as I lead you to your solution, instead of desperately searching for a solution that you will not find. I can lead you to your solution without the need for you to worry, and without you almost tearing yourself in two.

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"The end result is effectively the same, because the end result has been foreseen. Let us make this a 'small journey' to illustrate our point. The end of your journey is the solution which you are going to reach. By following your instinct or listening to your higher self, the journey is easy. If you choose not to listen to your higher self, the journey is very difficult. In fact you would travel in circles attempting to find the end of your journey, until it was destined that you would reach the end of your journey.

"We can illustrate our point further by taking just two aspects of your journey, and considering them in isolation.

"When you needed to go to Paris to meet Katerina, you had made a commitment to her, but you did not have the resources to meet your commitment. You worried, you tore yourself in two desperately searching for a solution to your perceived problem. You travelled in circles and you despaired to the point where you broke. A solution or combination of solutions then presented themselves, and you went to Paris when I said that you would go to Paris. Did I not say at the time that 'I am telling you what will happen, you do not have to make it happen, you only need to allow it to happen'. Despite this you chose to attempt to make it happen.

"Now let us consider when I told you that you would travel to Russia to marry Katerina. The circumstances were not different. You did not have resources and you could see no way to obtain the resources. The resources then presented themselves to you at the last minute, which was no different to what occurred when you went to Paris. The difference was that you allowed it to occur, and did not attempt to make it occur.

"Viewed in isolation, those two journeys parallel each other. Both journeys related to Katerina and a commitment, and both journeys required you to travel to Europe when you did not have resources to travel. One journey was very difficult for you, the other journey, when you did place yourself in my hands, was very easy for you.

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"Do you understand the significance of this one aspect of your journey? Do you see that this is another example of the guidance that your work will provide?"

"Okay, I take your point but in each scenario I listened to your guidance that the event would occur, and I made the appropriate commitment."

"You did. Consider when Katerina needed your commitment to go to Paris, what would have occurred if you did not provide Katerina with such a commitment?"

"Katerina could not have made her arrangements to go to Paris."

"Consider then your first trip to Europe, when you were not communicating with me. How many hours did you walk the streets of London in total despair? How many nights did you cry in desperation and hopelessness? Can you not see how each time that you have placed yourself in my hands, you have allowed your journey to become a little easier?

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"Consider what we have ultimately demonstrated. A soul who was once Judas, who betrayed the one known as the Son of God. A soul who, in this lifetime, has a job he does not enjoy, a financial burden he can barely carry, no home, an ex-wife and children to support, and a wife who is on the other side of the world. A soul who, in this lifetime, is fat, has a physical affliction in poor eyesight, smokes far too much, and eats the wrong foods, has become a master. Could you think of a more unlikely candidate to become a master? Nevertheless, you are a master.

"This one aspect of your example demonstrates that all will become a master, that all are masters, despite that most have not yet realised the fact that they are a master."

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