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Connecting with the Higher Plane
Book Five Understanding Who I Am

Q & A XX


"You have said that there is only goodness within me. I feel that there is only goodness within me, but sometimes I could do more to help others or I could help an individual and I do not."

"What you say is correct and also not correct. From an earth plane perspective you are correct, but from any other perspective you are incorrect. In the past you would have wasted your time and energy attempting to help all who needed help. Now, you are aware of those who seek your help and it is they that you help. If one choses to receive your help, you will help them. The difference is your awareness."

"Yes, I understand, but …"

"…..but you know that people experience what they have chosen to experience and you no longer attempt to interfere with chosen experiences, because you know that if one has chosen to experience something, you can only allow them to experience what they have chosen. If you attempt to interfere with chosen experiences, you may delay the experience, but you will not prevent the chosen experience."

"Yes, I know but …"

"…..but I have not finished. If you love someone you will allow them to experience what they have chosen to experience, because you know that through experiencing all is the only way that a soul can return to the higher plane. Allowing a soul to experience what they have chosen to experience is the kindest thing that any can do, which is why God allows what is perceived as tragedy to occur."

"Will I help some?"

"Those who have chosen to experience your help will be drawn to you, and you will know what to do."

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  "I know that the story of my return to the higher plane is nearly over, and I also know that it will be some time before I start teaching. What will transpire in the meantime?"

"You will rest and allow your abilities to return to you. During your time of rest you will accept your abilities, and ensure that you are ready when the time of your teaching begins."

"You have previously said that I will help many people."

"And so you will. Firstly you will help a great many people by sharing your story. Secondly you will help many people who seek your help. Everything that you have foreseen about helping people, you will do."

"And what I have foreseen for myself?"

"Everything that you have foreseen for yourself, you will do."

"And the spiritual centre?"

"You will work at the spiritual centre on occasion, but mainly the spiritual centre will provide for others to follow their own path. In effect you will provide and fund the facility, but it is others who will choose the centre to follow their own paths. Either by providing guidance or being guided, or both."

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"We have often spoken about me personally and what I have experienced in my life. I guess putting my life into perspective for me, but what is the point of including my personal issues within this text?"

"The principles which apply to you apply to all. It is the principles of your example which is important, not the specifics."

"Sometimes our actions have consequences other than we intend."

"This is a two faceted question. Firstly at a conscious level it is the motivation that is important, not the action. At a higher level, every action produces consequences which are experienced and therefore intended."

"Why do I lose sight of my spirituality?"

"You lose sight of your spirituality whenever you need to experience from the perspective of the earth plane."

"I do not understand why Katerina and I experience continual difficulties."

"What did you expect?"

"I expected everything to go very smoothly, I expected us to be on the same wave length."

"You are on the same wave length. Have you not experienced that you are on the same wave length?"

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  "Yes, our taste in most things is either similar or compatible."

"So what is the problem?"

"Our outlook towards life is very different."

"Katerina is unawakened."

"Yes, but I had assumed that Katerina would have awakened by now."

"You assumed that Katerina would awaken easily, and that there would be no difficulties surrounding your reunion."

"Yes, you are correct."

"However, you have overlooked an important factor."

"I assumed?"

"Yes, but you also discounted this aspect of your example."

"Well, I guess …"

"No, do not guess. If everything went smoothly for you from the start, and another experienced difficulties with their soulmate …"

"…..they would doubt that they found their soulmate."

"Yes, in time everything will run smoothly for you and your soulmate, but initially it was important that you questioned and had difficulties, as part of the example."

"I want to go back a little. When we talked about my character, or more precisely when you described my character, why did we talk so much about my goodness?"

"As I have explained on a number of occasions, you are no different. The goodness is within all, if all would only allow their goodness to surface."

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  "Why have Jesus and Moses in particular been with me throughout my journey?"

"To provide you with moral support. Usually Jesus and Moses need not communicate. Their presence alone is enough."

"Many months ago, and many times you have suggested that my soulmate and I would be in tune, but sometimes we do not appear to be in tune."

"For the most part you are in tune, and very much in tune. You have some difficulties because Katerina is not yet awakened."

"We also have difficulties in communicating because of our language barriers."

"No you only have difficulty communicating in respect of Katerina's fears. When Katerina allows her fears to surface you have difficulties. As you have experienced, when Katerina allows her spirit to surface, you do not need words."

"I continue to be a little surprised that Katerina and I have a different perspective."

"Do not concern yourself. The difference in your perspectives is temporary. You are on the same wave length, but at different levels of awareness. Were you so different ten years ago?"

"No, I do not suppose I was."

"You have been together for a little over 20 days in total and already 90% of the days that you spend together are filled with joy. By focusing on the 90% the days filled with joy will increase, which you know because you have learned from experience. Focus on the 10% and the days which are not filled with joy will increase."

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  "At one point I came to believe that my notes applied to what was happening when I reviewed my notes for typing, but I have discovered that my notes apply to what I am experiencing each time that I 'happen' to review my notes."

"You are correct. Each time that you read your books there is a reason why you read a particular passage, at that particular time. It will be the same for all."

"You once said that I would use my psychic ability to help others who were in need, but is whether I help others not their choice?"

"If the need is genuine another will be given the opportunity to accept your guidance. That you provide guidance is your choice, based on genuine need for such guidance. Whether another accepts your guidance is their choice."

"I am still a little confused about my former business. As I review my notes, it seems that there is much contradiction."

"Refer to your multi dimensional maze. Your partners stand in front of three doors yet again. What you have foreseen at various times is a result of opening each of the doors. What you now see is the possible result for all of the doors, which is important. When people come to you for advice, they are always standing in front of the three doors. In the past you have seen the result of opening one of the doors, now you see the result of opening all three of the doors."

"Yes, you are correct, but why do I see the result of opening all three of the doors?"

"Previously you were able to see that each of the doors existed, and what travelling one path, or the other would bring. You now see what each of the paths would bring, because you are fully aware of the necessity for choice."

"So if I am meant to guide someone, I am to provide them with the three options that I see for them, and allow them to make their choice of which door to enter?"

"Yes, you are correct in principle."

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  "It still does not sit well with me that I have needed to lie on occasion to complete what has been asked of me."

"The earth plane is a lie."

"As I continue to review, I continue to question the times when I was sure of an outcome, only to experience an outcome which was other than I had believed would occur."

"Your belief in an outcome was necessary to lead you to what you needed to experience as part of the example. As I have stated, the outcome is not important, the experience is all that is important. Having said this, everything that I told you would happen has happened, or will happen, although everything that I told you would happen has not occurred when you expected it to occur, or wanted it to occur."

"As I reflect, I see that I first experienced explaining what I was experiencing to those who were ready to accept, and I subsequently experienced attempting to explain what I was experiencing to those who are not ready to accept."

"Yes. It has all been part of the controlled environment to prepare you for your teaching role."

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  "Why do I still not like criticism?"

"Criticism implies judgement. I do not judge, and judgement is an illusion. You are neither required to like judgement or accept judgement. Although it is wise to listen to criticism, because a message could be contained within the words, either for you, or for the person providing the criticism."

"Why do I still seek approval?"

"Your desire for approval is a part of the character which you needed to perform your task. By seeking approval you attempt to justify your actions and in so doing you seek answers and explanations. As your need to justify your actions has reduced, so has your need to seek approval. Your need to seek approval will continue to diminish, until your need to seek approval is no longer required."

"Why can't I help to remove the difficulties of those I care about?"

"I care too. You cannot remove the difficulties of others, any more than I can remove the difficulties of any, because we both know all difficulties are necessary for experience. We are helping many by providing these books."

"In the past I have made promises, but it now appears unlikely that I will be able to keep my promises."

"When you made the promises, your intention was to keep your promises. The problem is in the principle of the promise. A promise is for a future which is unknown. How can any soul promise what will happen in the unknown?"

"But, you have given us your promise."

"Yes. I have promised what will occur when each finds their way home, which is not the unknown."

  "As I reflect on our question and answer sessions, it is apparent that I have asked a number of questions based on my interactions with specific people."

"Yes. Your interaction with others was the catalyst for both your question and the answer, which will apply to a vast number of people. Whether those who were the catalyst understand the meaning of the question and the answer as the question and the answer applies to them, is their choice."

"If I am not allowed to interfere, why am I given tasks to perform with others?"

"You respond to another's decision to receive guidance, whether they accept your guidance or not is their decision."

"Some, or many will say that not interfering and allowing another to suffer is not responding with pure love."

"Yes, they will. I am God. I am pure love. I allow suffering to occur and I do not interfere. I know that allowing each to experience what they have chosen to experience is responding with pure love."

"Yes, but there are times when you assist."

"I always assist. I always provide guidance. However, I cannot interfere with a soul's chosen experience."

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