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Connecting with the Higher Plane
Book Five Understanding Who I Am



"Sometimes, I become confused. Sometimes, it seems as though I am totally out of step with those around me. Sometimes, I feel that everybody else is in step, but I see everything differently."

"Do not be concerned. You know that what you have experienced is real. Consider that often an experience will appear to be occurring one way, before the experience occurs in another way."

"I sometimes despair at ever being capable providing the guidance which people seek."

"Do not concern yourself. Mostly people will accept far more of your guidance than you realise. Whether another accepts your guidance or not, is not your concern, which you know and you see clearly. Your frustration is brought about by your desire to help."

"Why am I again struggling within myself?"

"Consider all that has occurred since your return from Russia. You are receiving your final preparation. Can you not see this? Consider yesterday evening when you directly channelled energy into a crystal from the fabric of existence. Consider the new abilities which you are starting to become aware of. Consider all that is occurring now and your experiences since your recorded journey began. See the pattern."

"It would appear that my awareness is about to move up to the next level."

"Yes. You are correct."

"Will this process of increasing my awareness ever end?"

"Yes, and no."

"Your answer is nice and clear."

"You will continue to increase your awareness, however your journey to the higher plane is over."

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  "So you have said, but why do I continue to write?"

"Even though your journey to the higher plane is over, your journey is never over."

"And we are demonstrating this point?"


"I seem to have an increasing number of messages for people."

"Delivering messages is your role."

"I have been able to reach out and touch the fabric of existence, and now I can channel energy from the fabric of existence."

"You are correct."

"So why do I still have periods where all my nerves are on edge?"

"The periods where your nerves are on edge are now few and far between. You are adjusting to your increased awareness and to your increased vibrational rate, that is all."

"I know that I am adjusting to my increasing awareness and my increasing vibrational rate, but the experience of having all of my nerves on edge is still difficult to endure."

"Yes, having your nerves on edge is difficult to endure, but you will endure."

"I know that I will endure, but I tire of my journey."

"Yours has been a difficult journey, more difficult than you know, but soon you will rest."

"I have periods of rest, but then my journey starts again."

"You need the periods of rest to recharge your energy levels, but soon you will have peace, permanently."

"The journey is never really over, is it?"

"Not until you return to the higher plane."

"I have returned to the higher plane."

"You are in touch with the higher plane, you can reach out and be a part of the higher plane, but you are not the higher plane."

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"I cannot believe that I can still experience difficulties and I can still struggle with my journey, after being able to touch the higher plane."

"Your lack of belief does not make what you are experiencing any less real."

"I am aware of the role of a master, but I continue to experience difficulties and confusion."

"Yes, and your present struggle is a part of the experience of a master."

"So even after becoming this alleged master, I still struggle?"

"You are becoming a master, and yes a master has occasional struggles as their awareness increases."

"That explains why masters are able to remain humble and not adopt a 'holier than thou' attitude."


"I cannot say that I am very comfortable with all of this master stuff. I really do not know how anyone could even remotely consider me to be a master."

"How would anyone know if you are a master?"

"I do not know."

"What does the opinion of any matter?"

"The opinion of others do not matter."

"So, what is your point?"

"I do not feel like a master."

"The experience may not be as you expected, but I can tell you that you feel exactly like a master still attached to the earth plane."

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"I have difficultly with the concept that a master can have doubts."

"Why, did you not witness those masters with whom you walked, also have doubts?"

"Well yes, but …."

"Have not those doubts been documented by others, even allowing for the distortion?"

"Again yes, but …."

"You are no different."

"And we are demonstrating that even after being able to touch and draw energy from the fabric of existence, awareness still increases."

"Yes, do your knees not ache?"

"Yes, but I would not have believed that after being able to touch and draw energy from the fabric of existence, my awareness would increase."

"As I have repeated often, what you believe does not change what is. You did not have an example to draw on, you are the example. Maybe when others experience what you are experiencing, they will believe."

"Yes, but I had finished my story some time ago, and I was at peace."

"You are experiencing another part of your journey, and your example."

"You have now told me that my journey is over on a number of occasions."

"And so your journey is over. You are now slowly becoming aware of your journey, that is all."

"Will my books ever be published?"

"That was the purpose of writing your books."

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"Why did I have that specific message about Nancy's path to deliver?"

"It was time for Nancy to understand her path a little more."

"Why would I deliver the message to Nancy?"

"What is the difference between you passing on a message explaining Nancy's path to her, and Sue explaining your path to you?"

"Sometimes I know why I need to experience what I am experiencing, and other times I do not know why I am experiencing something, until after the experience."

"You are correct, you know only what is necessary for you to truly experience something. If you do not always know why you need to experience something, why do you always expect to know why someone else needs to experience something?"

"Sometimes I know why another is experiencing something."

"Sometimes even often, but you only know why another is experiencing something if you are meant to know why another is experiencing something. If you do not know why another is experiencing something you can only provide general guidance, which is as it is meant to be."

"I have difficulty with the fact that there are some events in my life which seem to be moving in a direction which is opposite to that which I have been shown."

"As I have stated, some events occur only to allow an experience to be fully felt."

"I wonder if I will ever be able to teach, there seems no end to my financial pressures, I always scrape through and I have more to balance than I can handle."

"You have sufficient resources to do what is required. In the future you will continue to have sufficient resources to do what is required. Everything is as everything is meant to be for you to experience, what you need to experience now."

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"I suppose my real concern is that my limited resources and my need to balance are starting to concern me again. I would have thought I had reached a point where my limited resources and my need to balance did not concern me."

"That is precisely why your limited resources and your need to balance are starting to concern you again. You remain attached to the earth plane and as such you will experience the illusion of the earth plane from time to time."

"Even after all I have experienced, and with my level of awareness?"

"That is the point which we are making."

"The point that you made about the intensity and duration of the times when my nerves are on edge being very short is correct, but even after all that you have explained, I continue to question that I would experience my nerves being on edge again now."

"You are struggling with your current experiences, because you are applying the myth of a master instead of the reality of a master. Even though the experience has been a little difficult for you, there have been many positives which you have drawn from what you are now experiencing. The positives alone could be the reason for the experience, could they not?"

"Yes, what you say is correct."

"When you have experienced occasional difficulties during the last few days, to whom have you turned for support?"


"Has Katerina been supportive?"

"Yes, very supportive."

"Despite your concerns about Katerina's lack of awareness?"

"Well yes, to the point where Katerina's level of support has surprised me."

"Despite the fact that it is often difficult for you and Katerina to have regular telephone contact, Katerina just 'happens' to be able to talk to you daily during this time?"

"Yes, that is a coincidence."

"So the events of the last few days have conveniently allowed you to see how easily Katerina's spirit now surfaces within Katerina, and demonstrates the point that even after all you have experienced and become aware of, you still feel experience when necessary."

"Well yes, but why include these experiences within the text?"

"Why not include these experiences within the text? Your experience is a part of your example."

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"Yes, and once again I was able to see that Katerina is aware of much."

"It is not Katerina's awareness that is lacking. It is that Katerina is not yet aware, that she is aware. Katerina's awareness is apparent to you, as is the awareness of others around you, such as the one you have called 'the Seer'."

"Yes, I can see that the awareness of many is far more than they realise."

"Yes, you can see this pattern within others, but can you not see that the pattern has always applied and continues to apply to yourself?"

"Yes I can."

"You have more awareness to become aware of."

"So my story is not finished?"

"Your journey to the higher plane, is finished. During the next few months you will truly become aware of your abilities."

"I thought that I was totally aware."

"You are totally aware. You are aware of your abilities, but you are not aware of how you can fully apply your abilities."

"So we will continue writing for some time yet?"

"What you will now allow to occur is not necessarily for the example. However, do not be surprised if you need to write another chapter or two during the next few weeks."

"So there is still more that I must write?"

"I did not say that there is more that you need to write, I said do not be surprised if there is more that you need to write, nor should you be surprised if there is not more that you need to write."

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  "Am I a master?"

"You have the knowledge and the awareness of a master. You are now creating many environments to give you the opportunity to apply your knowledge and awareness."

"What must I do?"

"As with all things, be patient and allow what is to be, to occur."

"I know that Katerina and I are not meant to be together at this time, but my knowledge does not make our separation easy."

"I never said that your separation would be easy. I said; be patient and allow what is to be, to occur."

"Yes, but you were talking about applying my knowledge and awareness."

"Did I not say; 'as with all things'?"

"Why have I spent much time of late meditating, and staring at a candle's flame?"

"You are absorbing the golden light of the flame, which should not surprise you?"

"I find myself wanting to ask about 'bearing false witness'."

"As I have explained, and as you now see, all are souls gaining experience to return to who they really are. So to suggest that 'someone is evil' is bearing false witness. As I have explained, telling a lie is part of the illusion of the earth plane. Now you have returned home, you see all souls for what they are, a soul gaining experience, as I promised that you would."

"Now that we have raised that issue, I find that most of your promise has been kept."

"In fact, all of my promise has been kept. You have not realised the promise yet, that is all."

"You continue to say that I have not realised either what I have created, or your promise."

"How many times have I told you that something will occur and what I have told you has occurred, albeit not in a way or within the time frame which you expected? Be patient and allow what is to be, to happen."

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  "Once again I can see many opportunities with the business and a part of me desires to embrace the opportunities."

"You are able to do enough to maintain your employment, and no more."

"Why did I see the alleged clairvoyant today?"

"You tell me."

"I suppose that I was seeking confirmation."

"Did you get the confirmation which you sought?"

"No, I did not receive the confirmation that I was seeking."

"No, you did not need confirmation."

"Then why did I go to the alleged clairvoyant?"

"You did not need confirmation, and you knew that you did not need confirmation."

"Okay. I coincidentally encountered two people today who were earning a living from abilities which they did not have."

"Firstly, those two do have the ability which they claim, but they are unaware that they have the ability. They do not truly use their ability, because they do not trust their instinct."

"Why do you allow them to pretend that they are using their abilities."

"Pretending to use their abilities is experience for them, and for those who consult them, neither are trusting their instinct."

"I continue to become aware of abilities, which I do not know how to use."

"Yes, do not be concerned. In time you will allow your knowledge to surface. Your abilities are for the future, not for now."

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  "When I saw the clairvoyant I was in touch with the fabric of existence, but the clairvoyant was unaware that I was in touch with the fabric of existence."

"You expected the clairvoyant to be aware of your contact with the fabric of existence. You cannot expect any to be aware of who you are. Whether any are aware of who you are or not, is unimportant. It is only important that you are aware of who you are. This was a very important experience for you."

"Today you were shouting at me."

"Yes I was. What did I say?"

"Brian, it is time to awaken."

"Yes, it is time for you to stop seeking confirmation of your awareness and accept what has occurred, and what will occur."

"Despite all that I have experienced, I sometimes wonder how all that I have experienced can be real."

"That is my point. Do not be concerned. That you still wonder and question is a part of the example. Others must see that even at your level of awareness, humanity is maintained."

"Each time that I talk with Katerina, it seems that a little more of Katerina's spirit is shining through."

"Did I not tell you that this would occur?"

"Why would you allow people to make a living by falsely claiming that they have spiritual abilities?"

"The experience is no different from those who claim to have physical abilities, such as doctors or lawyers or such. Most are genuine, but a few are not."

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  "I continue to have doubts."

"Have no doubt. Everything that I have told you and everything that I have shown you for the future, will occur."

"Why have my doubts and difficulties recurred during the last few days?"

"Every time that you have felt down, you have been lifted after talking with Katerina. Could this experience alone be the reason for your difficulties?"

"Yes, I guess …."

"That experience is one reason for your doubts and difficulties. Another reason for your doubts and difficulties is because even a master can have periods of doubt, and you needed to experience that a master can have periods of doubt."

"Are those two reasons the only reasons for my doubts and difficulties?"

"No, there are other reasons for your doubts and difficulties such as experiencing that a master does not seek confirmation. Nor does a master seek for others to be aware of a master's awareness."

"I have sought confirmation, and I have sought for others to be aware of my awareness."

"Experiencing who a master is not, is a part of the experience of who a master is. All those who become masters experienced exactly what you have experienced."

"I retain doubts."

"Your doubt is an illusion. Your doubt seems real, because as you well know, it is necessary for illusions to seem real, if illusions are to be experienced."

"Yes, I know that experience is illusion which feels real, but I still want my difficult experiences to come to an end."

"Yes, and I never said that you cannot want. I said that you will not want. You feel guilty because you want, because you have told yourself that a master does not want, but this is not so. A master does want. All masters have at one stage wanted, you are not different."

"Yes, I know but …."

"Consider what you want. You only want peace. This is the reality, you want peace. Spiritually, you know that all that has occurred is necessary, but physically and in the terms of the physical plane your journey has been very difficult. You have been asked to follow a path which is different from those around you. Most of those around you cannot understand your path. Is this any different from what I told you would occur when you were on the island?"

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  "No, but my time on the island seems so long ago."

"I also told you that you would learn so that you could teach, and notwithstanding that we have clarified this terminology, what you have experienced has been and is, as I had told you that your experience would be, when you were on the island."

"Yes, but I did not really understand what you were saying to me."

"No, but you do understand what I have said to you, now.

"Yes. When you describe the role of the master you use the terminology of teach, in fact we have used this terminology throughout our writing, although we know that technically this terminology is not correct."

"It is far more important to use terminology which is easily understood than terminology which is technically correct. This need for technically correct terminology is irrelevant and mostly a product of what could collectively be termed 'spiritual snobbery'."

"Yes, I understand."

"Spiritual snobbery is another myth which we dispel with this work."

"I still wonder if I will ever obtain my peace, permanently."

"We will answer this question in two ways. Firstly your total peace is growing all of the time. Like everything that you have experienced, your total peace will continue to grow, until total peace is all that you feel. You need only be patient and allow your total peace to occur. To allow your total peace to occur, focus on your periods of peace. The other periods are only to allow you to experience, as you know. Recall your friend Jesus, who was a master before what is known as the crucifixion, but Jesus only found his total permanent peace after the crucifixion. Jesus' peace came after he had completed his task. Although there were times when Jesus had peace prior to the crucifixion. Consider also Moses, who only gained his permanent peace after he had delivered my promise. Moses had also expected his peace to be permanent long before Moses' peace became permanent."

"Why were the events of Jesus' and Moses' lifetimes necessary?"

"The events of Jesus' and Moses' lifetimes were in answer to the collective question of many at that time, regardless of the fact that both their lifetimes, and the lifetimes of others, have been distorted and surrounded by myth."

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  "We seem to be directing most of this text to what is know as 'western' society."

"What is know as 'western' society is the society which is now asking the questions, and the society which is open to receive the answers. Many other societies are still experiencing blind devotion, without question, to various religions or governments. In time those societies will experience questioning their religions and beliefs, and when this occurs those who will guide them will be sent amongst them. Also they will be drawn to your work and find their key within the principles of your work. As you well know, your work will survive your lifetime, and as I have said previously, you will achieve far more after your lifetime. You are beginning to understand what I meant when I said that you will achieve far more after your lifetime."

"I sometimes wonder if perhaps everything that I have experienced is only my imagination, and if I make a statement and find a way to justify what I have imagined to myself, or orchestrate events to explain what I have imagined to myself."

"Firstly, how do you explain all of the times when you were led to some external confirmation which effectively repeated or paralleled what I had previously told you? Secondly, you have not realised sufficient of the abilities which you are becoming aware of to orchestrate anything. So do not flatter yourself."

"Will I realise my abilities?"

"Yes, you will realise your abilities. When it is time to realise your abilities, you will allow your abilities to surface. You do not need your abilities now."


"Your abilities are not necessary at this point in time, and if we detailed your abilities, others will seek your abilities within themselves, and feel that they have failed when they do not realise your abilities, but instead realise their own abilities. What is important is that abilities exist within all, not what the specific abilities that any individual has chosen to experience are."

"This sounds like another convenient explanation."

"My explanation is correct. Some of your abilities will be included in your future work, but such abilities are not necessary for one to return to the higher plane. Your work to this point has been about Connecting With The Higher Plane."

"I thought that our work was about dispelling myths and putting the truth back together.

"Both are a part of the journey to the higher plane."

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  "As I understand the current situation, I am experiencing becoming aware that I am a master."

"You are correct. You are also conveniently dispelling some myths about who a master is. Consider for example that Moses and Sitting Crow both took the lives of others in the lifetimes that they became masters, and yet most would argue that it was not possible to become a master in a lifetime where killing had been experienced."

"You have at various stages suggested that children are often older than their parents, and also that children are 'but puppies'."

"Children are souls, often with very much previous experience, once again experiencing the joy and freedom of childhood on a physical plane."

"I now experience feeling my hands tingle from my contact with the fabric of existence, and having my nerves on edge at the same time."

"Yes, that your awareness level is increasing, does not mean that you must lose contact with the fabric of existence."

"Suddenly I find myself reflecting on the time when my soul was rejected."

"Yes, you needed to experience your soul being rejected, to fully experience your soul being accepted. The nature of experience is two sided."

"Why do I reflect on the time when my soul was rejected now?"

"To remind you of the two sided nature of experience."

"Sometimes I need to do something, or I think that I need to do something and instead I sit quietly meditating, unable to attend to what needs to be done."

"Meditation is the most important thing that you can do now. Meditation will allow your abilities to surface, but do not be impatient."

"It seems that the time which I spend meditating, or looking within is increasing."

"Yes, meditation is the way of a master."

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  "I take it that a stranger commenting on my aura unexpectedly today, is a part of the experience which commenced yesterday."

"Yes. Did I not say that those who could sense your awareness would sense your awareness, and those who could not sense your awareness would not sense your awareness, so there was no point in seeking others to sense your awareness?"

"I also experienced a turnaround in attitude tonight after I had not interfered with a person's chosen experience, and I had allowed their chosen experience to run its course."

"Yes, this was an experience following on from those experiences when you knew that you were unable to interfere with events which, as I said, were not about you."

"I take it that the telephone call which I received tonight, confirming the result after my guidance had been followed, was not a coincidence either."

"No. Today's events were all to allow you to experience the effect of what you have been experiencing, since your return to the higher plane."

"Was the last telephone call which I received today, when I was able to confirm that I could provide help that was requested a few days ago, a part of the same experience?"

"Yes. Today you have experienced that those who choose are aware of your awareness. That when you are told not to interfere, such non-interference is for the best. That when you are asked to provide guidance that guidance is sound when listened to, and that when you are required to help, you are able to help."

"That was certainly a lot to experience in one day, which was for the most part a difficult day."

"Yes, you also experienced that you do know when not to interfere, and you do know when to provide guidance or help etc. In each situation your instinct guided you to do exactly what was required."

"Were my nerves were on edge most of the day, because I was preparing to feel these experiences?"

"Yes, is this not always the way? Your knees also ached today, because you were moving onto another level of awareness."

"Another level of awareness?"

"Yes, you are now aware that you are aware, of what is required of you each time that you are presented with an opportunity to provide assistance."

"Again in a controlled environment."

"This is why you have maintained your controlled environment."

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  "On reflection, I also experienced that I am able to repay those who help me, in one way or another."


"It was a big day."

"You experienced the effect of applying your existing awareness, and in so doing you increased your awareness."


"As you know, awareness increases awareness."

"I take it that I was delayed yesterday morning so that I would 'happen' to be in the shop, when the other customer who commented on my aura also 'happened' to be in the shop."

"You know that such delays and the like, is the way that chance meetings are conveniently arranged."

"Was the message that I was given for Nancy about her future path, also a part of the controlled environment which I have created to allow me to experience the role of a master?"

"Yes, everything that has occurred since you left for Russia, has been a part of this controlled environment."

"It is another day and I again endure a difficult period when my nerves are on edge without reason."

"Yes, but you did discover the reason."

"Yes, I did. A friend has some major problems."

"And your friend sought your guidance."

"Yes, I knew the real cause of my friend's difficulties, which was from a previous lifetime, and the effect of that previous lifetime event in this lifetime."

"Yes, you saw the situation correctly."

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  "I also saw the three doors which my friend was faced with, and the result of each door."

"Yes, once again you saw correctly."

"I did not know which door my friend would enter."

"No, you did not. Which door your friend chooses to enter, is and must be her decision. You provided your friend with the three options, which was all that you were required to do."

"So I was given yet another example of the role of a master."

"Yes, and you were also given another example of knowing what you were required to do."

"Yes, I guess so."

"You will always know exactly what to do. Even if you do not know that you know exactly what to do, at the time. Whatever you do in any given circumstances, is exactly what you are meant to do."

"As I reflect, I see another incident two or three days ago, where I was required to provide a little guidance, and no more."

"Yes, everything that you now experience is a part of the controlled environment that you have created to gain the experience of a master, which is the experience that you now require."

"I have another question about crystals. There seems to be much conflicting information about the use of crystals, and even how to use crystals."

"You are correct. Is it not the same with all things? The truth of the power of crystals has been identified and built upon so that it has become almost impossible to see where the truth starts and finishes. All crystals have power, some crystals are stronger than other crystals. The only way to truly select the crystal which is needed is to allow one's instinct to draw one to and select, the required crystal."

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  "Selecting a crystal sounds simple."

"Selecting a crystal is simple. Like all things, the truth is simple. In many ways the truth of all things is too simple for most. Many believe that the truth must be more complicated than the truth is, so many surround the truth with mystery and invent rules to be followed. By surrounding the truth with mystery, and inventing rules to be followed, those who create or live by the rules and mystery are attempting to find artificial fulfilment, because they possess mysterious knowledge of crystals, or whatever."

"There is no real mystery."

"No. Consider all of the abilities which you have experienced within yourself. You have had no formal training. You have required no formal training. You only needed to allow your abilities to surface. You are no different. It is the same for all."

"That explains why I could seek no formal training."

"You needed no formal training. That you needed no formal training also assisted us to demonstrate this point, which is convenient."

"Other's abilities in certain areas far surpass mine."

"No, you are incorrect. Others have focused their energies on one of their abilities as was their chosen path. You have experienced focusing on one or another of your abilities during your existence, as you will recall."

"So those who have chosen to focus all of their energy on one of their abilities, are experiencing what they need to experience?"

"Yes. That they had made their choice was foreseen, and their choice is convenient as their choice allows them to assist others with chosen experiences."

"I continue to be presented with circumstances to apply my awareness of the role of a master."

"Yes, creating the environment which is needed is the way of all awareness. Each time that you have become aware of something throughout your journey, you were given the opportunity to experience your new awareness."

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  "Why are most people terrified about really being known by another?"

"Most people feel vulnerable if they are known."


"Most people do not consciously know who they are. All are pure love, plus that which they have not experienced that they are not."


"Does it matter what the details are? Does it matter what any have chosen to experience in this lifetime?"

"No, what someone has chosen to experience does not change who someone is."

"Whether any are aware of who they are or who they are not, such awareness does not change the fact of who they are."

"As I reflect on the previous few days of my increasing awareness, I see that Katerina appears to have now eliminated every remaining concern which I had about our relationship."

"Yes, as I said would occur, and as Katerina's spirit said would occur."

"At the moment, it seems that wherever I turn I am provided with an opportunity to experience what my role will be."

"Yes, you are correct. The opportunities to experience what your role will be, occur in a controlled environment, which you have created to provide yourself with the experience that you require to fully become aware of your role."

"There are two people in my life who are faced with major difficulties, and there is not a damn thing that I can do to help either of them."

"This is not so. You can continue to do what you have been doing, you can provide guidance."

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  "My guidance does not seem to be enough."

"Providing guidance is all that you can do. These two are experiencing what they have chosen to experience, and the consequences of not accepting your guidance previously."

"Yes, I did provide guidance to both previously, and I did warn them both of the consequences which they are now experiencing."

"Yes, and they chose to experience knowing that your guidance was correct, but choosing to ignore your guidance."

"Will these two accept my guidance this time?"

"Only if they choose to experience accepting your guidance."

"Is there nothing else that I can do?"

"No there is nothing that you can do, other than to provide guidance when guidance is required, and experience those who seek guidance either accepting your guidance, or not accepting your guidance."

"To provide guidance and do no more, seems to be inadequate."

"Providing guidance is not inadequate. What occurs will be their chosen experience and you cannot interfere with the chosen experience of another, as you know and accept."

"Yes, you are right."

"The timing of their experiences has conveniently occurred to assist you with what you needed to experience, which is why they were drawn to you."

"So they choose their experiences in this lifetime, which conveniently coincided with the experiences which I have chosen."

"Yes, this is always so. Convenient sharing of experiences is why souls are drawn together."

"Is the point which we have been conveniently demonstrating, my awareness of the role of a master?"

"Yes, you are correct, and much more besides."

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  "Is this Question and Answer session is now complete?"


"Whilst participating in this Question and Answer session, I have conveniently been working from home."

"As has been the pattern since your journey began. Periodically working at home is the environment which you have created to allow yourself to undertake your journey."

"I still cannot say that I particularly like my environment."

"You are not required to like your environment, you have created your environment because you have needed your environment to complete your journey, and to be the example."

"Are you implying that if I was not required to be the example, my environment would be different?"

"You would have required a different environment."

"I continue to feel emotion. If anything, the emotion which I feel, is at times, more intense than I ever felt emotion."

"What is more intense?"

"I feel emotion deeper, although I do feel emotion in a more positive way than I have felt emotion previously."

"Yes, you are correct. It is emotion which allows all to feel experience and experiences must be felt, as I have explained. You feel the power of pure love, and feeling pure love is a very intense experience."

"Yes, I feel positive emotion, but sometimes the positive emotion which I feel seems to be caused by negative thoughts."

"Even the positive experience of pure love is a double sided coin. When you experience the emotion of pure love, you must experience both sides of the coin. Reflect on those times when you have felt pure love in response to a negative situation. Are those times not followed by feeling the positive effect of pure love?"

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  "Yes they are."

"You are experiencing the emotions of pure love which are a new experience for you. You will continue to experience the emotions of pure love throughout your lifetime."

"There are times when I do not feel emotion in respect of events."

"You do not feel emotion in respect of the events that you do not need to experience, which are mostly events that another needs to experience, and you are playing a part in their experiences. You have compassion and understanding for the other, but you do not feel the experience because the experience is not your experience, it is their experience."

"Yes, I am aware that I do not feel experiences which are not my experiences."

"You are aware that you do not feel experiences which are not your experiences, and you have experienced your awareness. You are now aware of your awareness."

"My awareness seems to be growing daily."

"Your awareness is growing daily. You know that your awareness is growing daily, and you know that your growing awareness is the reason for your continued solitude."

"Yes. I understand that my awareness is growing, but increasing my awareness is a very difficult process for me to endure, especially when I am experiencing the stage when my nerves are on edge."

"Yes, your nerves being on edge is a part of the awareness cycle."

"Why must I continue to experience these periods when my nerves are on edge?"

"As your awareness increases, so does your vibrational rate. Your physical body displays the symptoms which you have described as 'your nerves being on edge' as you adjust to your increasing vibrational rate. Your knees then ache as you take the next step up in your awareness."

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  "Yes, I know the process, but the physical body is an illusion so I do not understand why I experience the physical symptoms of increasing my awareness."

"Every time that you increase your awareness, you experience increasing your awareness. Your physical body has only one purpose, which is to allow you to feel your experiences."

"So all that has been occurring, is that I am feeling my awareness and vibrational rate increase."

"Yes, but you were not fully aware of what was occurring."

"Now that I am aware of what is happening, I feel my vibrational rate increasing yet again."

"Yes, your awareness has increased."

"I had believed that my nerves were only on edge, because I was doing something wrong."

"You did not understand what was occurring, because it was not time for you to understand precisely what was occurring."

"And now it is time for me to understand what is occurring."

"Yes, as your awareness increases, your increased awareness causes your awareness to increase."

"Once again I find that my interpretation of what I had been experiencing, was in reverse."

"Have you forgotten the mirror effect of the earth plane."

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  "I would have thought that my journey would have been easier, if I had understood exactly what was happening."

"You are correct. However, understanding exactly what was happening would have altered your experiences and all of your experiences, like the experiences of all, were required."

"I am stunned at this development. Every time that my nerves were on edge I believed that the experience was a sign that I was slipping back."

"Yes, in fact your nerves being on edge was a symptom of increasing your awareness level, the reverse of what you believed, as you have said."

"Whenever my nerves became on edge, the events surrounding me, and my environment seemed to confirm that I was slipping back."

"You were creating an environment to amplify the experience, so that the process of increasing your awareness and your vibrational rate could be felt."

"Why was I visited by the one known as Princess Diana today?"

"Because you sought contact."

"Did I?"

"Yes, you heard a comment which you knew was not true, and by acknowledging that the comment was not true, in the way that you did, you pulled Princess Diana's spirit to you."

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  "Okay, your explanation makes sense, but the experience was unexpected."

"That the experience was unexpected, does not make the experience any less real."

"Funny you should say that. The experience did make me question whether all that I have experienced was all my imagination."

"You knew that the contact was not your imagination, you felt the contact and the experience."

"Yes, I certainly did feel the experience, but the experience was different. I did talk with Diana, but I also felt Diana's emotions. I felt Diana's amusement and her joy."

"Yes, you used your empathic ability."

"But Diana is now a spirit."

"Diana is a new spirit and the emotions of this lifetime are still attached to Diana's spirit self. The emotions of this lifetime will dissipate after a short time."

"Are you saying that when a spirit first leaves their body, they retain their emotions?"

"Yes, and even after this initial retention of all emotions, strong emotions are retained into the next lifetime as you have experienced both with yourself, and with others."

"Yes, and strong emotions can also be retained for years by those on the spirit plane."

"As you have experienced, strong emotions can be retained for thousands of years on the spirit plane, preventing a soul from moving on."

"Okay, but I do not understand why Diana contacted me."

"Diana did not contact you, you contacted her."


"Effectively because you could. It was also a convenient way for you to experience how emotions are retained after death of the body."

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  "Each time that my nerves are on edge, the intensity is diminished."

"Yes, as your vibrational rate increases, it is easier for your vibrational rate to increase."

"There have been many events of the previous few days which I have not included in my writing. However, I feel I could write about such experiences and the reality of our existence forever."

"Forever is a long time, but you will continue to write throughout this lifetime."

"Sometimes I think I am an idealist, and I want everybody to have joyful and satisfying experiences."

"Your desire is not idealistic, what do you think I want?"

"I see that joyful and satisfying experiences are within the reach of most people, and that most people push joyful and satisfying experiences away, or do not make the choice to accept joyful and satisfying experiences."

"The choice of all reflects what each needs to experience."

"I understand that all experience is choice, but pushing joyful and satisfying experiences away seems so unnecessary."

"You know that pushing joyful and satisfying experiences away is necessary, because both sides of the coin need to be experienced."

"Yes, I do know that both sides of the coin need to be experienced, but it seems that people find it easier to experience what could be termed the 'negative' side of the coin, than to experience the positive side of the coin."

"You are correct, but the more intensely the negative side of the coin is experienced, then the more intensely the positive side of the coin is experienced."

"Okay, that explains why people choose to experience the negative side of the coin."

"In part, consider your own experiences of the previous two years. You chose to experience the effects of a relationship which was not meant to be, so you could fully experience the effect of a relationship which was meant to be."

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  "Yes, I can see this."

"Consider also that to experience the positive side of the coin, one must follow their instinct. One must follow their instinct even when their instinct is asking them to take a course of action which is contrary to their character, and what those around them believe is the 'norm'."

"Yes, I know following our instinct this is very difficult, and could be considered to be a major risk."

"As I said to you once before, to follow your instinct when your instinct is in contrast to your desires, your character, and what those around you find acceptable, takes a lot of courage and every ounce of strength which one possesses."

"Yes, but the rewards of following our instinct, make following our instinct worthwhile."

"Yes, you know that the rewards of following your instinct, make following your instinct worthwhile now, and I told you that the rewards of following your instinct, would make following your instinct worthwhile at the time, but it was still very difficult for you to follow your instinct. All are the same, you are no different."

"I was asked 'how I was' today, and I was surprised by my answer, which was, 'sensational'."

"Why did your answer surprise you?"

"I remain apart from my wife, I remain in a job which I do not enjoy, I remain in a house which I do not like, I continue to have financial difficulties which I struggle to service, and I continue struggle to balance the demands of my old world, with the needs of my new world."

"So it can be done?"

"So what can be done?"

"Despite all of the problems which you have listed, one can still find peace, contentment and happiness within."


"Finding peace, contentment and happiness within was easy for you, you had my help."

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  "You are kidding. Nothing was easy for me, and I do not have your help exclusively, all have your help."

"And how do all utilise my help?"

"By following their instinct, and allowing everything to be."

"That easy?"

"Yes, but I did not understand."

"You said that the process was difficult."

"I made the process difficult."

"Yes, so does everybody."

"Are you suggesting that I embraced the negative side of the coin."

"You are no different."

"Yes, I chose to experience the negative side of the coin."

"You did, but you have now chosen to experience the other side of the coin."

"Yes, and all can choose to experience the positive side of the coin."

"That all can choose to experience the positive side of the coin, is our point."

"We have made the point that all can choose to experience the positive side of the coin, previously."

"Yes, but that all can choose to experience the positive side of the coin, is a point worth repeating."

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  "I have noticed that the tingling in my hands from contact with the fabric of existence, is increasing."

"Yes, you are correct."

"The tingling in my hands is now a constant humming, and the feeling extends beyond my hands."

"As your awareness continues to increase, so does the depth of your contact with the higher plane."

"It feels as if my contact with the higher plane is starting to overtake my entire body."

"Yes, that is exactly what is happening."

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