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Connecting with the Higher Plane
Book Five Understanding Who I Am



"I find that sometimes I can be very thoughtful and considerate of others, and at other times being thoughtful or considerate does not even occur to me."

"Yes, your response to another is a result of what the other needs to experience."

"I find your answer more than a little convenient, but assuming that you are correct, your answer would certainly explain a lot."

"My answer is convenient, because my answer is the explanation."

"I suppose that my desire to respond in a certain way is a product of society's expectations, and my desire to be accepted?"

"Yes, you are correct. It is more important that you allow yourself to respond as you feel instead of as is expected by society, because responding with your instinct assists another in what they have chosen to experience."

"So what you are suggesting, is to ignore the rules and conventions of society and respond only with my instinct."

"Responding with your instinct is the way of the master."

"So if I do not acknowledge someone, my lack of acknowledgment is because they have really chosen to experience not being acknowledged?"

"Yes, you are correct."

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  "It sounds like a very convenient explanation for the times when I am ignorant."

"My answer is the explanation. Much that occurs is convenient. People are drawn together, because of what one or both needs to experience."

"Again we remake a point."

"Again the point is important."

"May we consider a specific example?"

"If you so choose."

"If someone chooses to respond to my friendship or kindness in a way that I believe is not how they should respond, and I choose to disassociate with them, or to not acknowledge them, is my response really their choice."

"Firstly, how you believe that any should, or think that you believe that any should respond is irrelevant. All will respond however they need to respond in view of the experiences which they have chosen. So to take your example one step further; if you are available when another is in need, and they are not available for you when you are in need, you may decide to disassociate with them. Looking purely from the other person's perspective, they have chosen not to return your support and they experience the consequences of not returning your support. However, you know that if you choose to disassociate with someone, you are not meant to be in each other's lives. The same principle applies to relationships on every level."

"My journey finishes, but does not finish."

"That is the point which we are making with this new book."

"With this constant solitude, I wonder how I can possibly be experiencing all that I need to experience."

"You are experiencing exactly what you need to experience. Do not lose sight of the fact that you have existed for more than 12,500 years. You now need to draw on all that you have become aware of during your existence, to complete your awareness."

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"I have limited interaction with others."

"Limited interaction with others is all that is required for you at the moment. You have enough interaction with others to allow you to experience your awareness, and also conveniently assist others with their chosen experiences."

"I am not concerned about having limited interaction with others, other than that I am not concerned about having limited interaction with others."

"Do not be concerned. I once told you that there would come a time when you would crave solitude, and so there will."

"So I will lose my solitude?"

"Yes, but not your peace."

"I see that a series of events which go back a number of years have suddenly linked to explain what has really been happening in Anne's life."

"Yes, you have seen how these events from this lifetime, and events of another lifetime, have fitted together."

"I have now had a number of experiences where I have seen that a spirit on a dark path, or stuck on a point, has been adversely affecting someone's life."

"You are correct, and what did you explain to your friend?"

"That she had chosen to experience what she has experienced, as a result of her actions in a previous lifetime, and that the spirit which has been with her was a convenient way for her to have the experiences which she has chosen."

"Yes, and you were correct. So what have you become aware of about such spirits who travel a dark path and influence others?"

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"That spirits have far more influence than I understood that spirits had on the earth plane, but the connection between the spirit and those who they influence is only made because of what both have chosen to experience."

"You are correct. What else have you become aware of?"

"Another aspect of the role of a master."

"You are again correct. What else has your meditation and reflection assisted you to become aware of?"

"That there are a vast number of people who are far more aware than they realise."

"Yes, and you are also aware that you are aware of your new awareness."

"Would I not sense the presence of dark spirits around someone?"

"No, because at this point, if you did sense the presence of dark spirits around someone, your actions would interfere with the experiences of those concerned."

"Yes, but I am noticing that spirits seem to be approaching me."

"Yes, spirits approach you because they know that you can assist them to move on, when it is time for them to move on."

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"I have become aware of another response which is sometimes required of me."

"And that is?"

"To listen, for hours if necessary and to say nothing."

"Yes, as I have explained, you have created a controlled environment in which to experience a range of responses, that are a part of the role of a master."

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