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Connecting with the Higher Plane
Book Four Connecting with the Higher Plane


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"I understand that we feel the effects of our spiritual battles, physically."

"Yes, that is precisely what has occurred. You have been feeling the effects of your spiritual battles for a very long time. Review your life, and you will see the duration of your spiritual battles. The symptoms of your spiritual battles were always the same."

"What is a spiritual battle?"

"A spiritual battle is a battle within your soul. Your soul is divided in which way to lead you, and battles within itself. In reality, a spiritual battle, is a battle between your spirit plane self, and your higher plane self or your subconscious and super-conscious, for those who prefer."

"What causes a spiritual battle?"

"Usually, a spiritual battle is caused by the inexperience of your spirit self, attempting to deal with something new, and your higher self keeping your spirit self on track."

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"Why are we not consciously aware of exactly what is occurring?"

"Because a spiritual battle would overwhelm your conscious or lower self. Consider the intensity which you feel within yourself, within your nerve endings, and consider that you only experience a minor part of the battle."

"So why are spiritual battles necessary?"

"Spiritual battles only occur when you are out of phase."

"How are spiritual battles resolved?"

"You resolve spiritual battles at a lower self level. In effect the symptoms of the spiritual battle draws your attention to something which needs to be addressed, and then you allow yourself to see, what you previously could not see."

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"I still have difficulty understanding how it is possible for me to lose sight of all that I have become aware of."

"It is possible for any to lose sight of their awareness. Even after one has gained awareness that all things have purpose, which is the purpose of experience, it is easy to lose sight of reality, when the experience is not as one desires."

"I understand about experience, but what about the Ten Commandants, your promise to me and to all?"

"If you were not so attached to the earth plane you would see that the promise is being fulfilled. The answers which you seek are in fact repeated within our example over and over again. Be concerned only for your actions now, and not for the outcome and you will want for nothing."

"It would seem that the concept of not having concern for the outcome, is misleading in itself. It is not easy to not have concern for the outcome, when we consider cause and effect."

"That is so, but the effect is only to ensure that the cause is experienced. There is nothing that can harm you."

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"I find these explanations very convenient, and very difficult for the average person to accept."

"You are correct. That is why you must experience all that you experience. Those who choose to follow, must be able to see your example."

"Again, we have a convenient explanation."

"Yes, let us consider your real point. You desire to have the resources to fully follow your spiritual path without being held back. If it was time you would have all of the resources which you require, and you will have all of the resources which you require, and more. You must experience being 'on hold' and you must use this time to complete your preparation. You know that you are not ready. All that occurs is necessary and you cannot force yourself to be ready. You must allow yourself to be ready, by experiencing and understanding.

"The other issue, is that you wish to be with your soulmate now. It is not time for you to be with your soulmate. You both need solitude to complete what must be done. You know this."

"Why did you add a little to your answer during the final review?"

"I needed to add a little to my answer for clarification, but I withheld some information from you when I first answered the question, until it was time to emphasise the point as you reviewed my answer."

  "So the end result is effectively the same thing, I am losing sight of now."

"Precisely, you are where you are now for a reason, and you know what that reason is. You need to apply your awareness to now, and where you are now, will no longer be important."

"My journey seems to go on for so long."

"What is 'so long'?"

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