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Connecting with the Higher Plane
Book Four Connecting with the Higher Plane



"Why do I still give off vibrations to push people away?"

"You are not ready yet."

"I do not understand."

"Other people's emotions would overwhelm you."

"I understand, but that other people's emotions would overwhelm me does not make sense."

"You are too attuned to the feelings of others. You keep others at 'arms length' because you are not ready to open yourself up to others."

"Maybe, but keeping people at arm's length feels like a cop out."

"What do you want? Are you saying that you wish for people to talk what is meaningless small talk with you? If so, to achieve what? By whose standards do you believe meaningless small talk to be important?"

"I do not know."

"Not by your standards and certainly not by my standards. Are you uncomfortable with your own company?"

"No, not at all."

"Are you consumed by problems which drive you to make small talk with others to hide from yourself?"

"No, I am not consumed by problems."

"Are you content to sit quietly with your own council?"


"So what is the issue?"

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  "I wonder if my insecurities getting in the way."

"What insecurities? In the way of what?"

"Insecurities to talk to strangers."

"What insecurities? Have you never spoken to a stranger?"

"Well, yes."

"You have no desire to talk for the sake of talking. You are content to keep your own company, and sit quietly."

"Am I right not to seek small talk?"

"There is no right. That you do not seek small talk is your chosen character, and is who you are. Others will be different."

"I know that part of my role is to help people, but sometimes I am given an opportunity to help people, even in a small way, and I chose not to help."

"Your role is to help, but you cannot help all those who need your help. You know those whom you are meant to help in some way, and you help those people you are meant to help. Continue to trust your instinct, and remember if you are really meant to help someone you will. Regardless of whether you help someone, or do not help someone, you will have done what you were meant to do."

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"As I continue to review my notes, it is very clear that even after you had provided the answers which I was seeking, I continued to search for answers."

"Yes, which is why you were blocked from reviewing your notes on many occasions. Many will be given answers and continue to search for answers, so you continue to search for answers which you have been given."

"I wonder why I do not hear from my agent for long periods of time. In fact, I become concerned that my books are worthless."

"Your books contain my words and are far from worthless. In fact, you have not even begun to understand the value of your books. As for your agent, you will be contacted and all will come together when it is time. Our writing in respect of your journey is not yet complete."

"Well, now you have given me something else to think about, I mean your comment about the value of my books which is, I know, spiritual."

"Indeed, and yet so much deeper. You have been concerned about repaying Nancy for the help which Nancy has given, but you have more than repaid Nancy for her assistance by giving Nancy your example as you have lived it."

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"I know that there are a number of events known as miracles occurring throughout the earth plane at the moment. Why are the miracles necessary?"

"A spiritual 'tap on the shoulder' for those who will respond."

"What is a miracle?"

"An event which is difficult to explain from an earth plane perspective."

"Are healing waters real?"

"Healing waters certainly are real."

"How do healing waters work?"

"On their journey on the earth plane, the waters pass through minerals and crystals and draw healing energy from them."

"I doubt whether my writing is good enough to be published."

"You may not be the world's most gifted writer, but this is balanced by the content of your work."


"What would you do if you were the world's most gifted writer?"

"I would write something else, I guess."

"Only if writing something else was your destiny. No, you would not be an average man from within an average environment. You would not have the same every day challenges as all, which is a necessary part of your example."

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"There are times when I doubt, when I wonder if I have created an alternative personality, which provides me with convenient explanations to justify my actions to myself."

"When you doubt, reach out and touch all that is. If you had created an alternate personality, you could not reach out and touch all that is. Nor would everything be falling into place."

"When I think about travelling across the world, and spending money which I do not really have, to marry a woman I hardly know, I think that maybe I am a little crazy."

"And when you do not think about what you are doing, and just do it?"

"I am happy and joyful."

"So do not think about what you are doing. It is thinking about what you are doing which is the problem."

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"Sometimes I become confused. Sometimes I think; 'Why am I doing this?'."

"You are following your instinct. Sometimes following your instinct can cause confusion. Recall when you desperately wanted to contact the one you have called Marie. Despite your desire, you did not contact Marie, because your instinct told you not to contact Marie. If you recall, at the time you often believed that it was your fears which prevented you from making contact with Marie, but in reality it was your fears which were making you desire to make contact with Marie. The earth plane is the reverse of reality."

"Yes I recall the experience, but …"

"You cannot do anything wrong. If you are doing something, you are meant to do that thing."

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