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Searching for My Soul
Book Three Understanding My Destiny

Q & A XI


"It is apparent that my message is not new. My message is the same message which teachers have been delivering since the beginning of time."

"You are correct. However, the message becomes lost because of the mirror effect of the earth plane. The earth plane is a reflection of reality, and much is seen in reverse."

"Why then do we bother, surely this message will become lost also?"

"We bother because, as you know, we need to expand the ocean of the higher plane, which is pure love. This message will be lost on many this time as well, but the message will be found by many."

"Why aren't my abilities with me all of the time?"

"Your abilities are with you all of the time. Having rediscovered your abilities, and experimented with your abilities so that you would understand your abilities, you now accept your abilities, but you draw on your abilities only when you need your abilities."

"Why do I become so tired, when we have these conversations?"

"You know that it takes much strength to maintain your vibrational rate at a sufficient level to enable our communication. You need to rebuild your strength. You have travelled a road which has consumed much of your strength, so you are drained. You need to rest, and you need to continue to review. That is all."


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"If most souls regain their awareness after they have experienced all and returned to the spirit world, why is it necessary to send teachers?"

"It is necessary to send teachers because many are choosing to repeat experiences, and focus all of their attention on the artificial reality of the earth plane. It is only through understanding the reality of existence, that those on the earth plane will choose the correct doors, and progress from the level of awareness which they are experiencing within 'the multidimensional maze' as you have described it."

"So what should souls do?"

"There is nothing that souls should do except to find and accept the truth that is within themselves, and within all. When one accepts the truth within, awareness will come."

"If the key to awareness is that simple, why have we taken the trouble to explain my experiences and provide this example.?"

"So that we will provide the keys for those who choose to seek and understand the truth, within themselves."


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"If everything is as everything is meant to be, have souls not chosen to embrace the artificial fulfilment of the earth plane?"

"Yes, but many souls have now chosen to seek the truth, so the truth is provided. Have you not experienced that what is sought is provided? It is no different for society as a whole. Many are seeking the truth, so the truth is provided."

"Why do I continue to doubt my identity?"

"Your doubt is necessary, but your doubt is not real. Your doubt is an illusion to cause you to ask questions, so that answers may be provided."

"Why do I continue to create difficulties?"

"You continue to create difficulties, so that you will experience that your difficulties are not difficulties. It is not the environment that is important, it is what you experience that is important. This is something which all must learn, and all must become aware of."


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"Are you saying that awareness on the earth plane is only necessary for those who choose to become teacher/ masters?"

"No, I am saying that full awareness is only necessary on the earth plane for those who choose to become teacher/masters. How else would they teach. I am saying that those on the earth plane should have whatever level of awareness they choose."

"Why then is there a need for teachers at all?"

"Teachers are necessary for those who choose to seek guidance. It is very difficult to choose to become aware without guidance, but in reality all may become aware without guidance, because awareness is that simple. Most awareness is simply locked away on the spirit plane, or within the subconscious, for those who prefer. All that is needed is a key with which to unlock the awareness within. When this key is sought, the key will be found within the words of the master locksmith."

"Jesus' appearance as I remember him differs from the descriptions of Jesus which are held in some religious and other materials."

"This is so, even those who's spirits have travelled to that time see Jesus in the idealistic manner in which Jesus has been portrayed. Do not concern yourself with Jesus' appearance, which is in itself unimportant. You recall Jesus from your memory of walking with Jesus, but Jesus' appearance is of no relevance."


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"There are a vast number of areas where what we have discussed about Jesus differs from society's commonly held views."

"There is much myth and legend which surrounds the one known as Jesus. Jesus was a teacher who became a master, which means Jesus gained full awareness whilst on the earth plane. Jesus was a soul who was no different to other souls, except that Jesus like many but not all souls chose to become a teacher. The level of awareness and the return to pure love that Jesus achieved, can be achieved by all, and will at some point be achieved by all. Some will achieve the level of awareness and the return to pure love that Jesus achieved on the earth plane, some will achieve the level of awareness and the return to pure love that Jesus achieved on the spirit plane. It matters not which.

"Jesus was the son of God in that all are the son of God, or the daughter of God if preferred. After the crucifixion, Jesus reunited with the other half of his soul and they lived a peaceful existence before ascending. Jesus' life after the crucifixion was not well documented, because Jesus' life after the crucifixion had no bearing on the message which Jesus was sent to deliver.

"Jesus' message was the simple truth, 'God is love, find the Kingdom of God within', to use the commonly accepted terminology. Jesus' example was to respond with love, regardless of what overs did."

"So what you are saying is that when the myth and legend of Jesus are stripped away, we are left with Jesus' basic message, that 'God who is love exists within us all'?"

"'God who is love exists within us all' is exactly what Jesus' message was and is. Jesus' message is retained within the teachings of the New Testament for those who choose to see Jesus' message. Your role, part of your ongoing role is to provide the keys to allow those to choose to find God, to find love within themselves, as was promised by Jesus. When we consider the ongoing aspect of your role, we see how Jesus has responded with only love and support to you, as the one who betrayed him."


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"It is generally believed that matters pertaining to the higher plane are spiritual."

"Yes, this is because the spirit plane is the link between the earth plane and the higher plane."

"As I now understand it, Jesus' role was to show that God is love and within all. My role is to provide the key so that those who choose will find the love within."

"That is what I have said."

"So what was Moses' role?"

"Moses' role was to deliver the promise of what will be received by those who find God within."

"There have been many teacher/masters. Has each teacher/master had a specific role?"

"Yes, and teacher/masters have often had the same role, but within a different culture. We will touch on some of the masters and their roles in time, but for now we will stay focused within your culture."

"What was the true role of Abraham?"

"To have faith and Trust In God."

"And Solomon?"

"To seek the wisdom which is within all."


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"There appears to be a pattern here."

"There is a pattern. The basic message of each master is contained within the known history of each master. Those who choose to seek this truth, may strip away the mythology and legend to find the basic message. All mythology is based on a true event, a true master, a true message. Those who choose to identify each master and locate the basic message will be able to put the messages, the pieces together to find the truth."

"But the truth is within."

"The truth is within, and looking within is a far simpler way to understand the truth, and to recreate the truth. However, the truth can also be recreated by identifying the basic message of each master and putting those messages together. In each message there is a common theme, a link which is the essence which binds the truth, and all that is together."

"Much of the myth which surrounds the teacher/masters seems to focus on the physical being."

"Those who have written about and those who have interpreted the experiences of teacher/masters have no point of reference other than linear and physical. They choose therefore to alter what they do not understand to what they do understand. They alter the spiritual to the physical. Reflect on our story of the Pilot's island."


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"Many of the miracles of Jesus and others refer to creating abundance from very little."

"The miracles are often analogies, used to show how one can change their own environment. For example, those who choose can change water into wine. Not instantaneously as has been interpreted, but through changing their environment. Consider this example with what I have said about creating one's own environment, and the basic message will become clear."

"Some say that people can change their habits but not their character. Others say that people can change."

"Both are correct. People can change by experiencing who they are not, and discarding the experience. People will continue to discard experiences which reflect who they are not, until people experience who they are."

"I sometimes worry that all that I have experienced is in my imagination."

"All that you have experienced is not in your imagination, but if all that you have experienced was in your imagination, what harm has been done?"

"Jesus and other teachers give much advice about the way souls should approach life, which seems far broader than their basic messages, as do the insights which I have been given."

"If you consider the message delivered by each teacher, you will see that what they have taught, what they have given is examples of their message. Consider Jesus, was Jesus not demonstrating the principle of pure love in all that Jesus said and all that Jesus did?"


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"Yes. So you are saying that each master had a basic message and expanded this message by explanation and demonstration?"

"This is so. Consider your own message. Your role is to put the puzzle back together, and in so doing you are delivering many keys to those who seek the truth."

"But all can put the puzzle back together."

"Yes all can put the puzzle back together, and many will put the puzzle back together. The key to putting the puzzle back together is provided in your example. You have experienced many of the fragments of The Truth Of Reality during your existence, to enable you to put the puzzle back together."


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