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Searching for My Soul
Book Three Understanding My Destiny

The God Within.


God explained, "It is time for you to accept that the God within is your higher self. Continue to use the description God, because the description God is easier to follow, but understand that when you say God, you refer to your higher self.

"Understand that God is your higher self, and that your higher self is God. The God within to be accurate.

"All souls are a trinity. The higher self, the spirit and the physical being. We have separated the trinity, because the trinity has become separate through being out of synchronisation. The soul which exists on the physical plane is your physical being, the soul which travels the spirit plane is your spirit, and the soul which is part of God is your higher self. What you have achieved through your awareness, is to have your trinity basically operating on the same wavelength. What you now need to achieve is to synchronise your trinity to operate in unison.

"To synchronise your trinity is the next step in becoming that which you are, God. If we look at this from the perspective of the remainder of your life here, you will synchronise yourself, you will join with your soulmate and synchronise her trinity within your's. You will then experience completion from the physical perspective. Understand that becoming complete, and experiencing completion are not the same. Firstly you will become complete, and the remainder of this lifetime you will experience completion."

I said, "I cannot do this."

"You are doing it. What you cannot do is stop what you have begun. It is now time to explain the concept of vibrational rates. We will explain the concept of vibrational rates after you have attended to your business."


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I asked God about some things which I was a little concerned about. I wanted to know if I would experience events being smooth, or experience another subtle reminder.

"What do you think?"

"It does not much matter."


I headed into the city. I collected the information that I needed. I went to the bank, and I was not surprised that my funds were frozen again. I did not know what the experience of having my funds frozen was about. I did not think that I would experience frustration, because I had not allowed my frozen funds to frustrate me previously. I immediately had three possible solutions despite the fact that I had only three dollars in my pocket.

I sat down to consider the information which I had collected, and in a continuation of what could be described as a test, I had be given inappropriate information. I thought; 'Hang on a moment, what is going on'. I did not know why I had created this environment.

God said, "Look deep."

Fears were starting to surface, but God said, "No, look beyond the fears. Search your soul."

I was joined by the business associates whom I was meeting with, and I immediately relaxed. Initially it seemed that negotiations were going poorly.

"Be patient."

I said little, and my business associates immediately increased their offer. I cannot say I was happy with the offer, and the offer was less than I would have liked.

"The offer is fair."

The offer was fair and I accepted their offer.


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After the meeting, I proceeded towards the bank, having my funds unfrozen was my preferred solution to only having three dollars. On the way to the bank, I happened to pass a branch of my health insurance. I recalled that I had an unclaimed account in my wallet. I was able to claim twenty dollars which would cover me, until my account was unfrozen.

God said, "Sometimes solutions which have not been considered, are the solutions which present themselves."

I returned home. I rang the bank hopefully to resolve the matter of my frozen funds permanently. I also discovered some potential problems with my plans, but I decided not to worry about the potential problems. I knew that everything would work out, and that my environment was as my environment was meant to be.

I was awaiting information from a number of sources, but I recalled that I had been told not to worry about delays, because there was a reason for every delay. So I forgot about the delays, and got on with what I needed to do.

God said, "We will start where we left off. Vibrational rates vary, but vibrational rates can be placed in three categories; lower, medium and higher. Your vibrational rate is the level on which your essence vibrates. Slower vibrational rates are required for a physical existence, and so on.

"To exist in physical form you need to lower your vibrational rate. You need to increase your vibrational rate to operate on the spirit plane. An enlightened soul is able to operate on all three levels at one time, by placing their vibrational rates on the same frequency, which is what you are doing and how you can now exist as one, within all three planes."


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My problem was no longer the future, because I saw that the future would be exactly as I knew the future would be. My problem was now, not as in exactly now, but as in I did not know how I would move from my current environment, to my future environment.

I knew that not knowing how I would move from my current environment, to my future environment did not really matter. I knew that everything was as everything was meant to be, and that everything would be, as everything was meant to be.

I was not concerned for myself as much as I was concerned for my soulmate. There seemed to be so much to do, and I did not see how there would be enough time to do all that I needed to do. I could not really start to do anything without money, and at that point I did not have any money.

It was only after I had almost completed this part of my journey that I understood that the only way I could have travelled from my current environment, to my future environment was by placing myself in God's hands.

A travel agent rang, coincidentally the travel agent whom I had been told by God not to bother with. I will admit that the travel agent was a waste of time, and that I should have listened to God. I had no idea of what to do next, so I did the only thing that I could do, nothing. I did not even worry.

I allowed myself to look deep for a while. I said, "I have lost sight of my spirituality."

God responded, "Yes."

"I will meet my soulmate as promised, I have nothing to worry about."



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I rested and slept for a while. When I awoke I said, "I have taken myself out of your hands, and have begun to make things happen."

God responded, "You have tried."

"I cannot make things happen, can I?"

"No, a subtle reminder. Place yourself in my hands and all will be well."

I continued to meditate. I realised that I was not allowing everything to be. I was not applying what I had learned, or more accurately, what I had become aware of. I had endured a headache for two days which I had struggled to shift. All of a sudden it dawned on me that I needed to apply what I knew. I picked up my healing crystal which I placed on my forehead for ten seconds. Immediately my headache began to dissipate.

I continued to review my notes. What I reviewed reflected my present struggle.

God said, "Do you not understand? When you wrote your notes you knew you would need your notes in the future. Why do you think that you could not review your notes for so long?"

I meditated for a while, with my healing crystal placed on my forehead.

"You knew that applying your healing crystal was all that you needed to do, and yet you allowed the pain to manifest so that you would be reminded of what you knew. Do you not realise that there are times when you have allowed yourself to become the God within? How do you think you could see into people's souls so easily?


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"There is only one way to become the God within, and that is to allow yourself to become the God within. Consider what I have said to you. Where do you think all of this knowledge comes from? Your knowledge comes from your own experiences. Do you not understand that when you talk with the God within, you are talking with your higher self?

"I say to you, you are the God within. You need to become one with the God within. You talk with me, the God within, as if we are separate entities, but we are the same. You listen to the God within, but you allow your conscious or physical being to be in control. You have achieved much, but it is time to really become yourself. It is time to start becoming the God within. It is time to be who you are."

I suddenly realised that I was writing not only for me now, but also for me in the future.

"You are correct. You need to know that you are the God within now, and you need to accept that you are the God within this now. Make no mistake about that. You will also review that you are the God within in time, and that you are the God within will provide a key which you will need in the future.

"You will start to become one with the God within, in fact you have already started to become one with the God within. There will come a time when you need to adjust a little more, and to have your trinity in closer synchronisation. When your trinity is finally one hundred percent synchronised, you will ascend.


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"Yes you did receive the message which was delivered this afternoon. Your trinity is seventy percent synchronised. Your trinity will become ninety percent synchronised relatively quickly. The remaining ten percent will take a lifetime. Do you understand?"

"Yes. Everything is as everything is meant to be."

"Everything is as everything is meant to be. You understand that the 'phasing' which you experience is caused not by the seventy percent that is synchronised, but by the thirty percent that is not synchronised. As the thirty percent that is not synchronised reduces, so will the phasing."

"When I am in phase, I accept what you are saying, what I am saying. When I am out of phase, I know that what you are saying is correct, but I struggle to apply the knowledge."

"This is correct. You understand exactly what is happening."

"Okay, but what exactly is the difference between what I am now experiencing, and learning to live with my soul."

"When you were learning to live with your soul, you were in effect learning to live with your spirit. You were of course living with your physical self, of which your conscious mind is a part, and you experienced that you have to remove your conscious mind to live with your soul or spirit, effectively your subconscious mind. You are now taking the next step, you are becoming your soul.

"After you learn to live with your soul, you then have to become your soul. Your soul is who you really are. The soul who you really are, is also your higher self, and your higher self is the part of you which is God. By becoming your soul, you are also becoming God.


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"What you have achieved is that you have taken the step beyond living with your soul, and you are living with the trinity that is you. What you will achieve when you bring the trinity into one hundred percent synchronisation, is that the trinity will become one, and you will become one with yourself, and also one with God."

"I understand. Why didn't you just say this at the start?"

"If I had come to you, and told you that you would become one with God before you had experienced for yourself, you would have said; 'I am truly insane' and I would not have been able to convince you otherwise. What if I had only said that you were once a vine, or if I had said you were a weed, or a spider?"

"Okay, I cannot argue with that. So what you are telling me is that the phasing of my vibrational rate will continue through my lifetime, but the phasing of my vibrational rate will diminish, as I allow the phasing of my vibrational rate to diminish?"

"That is correct."

"Why am I only at seventy percent synchronised now?"

"You have only managed to place the trinity on the same bandwidth last week, which is why you were welcomed back."

"So the phasing which I have experienced during previous few days, has occurred as I have become closer together?"

"Yes, that is correct."


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"Okay. If I have achieved seventy percent synchronisation in a short space of time, why will it take so long finalise the process?"

"We need to consider your question from two perspective's. Firstly understand that it is experience on the physical plane, and awareness on the spirit plane which allows the synchronisation to take place. Your higher self knows all things, but has experienced nothing and to come fully into synchronisation you must have experienced all. Your experience and your knowledge must be equal, but balanced for you to become who you are.

"The experience which has allowed your trinity to become seventy percent synchronised, has taken you thousands of lifetimes to acquire, and this lifetime to recall. You still have more to recall. As you recall more of your experiences, as you become aware of your experience, your synchronisation will increase.

"Even when you become ninety percent synchronised, you will still not have become aware of your most powerful experiences. It will take some time for you to fully recall all of your experiences. You have become aware of much, but you do not necessarily draw on the exact experience which led to the awareness. You have only drawn on those experiences which have assisted in the awareness that you are achieved. What good would it be for you to recall lifetimes which you repeated and experienced many times, before you became aware of one thing? The lifetimes which you did recall, that occurred during the previous three hundred years, were specifically experienced for the purpose of recalling them.

"What you have achieved, is an increase in the volume of your awareness, with more awareness to come. The experiences which remain, say nine percent for the sake of explanation, are mostly powerful experiences which contain your true abilities, and those memories will come to you during the duration of your lifetime. The power of your experiences would overwhelm you, if you became aware of all of your experiences at once."


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"If I am God, why would the memory of my own experiences overwhelm me?"

"Because you remain a trinity, and your most powerful experiences would be too much for the lower part of your trinity to deal with. Your lower self would run in fright, and you would need to begin the awareness process again."

"Are you saying that I could be overwhelmed?"

"No, I am saying that you will not be overwhelmed. You will not allow yourself to be overwhelmed, because you know what would occur if you did allow yourself to be overwhelmed."

"Would I not want to experience being overwhelmed?"


"Why not?"

"How do you know that you have not already experienced being overwhelmed? In fact you did experience being overwhelmed. You are now aware that you did experience being overwhelmed, but you will not remember being overwhelmed, until it is time for you to remember being overwhelmed."


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"So when I am fully synchronised and I become one, I am no longer a trinity?"

"No, you are still a trinity, but you are a together trinity, a trinity who is one. You can still operate on the spiritual and physical planes, but you operate on the spiritual and physical planes synchronised, you operate on the spiritual and physical planes as a master."

"That leaves one percent."

"This one percent, which is really a fraction of one percent, is what you will experience in this lifetime, that you have not yet experienced."

I knew what I needed to do, I needed to allow everything to happen today, and by so doing I would allow everything to happen tomorrow. All that I needed to do now, was to allow everything to be.


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