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Searching for My Soul
Book Three Understanding My Destiny

Wisdom From Within.


"You have created the environment which you have desired, but you have not quite realised the environment which you have created. You are yet to experience realising the environment which you have created, although you have experienced creating the environment which you have desired. You have created your environment publicly in this way, not so that others will think that you created your own environment so you must be right, but so that when others are ready to consciously create a new environment, they will understand that they truly do create their own environment, because you have created your own environment, and you are no different.

"Remember, that each thing you do is but a step. Even what you are doing now is a step leading you to the next step. You will continue taking steps, one after another until you have experienced all, and returned to become one with yourself, and in so doing become one with God.

"Those who follow one religion or another have not found God, they have started looking, and they are experiencing their search. God is within. All that any need to do to find God, is to look within.

"The truth is within, the truth is not 'out there'. One's true identity is within. On the earth plane it has become necessary to have cards, computer files, licenses, and all manner of things to prove one's identity. How can one prove what is? You are who you are. All are who they are, regardless of a file or a card. Files and cards are only a part of this ill fated attempt to gain control, and remove choice by subterfuge, which has no more chance of succeeding than the previous methods which attempted to gain control as I have explained. Nevertheless, this attempt and failure to gain control has to be experienced, as the previous attempts to gain control were experienced.


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"You are still being too hard on yourself, you forget that whilst you are attached to the earth plane, you still have earth plane experiences. You will be attached to the earth plane for many years yet, you know this. All that you need to do is to relax, be patient and allow everything to happen. Can you not see now that to relax, be patient and allow everything to happen is the magical formula which you have been looking for?

"You were destined to travel your path, and as I have explained, you were and are destined to take every wrong turn, and every detour. Those who choose to follow your example, will draw strength from your experiences and keep going when they too become lost, if they become lost."

I understood that I needed to relax and enjoy the experience. However, I also understood that I needed to feel the experience, but I did not necessarily need to enjoy the experience.


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"Do not think that you have failed by not creating your 'heaven on earth' previously, nor think that you are a martyr for delaying the creation of your 'heaven on earth' until now. You are exercising a choice, which all may exercise. That is all.

"Can you now see that the key to permanent peace is not to want permanent peace, but to choose permanent peace, and to allow permanent peace to happen? Allow is how you will experience permanent peace.

"Do you also see that every time that you have decided to do something, and you have attempted to force whatever you have decided to do, you have experienced that you cannot force anything. Now you will experience that you can change anything, if you choose something and allow what you have chosen to happen.

"Let us revisit a point in respect of the Commandments. Thou shalt not use the Lord God's name in vain. You are concerned because you still curse, as you call it. Do you think that saying 'God', or 'oh God' in response to anything is using my name in vain? What I have promised you is that you will not blame me, and you do not blame me, because you know better. Do you think that I become offended if someone blames me? How can I become offended when I know that blame is an illusion? How can you blame me when you know that blame is illusion, and that all things are created by self for experience? That is my promise.


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"Let yourself do what you feel. What you feel is what you desire to experience. You have already experienced not doing what you feel. There is no right or wrong. There is nothing which you must abstain from doing. There is much that you choose not to do. A choice created by experience, but there are no rules.

"The only way to allow everything to happen is to do what you feel. If you feel like doing something else, then discontinue what you were doing, and do that something else. If you desire to experience, feel what you do.

"It is fairly simple. Do what you feel and feel what you do."


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