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The Legend of Eagle Spirit


"Eagle Spirit is the soul who travelled to the Creator’s world, to ask the Creator for the ability to guide all who would follow back to the Creator’s world. The Creator agreed to this request. The one who had travelled to the Creator’s world would need the spirit of the eagle to complete this task."


"Thus the eagle became honored, as a mark of respect for the one it was foretold would venture to the world of the Creator and return with the truth."


"Eagle Spirit has travelled to the world of the Creator, and was ready to complete this task a long time ago, but it was not time. Eagle Spirit understood that it would not be time to reveal The Truth Of Reality until all souls had lost their way and had begun searching for their way again. This has now occurred. Many souls are again looking for their way. Those who seek the truth are within all cultures and across all beliefs, and it is time to show the way. The truth of Eagle Spirit may have been lost and altered by many, but the truth of Eagle Spirit has been retained by many."


"Eagle Spirit has now come Full Circle to fulfill the legend of Eagle Spirit. The one who will show the way back to the world of the Creator. The world of the Creator is heaven. The Creator is God."

God is Universal

Judas Iscariot


What really happened to Judas Iscariot? What penance was paid for betraying Jesus? Did Jesus forgive or was Judas Iscariot condemned to hell, and if so could Judas Iscariot find his way back to heaven? The Full Circle series of books answers these questions and the questions of our very existence as The Truth Of Reality is explained. The self-imposed penance of Judas Iscariot has been completed and Full Circle is the journey of Judas Iscariot to fulfil the legend of Eagle Spirit, and become the master, Tsúnyöta Köhe't.

  Full Circle is the record of the journey of Tsúnyöta Köhe't.
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