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A Bridge To Your Soul are a deck of cards, known as ‘soul cards’ which are used in a similar way to the Tarot, and Oracles, but without a pre-determined meaning. The meaning of each Bridge To Your Soul card is the meaning that the person drawing the Bridge To Your Soul cards sees in the picture.

When we were drawn to compile Bridge To Your Soul, we were drawn to a series of three artists.

We did not commission specific work based upon pre-conceived ideas, but having identified the artists whose work would be included within Bridge To Your Soul, we allowed the artist’s existing work to present itself to us.

Our Artists

E. Carol Gaines

E. Carol Gaines

Sheri Salin

Sheri Salin is a Canadian born, self-taught visionary artist living her childhood dreams of being an artist on the Gulf coast of Florida. Sheri's career as an artist began when she experienced a setback in her life, which then later turned into a blessing.

Sheri turned to painting and writing as a way of self-expression and as a way to journey the inner world. Sheri views her hands and eyes as a vessel for Spirit to create through.

Sheri is a member of The Exhibiting Society of Artists along with being an award winning artist, receiving 1st place in graphic design, 2003, at the National League of American Pen women. First National Bank of Florida has one of Sheri's pieces of art in their collection.

Aside from previously owning her own art gallery in Florida, Sheri's art is also exhibited in galleries in Largo, Safety Harbour, Tarpon Springs, Clearwater and St. Petersburg, Florida.

Sheri's virtual art gallery specializes in tropical Florida art, abstract, contemporary, impressionism, custom artwork and murals. Sheri is well known for her vibrant use of colours and energy that goes into her artwork.

Sheri Salin

Debie Tregidgo

Many of Debie Tregidgo’s Pictures are Hot Wax Painted (Encaustic). Debie Tregidgo also works with Acrylics, Watercolours, Pastels and Sketches.

Debie Tregidgo uses 2mm fibre board, which is treated to enable Debie to produce these Fantastic results with her Encaustic Pictures.

Debie Tregidgo is a Commission Artist and would love to incorporate her Encaustic Pictures into any commissioned work.

Debie Tregidgo

Development of bridge to your soul

Having identified more than 100 images in the preliminary development of A Bridge To Your Soul, the deck was reduced over time to the final 75 card A Bridge To Your Soul deck.

The chosen 75 cards were then blessed and printed into a workable deck of A Bridge To Your Soul cards for preliminary use and testing.

Initial tests were conducted with people whose lives were known to us, so that we could asses the accuracy and the usability of A Bridge To Your Soul.

After the series of controlled tests were conducted, we felt that A Bridge To Your Soul were ready for testing in uncontrolled environment prior to final production as a physical deck.

The dual purpose of this page is to provide A Bridge To Your Soul which will assist in understanding your life’s experiences, and where your life’s direction is heading. The secondary purpose of this page is to provide an uncontrolled environment for the further testing of A Bridge To Your Soul.


A Bridge To Your Soul cards do not have a definitive meaning. When we select a spread of cards, we will receive images which in themselves do not imply a pre-conceived meaning.

We need only think of a current issue in our life, which will usually be a problem that surrounds us, or a decision which confronts us.

As with the Bridge To Your Soul cards themselves, the test three card spread which we have chosen to use does not have a preconceived meaning. For example; we may choose to look at 'past present future', or the 'next three months', or 'three parts of an issue' etc.

With the issue held in our mind, we select a reading, and we will be shown the three Bridge To Your Soul cards that we have selected.

Our next step is to and allow the images to present the answer to our question, whether our question is asked or unasked. The image which contains our answer way be any image on the card, or the overall card itself.

The key is to allow the images to present our answer to us, without attempting to interpret the image. However, the image which contains our answer will be the image such as a flower, a bird, and so on we see at 'first glance', not the image that we interpret after prolonged consideration.

If we choose to discount what is presented to us, which we will often do because we do not like what is presented to us, and we interpret the meaning of the spreads, we are obtaining an answer that we want from our conscious mind, not the answer that we need from our soul.

If you have used the A Bridge To Your Soul cards for a reading, you may wish to provide your comments and observations.



A Bridge to Your Soul Cards

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If You Are Looking For More Specific Guidance, or an answer to a specific question, Today’s Insight, may provide the answer that you seek.

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