Analogies of Reality


Within this website, there are a number of pages which are credited to 'Author Unknown'.

We suspect that articles credited to 'Author Unknown' are pieces that have been 'doing the rounds' on the internet for some time.

Our belief is that articles credited to 'Author Unknown' are either articles published anonymously, articles that are public domain, or articles that have been 'taken' from their original source and copied several times with the 'credits' being lost or discarded on the way.

  It is not our intention to breach anybody's copyright, and we are not taking credit for someone else's work.

The 'author unknown' articles that appear on this site, are intended as shared information which may be of benefit to those drawn to read the work.

If you are the author of an article which we have used, without knowledge of the article's origins and you would like credit and/or a link back to your website, or alternatively you would like the article removed from our site, please contact us with details, using the contact button below.


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