Crown Jewels . . . STRANGE Properties of Stones

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BARITE - Wide color range. Is linked with platonic love, friendship, loyalty, love and relationships. This is a stone of interpersonal communication and intimacy.

BENITOITE - Light to dark blue. Is associated with emotional sensitivity, empathy and understanding.

BERYL - An ore of beryllium. CLEAR BERYL (also known as Goshenite) increases intellectual abilities, wisdom and the capacity to see things from all sides. GOLDEN BERYL (also known as Heliodor) brings persistence, altruism, spirituality, healing, strength, learning, communication and comfort. PINK BERYL (also known as Morganite or Bixbite) fosters tolerance, empathy, love, acceptance and a "live and let live" attitude.

BERYLLIUM - Is associated with altered states, meditation and cosmic consciousness.

BLOODSTONE - Quartz. A dark green Chalcedony with red flecks. Also called Heliotrope. Brings rain, abundance, Bloodstonealignment, organization, smooth energy flow, generosity, idealism, good fortune and purification. It is good to keep a bloodstone in any place that needs its energy cleansed.


BLUE LACE AGATE - See Lace Agate.
Blue Lace Agate

BLUE QUARTZ - Also called siderite. Inspires spiritual development, meditation psychic abilities and serenity.

BORNlTE - A metallic mineral with a purple tarnish. Is associated with peace, social justice, goodness, fairness, truth and equality. It fosters caring on a worldwide scale, teaching us to be concerned with the welfare of all beings on earth.

BOTSWANA AGATE - Quartz. A banded agate that is said to augment protection, fertility, sensuality, sexuality, passion, artistic expression and emotional comfort.

BRAZILIANITE - Yellow or greenish-yellow. Is associated with academic achievement, attention to detail, improved study skills and increased intelligence.

BRONZE - Is associated with relaxation, serenity, calmness. Helps promote a laid-back attitude.

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