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Much has been written about crystals, some fanciful, some myth and some based on truth.

Crystals are a natural resource given to us so that we can draw energy. Each crystal retains a different form of positive energy. Crystals are both a natural source of energy from the earth, and a vessel in which the earth's energy is stored. There is nothing magical about crystals, crystals are simply conductors of energy.

The power of crystals comes from the earth. Crystals conduct and store energy which has built up within the earth. The power of crystals is a very real, and the power of crystals is a natural phenomenon.

All crystals carry aspects of the earth element, and some crystals carry aspects of one or more of the other elements. The specific aspects of the elements drawn on in the creation process gives each crystal its elemental imprint, or determines the precise nature of the energy conducted by the crystal.

Universal or Cosmic Energy Streams do cross the earth. Much of the volcanic and similar activity of the earth occurs where the Cosmic Energy Streams meet.

Many crystals and minerals were formed by the intense heat and pressure which is created during volcanic and similar activity within the earth.

Cosmic Energy is infused within crystals and minerals when the crystals and minerals are formed. Crystals and minerals retain and conduct The Cosmic Energy which was carried by The Cosmic Energy Streams that were present at the time of formation.

There is much contradictory information on how crystals can be cleansed, recharged and renewed. The truth is that crystals can be cleansed, recharged and renewed using one or more of the six elements in any order or combination, both with and without ritual.

The most effective way to select a crystal, is to allow our instinct to guide us. This is a very simple process and requires no thought. In fact, thought will impede the process of allowing our instinct to guide us to what we need.

If we attempt to determine what we need, and then locate a crystal to provide what we need, we will select a crystal based on either what we want, or what we think that we need, usually influenced by the opinions of others, which will often not be what we need.

The most effective way to select a crystal, is to select whatever crystal we are drawn to, usually by 'stumbling' across a crystal, or combination of crystals and feeling that we would like that crystal. Allowing our instinct to guide us is that simple.

The form of the crystal is also something that we should allow our instinct to guide us to. We may be drawn to a faceted gemstone, a polished stone, a tumbled stone, a carved stone or some rough stone. The form of the crystal will also reflect what we need, but selecting a crystal based the form that someone has said we should have, is likely to lead us away from we need.

The crystal, or combination of crystals which we are drawn to may be set in jewellery of some type, and the metal which is used to create the piece of jewellery will form a part of the combination which we need.

We may use crystals as a focus for our meditation. We have a crystal meditation available in our shared meditations section.

Crystal Properties

After we have been guided to our crystal, or combination of crystals, we may choose to understand why we have been drawn to that crystal. Usually if we have been drawn to a combination of crystals we will find that there is a common element within the properties of many of the crystals in the combination, which we have been drawn to.

There are many resources available on the internet which will explain the properties of crystals. These resources range from very basic, to resources which appear to get a bit 'carried away with themselves'.

If you have and specific questions which are not answered within the Crown Jewels resource which we have provided here, you may find the answer on The Crystal Master site, using the following link. If not, you may like to e-mail The Crystal Master from The Crystal Master site. We have found that The Crystal Master can and will answer most questions.

Crown Jewels provide a comprehensive, if not quite complete, guide to Crystal Properties. Crown Jewels have produced a book 'Gemstone Healing Properties' which is an easy to use, no nonsense guide to Crystal Properties, which is freely available (from Crown Jewels) to download in PDF format.

We have also provided a copy of Crown Jewels' 'Gemstone Healing Properties' on this website for those who prefer not to download or use PDF files.


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