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MARCASITE - Also called white pyrite. Marcasite inspires relaxation, reflection, spiritual development, focus and clarity. It encourages past life recall and awakens ancient memories.

MAGNETITE - A black iron ore. It is a magnetized stone. Magnetite attracts love, good luck and health. It is linked to stability, strength and perspective. Magnetite teaches mental telepathy, allowing us to project our thoughts and to amplify our visualizations and prayers.

MALACHITE - A green metallic mineral. Comes in varying shades of green and is often banded. Augments loyalty, Malachiteleadership ability, protection. subconscious wisdom, comfort, balance, peace, sensitivity, emotional maturity. inner clarity, self-understanding, positive transformation and healing. This stone reflects the feelings of these who wear it. It also promotes purification and healing dreams as well as drawing out negative energy


MARBLE - Encourages gentleness, tenderness and love. Teaches us the art of listening.

MELANITE - A black type of Andrite. Garnet clan. Opens our psychic vision for forecasting, divination and seeing the future. Brings an understanding and acceptance of death. Reminds us of rebirth, reincarnation and the endless nature of life.

MERLIN CRYSTALS - Also known as sending crystals, generating crystals, generators and energy guides. Single-terminated clear quartz crystals with six facets that come to a sharp and undamaged point. Foster wisdom, manifestation, direction, focus, magical power and the wise use of that power. They encourage the concentration of positive forces to energize and enhance inner convergence, love and peace.

METEOR CRYSTALS - A clear quartz crystal with a number of tiny craters indented on one side of the crystal, with a tail trailing from them. These shooting stars often fall in the same direction on any one side of the crystal. This crystal fosters transcendence, cosmic consciousness, mystical vision, universal love and a sense of the vastness of the universe and of the soul. They teach us that we are all star-born.

METEORITE - Meteorites are shooting stars that land on earth. Meteorites augment cosmic wisdom, channeling, celestial love, communication with angelic realm and space beings, and psychic powers. Meteorites aid in the evolution of human kind, accelerating our mental growth and abilities.

MILKY QUARTZ - Whitish and opaque, especially compared with clear quartz. They get us in touch with the hidden, invisible, elusive within us and without. They help us tap deep wisdom and mysteries that have been denied and buried in both our culture and in our individual selves.

MIlLLERITE - Promotes reason, moderation, tolerance, frugality and efficiency.

MOLDAVITE - A green meteorite. Especially good for channeling healing energy. Helps us to communicate with our Moldavitehigher self and with extra-terrestrials.



MOLYBDENITE - Soft, metallic and opaque with a blue-gray streak. Helps us tap subconscious knowledge. Teaches to face our hidden self. Helps us to develop our character.

MOONSTONE - Feldspar. Usually milky with a bluish or yellowish tint. Moonstones foster happiness, good fortune, Moonstonenurturing, mothering, unselfishness, humanitarian love, hope, spiritual insight, easy childbirth, safe travel on water, new beginnings, abundance and ancient wisdom. This stone gets us in touch with our feelings and is linked with the moon. It is best to attune its energies to the moon's phases. Moonstone is protective of women and nature, and is a sacred stone of the moon goddess.


MOSS AGATE - Quartz. Greenish-brown. Moss agates are associated with prosperity, success, abundance, congeniality, compatibility, healing, rain, restoration, fertility of plants, protection of the earth, creativity, confidence and strength. This stone is helpful when starting new friendships or when seeking a compatible lover. Moss agate also helps us communicate directly with animals, plants and all of nature.

MUSCOVITE - A pale, almost clear mica. Teaches astral projection and facilitates contact with angels and spirit guardians.

MUSE CRYSTALS - Clusters of nine similarly-sized clear quartz crystals. They promote appreciation for beauty, grace and harmony in music, poetry and the arts. They also facilitate creative expression, inspiration and help us recognize inner beauty and truth.

MYTHIC CRYSTALS - Double-terminated Milky Quartz. Permit us to move back and forth in history to unravel the mystery challenge of the great myths. The myths are a culture's dream -- the collective, subconscious prophecy of an entire people. Interpreting their meaning is as important as understanding our own dreams.

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