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VANADINITE - A Vanadium mineral that frequently is found with quartz crystals. Vanadanite fosters spiritual insight, inspiring us ever to quest towards the creator. It encourages prayer, meditation, revelation and direct communication with the higher forces.

VARISCITE - Green-yellow, blue. Augments moral courage, virtue, self-reliance and success. Is also considered emotionally calming and soothing. Helps us remember our past lives.

VEATCHITE - Helps us develop a sense of humor, lightness and fun. Also encourages communication with nature.

VESUVIANITE - Olive green, brownish-yellow. Also called Idocrase. Is associated with passion, enthusiasm, warmth and devotion.

VIOLANE - Violet. Proxene clan. Helps us develop a feeling of gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation. Teaches us to count our blessings.

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