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WANDS - Slender clear quartz crystals at least three and one-half inches long. When held in the hand, these crystals extend our manifestation powers greatly. They help make our wishes, dreams and prayers come true. Never point a Wand at anyone in jest; and never wish for anything negative when working with a Wand because their power is nothing less than magical.

WILLEMITE - Yellow, reddish-brown, greenish. Is associated with caring and tenderness. Helps us to be kind and empathic to all beings.

WINDOW CRYSTALS - Clear quartz crystals with an extra diamond-shaped facet. These crystals let us see the spirit realms. Looking through the "window" of the extra diamond-shaped facet, you might see the realms of angels and spirit guardians, for example. If the "window" is tiny and in a non-symmetrical position, you might see spirit worlds that are less well known, such as the realms of extra-terrestrials, Devas or goddesses. Window Crystals also lead us within, to our own souls.

WITHERITE - Clear, yellow, white. Helps us to be modest without being too humble.

WULFENITE - Orange, red, honey-colored yellow. Teaches us to be stewards and caretakers of all the wild and beautiful pieces of nature. Encourages us to get outdoors and enjoy nature. Fosters creativity and devotion.

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