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Analogies of Reality



Flowers and plant life have a wide range of uses from sustenance, to medicine, to gestures of affection and almost everything in between.

Plant life converts carbon monoxide to oxygen, and without plants, we could not exist in our present human form.

As well as traditional and modern medicines, essences and oils extracted from plant life are used for aroma therapy healing practices and the like.

Plants extracts and essences are used in many Wiccan rituals.

These uses of plants are valid and essential but, they are only the beginning of our understanding of the nature of plant life.


Cosmic Energy Renewal


Mostly, we attempt to obtain cosmic energy from others, either through conflict wherein we take another's cosmic energy, or through providing assistance to others who give us their cosmic energy.

Cosmic energy obtained from others is short lived, and unless we can link with a partner, or a series of partners who we can dominate and draw cosmic energy from permanently, we are soon looking for another opportunity to obtain cosmic energy from others.

There are many natural sources of cosmic energy which we can, and do draw upon, often unaware that we do so. We do not need to obtain energy from others, and when we discontinue seeking to obtain energy from others, we lose any desire for conflict, in any guise.


One excellent and readily available source of cosmic energy is plant life. Being attached to the earth, plants draw cosmic energy directly from the earth. We are able to draw cosmic energy from plant life, which is why we will often return from spending time in a garden feeling renewed and 'up'.

When we draw cosmic energy from plant life, we are assisting the plant life to renew their cosmic energy so that instead of a relatively stagnant amount of cosmic energy residing with the plant, a constant stream of renewed energy passes through the plant. This is why some people seem to have a 'green thumb', they draw energy through the plant life in their gardens.




Fairies have long been the subject of fantasy and debate. Fairies have been photographed and investigated, and fairies have been discounted by sceptics.

Fairies have been said to have special powers, and to inhabit realms such as 'middle earth'. Fairies have been seen in dreams and reality. Fairies have been witnessed by children and adults, both intoxicated and sober.

The key to understanding the truth of the existence of fairies is to consider the common denominator which is prevalent in most tales of fairies, which is the connection between fairies and plant life.

There are many who know that fairies reside 'at the bottom of their garden'. Fairies do reside at the bottom of gardens, every garden.

Just as we, and every living thing has a physical body and a spirit body, so too do plants. The spirit bodies of those in human form have been witnessed on astral travels, and have been labelled when unattached to a physical body as ghosts or spirits. The spirit bodies of plant life have been witnessed on many occasions, sometimes with acceptance, and other times with disbelief. The spirit bodies of plant life, have been labelled Fairies.

Fairies are no different to any other spirits. Fairies exist on the spirit plane, and fairies are occasionally witnessed, more often than we realise, by those of us in a physical existence.

  The Meaning Of Flowers.

Flowers can also be used to convey a message, and to share our feelings. Flowers, similar to colours are often used to convey a message, or to deliver a warning to us.

We can receive a message in this way either when we encounter a flower on the physical plane, or when we encounter a flower on the spirit plane, in our 'dreams'.

If we encounter a broken flower, the meaning of the flower will usually be reversed.


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Separation, Tormented Love

  Abutilon Meditation
  Acacia Platonic Love, Concealed love, Secret Love, Friendship, Chaste Love
  Acacia Rose Elegance, Regal Poise and Position
  Acanthus Artifice, Fine arts
  Achillea War
  Aconite Poisonous Words, Lustre, Misanthropy
  Adams's Needle A Friend in Need
  Adder's Tongue Jealousy
  Adonis Recollection of Life's Pleasure, Sad memories
  African Marigold Vulgar-minded
  Agnus Cactus Coldness: Lack of Love or Feeling
  Agrimony Gratitude
  Allium Unity, Humility, Patience
  Allspice Compassion
  Almond Virginity, Fruitfulness, Imprudence, Indiscretion
  Almond Blossom Hope, Watchfulness, Concealed love
  Aloe Wisdom, Integrity, Grief, Misplaced devotion, Religious superstition
  Alstroemeria Wealth, Prosperity, Fortune
  Althaea Consumed by love
  Amaranth Fidelity, Immortality, Pretension, Piety
  Amaryllis Poetry, Pride, Splendid Beauty, Timid
  Ambrosia Reciprocated Love
  American Arborvitae Immortality
  American Cowslip Divine beauty
  American Linden Matrimony
  American Starwort Cheerfulness in old age
  American Sweetbrier Simplicity
  Amethyst Admiration
  Anemone Refusal, Abandonment, Forsaken, Estrangement, Expectation, Loneliness, Fading hope, Sickness
  Angelica Inspiration, Magic
  Apple Perpetual agreement, Temptation
  Apple Blossom Hope; Temptation, preference
  Apricot Blossom Timid Love
  Arborvitae True Friendship, Unchanging Friendship
  Arbutus I Love only you
  Autemesia Dignity
  Arum Lily Ardour
  Asclepiad Sorrowful remembrance
  Ash Prudence, Dignity, Protection, Grandeur
  Aspen Extreme Sensibility, Fear, Lament
  Asphodel Regret, Sorrow beyond death
  Aster Daintiness, Love, Variety, Diversity
  Astilbe Love at first sight
  Auricula Wealth without happiness
  Austrian Rose Lovely
  Azalea Fragile Passion, Moderation, Forbearance, Temperance, Love; Romance
Baby's Breath Happiness, Innocence, Constancy
  Baby's Breath Posies Gentleness, Everlasting love
  Bachelor Button's Celibacy, Hope in love, Single blessing
  Balm Social intercourse, Sympathy
  Balm of Gilead Cure
  Balsam Impatience, Ardent love
  Barberry Sharp temper
  Basil Hatred, Animosity
  Bay Laurus Constant, Unchanging
  Bay Leaf Change
  Bay Tree Glory
  Bay Wreath Reward for Merit
  Bayberry Discipline, Instruction
  Bee Orchis Error, Industry
  Beech Affluence, Prosperity
  Begonia Fanciful, Warning, Dark thoughts
  Belladonna Silence
  Bell Flower Constancy, Gratitude
  Bells of Ireland Good Luck
  Bell Wort Hopelessness
  Betony Surprise
  Bilberry Treachery
  Birch Meekness, Gracefulness
  Bindweed Busybody
  Birds Foot Revenge
  Bittersweet Truth, Platonic love.
  Black Locust Platonic love
  Black Mulberry Sadness
  Black Poplar Courage; Defense
  Blackberry Awaken the Higher Teachings of the Past
  Blackthorn Difficulty, Austerity
  Blue Bell Delicacy, Humility, Loyalty, Humility, Constancy, Sorrow, Regret
  Blue Camellia You are a flame in my heart.
  Blue Hyacinth Constancy
  Blue Periwinkle New Friendship
  Blue Salvia Thinking of You, Wisdom
  Blue Scilla Forgive and forget
  Blue Violet Faithfulness, Love
  Bluebottle Delicacy
  Bluets Contentment
  Borago Bluntness, Talent
  Bouvardia Enthusiasm
  Box Tree Stoic
  Bramble Remorse, Envy
  Bridal Rose Happy Love
  Broom Humility, Neatness
  Bryony Prosperity
  Bugle Health, Healing
  Bulrush Docile
  Burdock Boredom
  Burgundy Rose Unconscious beauty
  Buttercup Childishness, Ingratitude, Wealth
  Butterfly Orchid Gaiety
  Butterfly Weed Cure for heartache
Cabbage Gain
  Cabbage Rose Ambassador of love
  Cactus Bravery, Endurance, Grandeur, Warmth, Affection
  Caladium Joy, Delight
  California Poppy Releases the karma of the past that is still held within the heart.
  Calla Lily Majestic Beauty, Modesty
  Calycanthus Benevolence
  Camellia Excellence, Steadfastness, Gratitude, Admiration, Perfection, Good Luck
  Camomile Initiative, Ingenuity, Energy in adversity
  Campanula Thankfulness, Gratitude
  Campion Rose You deserve my love
  Canary Grass Perseverance
  Candytuft Indifference
  Canterbury Bells Constancy, Warning, Gratitude, Acknowledgment, Obligation
  Cape Jasmine Too happy, Transportation of joy
  Caraway Betrayal
  Cardamom Paternal error
  Cardinal Flower Distinction, Splendour
  Carnation Fascination, Pride, Beauty, Admiration, Burning love
  Carolina Jasmine Separation
  Carolina Rose Dangerous Love
  Carolina Syringa Disappointment
  Catmint Affection, Beauty and Cheerfulness
  Catchfly Pretended love, Snare, Unchanging friendship
  Cattleya Matronly grace, Mature charms
  Cedar I live for you, Strength
  Cedar of Lebanon Incorruptible
  Celandine Future Joy
  Celosia Silliness
  Centaurea Delicacy
  Centifolia Rose My Heart Is In Flames
  Chamomile Fortitude, Energy in adversity
  Chaparral Stimulates your dreams to reveal information about past life issues still affecting you.
  Cherry Blossom Spiritual beauty, Good Education
  Cherry Tree Education
  Chervil Sincerity
  Chestnut Independence, Affluence
  Chestnut Blossom Injustice
  Chickweed Rendezvous; Assignation
  Chicory Frugal
  China Aster Jealousy, After-thought, Love of variety
  China Pink Heartache
  China Rose Perpetual new beauty
  Chinese Chrysanthemum Loveliness, Cheerfulness
  Chives Useful
  Christmas Rose Peace, Tranquillity, Relieved anxiety
  Chrysanthemum A wonderful friend, Cheerfulness, Optimism, A desolate heart
  Cineraria Always delighted
  Cinnamon Love, Beauty
  Cinquefoil Maternal affection
  Cistus Favour
  Citron Natural beauty
  Clematis Artificial, Not genuine, Intelligence, Mental beauty
  Clianthus Self seeking, Worldly
  Closed Gentian Sweet dreams
  Clotbur Rudeness
  Clover Fertility, Domestic Virtue
  Cloves Dignity, Restraint, Nobility
  Cobaea Gossip
  Cockscomb Silliness, Affectation, Pretension, Singularity
  Colored Daisy Beauty
  Coltsfoot Maternal Love, Caring, Justice
  Columbine Deserted Love, Inconstancy, Foolishness
  Convolvulus Humble Perseverance, Uncertainty
  Common Dogbane Falsehood, Doubt
  Coral Honeysuckle Fidelity, Generous and devoted love, Sweet disposition
  Coral Rose Enthusiasm, Desire, Admiration
  Corchorus Return quickly
  Coreopsis Always cheerful
  Coriander Hidden worth, Concealed merit
  Corn Blossom Wealth
  Corn Cockle Peerless, Proud
  Cornflower Delicacy, Refinement
  Cowslip Comeliness, Winning grace
  Crab-apple Blossom Irritable
  Cranberry Relieves heartache, Hardness
  Crane's Bill Constancy, Availability, Envy
  Creeping Cereus Modest genius
  Creeping Willow Forsaken love
  Cress Power, Stability, Protection from Abuse
  Crimson Polyanthus Mystery of the heart
  Crocus Youthful Gladness, Attachment, Cheerfulness, Mirth
  Crowfoot Ingratitude
  Crown Imperial Majesty, Power, Arrogance, Pride
  Cuckoo Flower Ardour
  Cudweed Constant remembrance
  Currant Disdain
  Cuscuta Meanness
  Cyclamen Resignation, Goodbye, Modesty
  Cypress Despair, Mourning, Hopeless Deceit, Vanity, Regard, Melancholy, Death
Daffodil Unrequited love, Esteem, Regard
  Dahlia Good Taste, Dignity, Elegance, Capriciousness, Instability, Forever yours,
  Daily Rose Smile
  Daisy Gentleness, Innocence, Loyal love, Youthful beauty, Cheerfulness
  Damask Rose Young and brilliant, Fresh, Perpetual new beauty, Brilliant complexion
  Dame Violet Watchfulness
  Dandelion Oracle of Time and Love, Faithfulness, Happiness, Prophet
  Daphne Fame, Glory
  Dark Geranium Melancholy
  Dark Pink Rose Thank you
  Darnel Vice
  Datura Deceitful charms
  Day Lily Mother
  Dead Leaves Sadness
  Deep Red Carnation Heartache, Self pity
  Deep Red Rose Admiration, Embarrassment, Bashful shame
  Delphinium Airy
  Dew plant Serenade
  Dill Good spirits
  Diosma Simple elegance, Charm
  Dock Patience, Endurance
  Dog Rose Pleasure And Pain
  Dogbane Falsehood, Deceit
  Dogwood Durability, Forgetfulness, Constancy, Undiminished Love
  Dogwood Cornel Success
  Double Red Pink Ardent love, Daring
  Dwarf Sumac Adoration
  Dwarf Sunflower Adoration
Edelweiss Daring, Noble Courage
  Eglantine Spring, Poetry, Genius, Talent
  Elder Compassion, Zealousness
  Elderberry Blossom Humility, Kindness
  Elm Majesty
  Endive Frugal
  Eschscholzia Accept Me
  Eucharis Lily Maidens charms
  Eupatorium Delay
  Evening Primrose Inconstancy, Sweet memories
  Evergreen Indignant
  Evergreen Clematis Poverty
  Everlasting Constancy, Remembered Always
  Everlasting Pea Lasting pleasure
  Eyebright Cheer up
Faded Rose Fleeting beauty
  Fennel Strength, Courage, Praiseworthy, Hardness
  Fern Sincerity, Magic, Fascination, Confidence, Shelter, Allure
  Field Lilac Humility
  Fig Argument, Secret, Longevity
  Filbert Reconciliation
  Fir Time, Evaluation
  Fish Geranium Disappointment, Unfulfilled expectation
  Five leafed Clover Bad Luck
  Flax Fate, Kindness
  Fleur de Lis Message, Flame
  Fleur-de-Luce Fire
  Flowering Fern Reverie
  Fly Orchis Error
  Flytrap Deceit
  Fool's Parsley Silliness
  Forget-Me-Not Faithful Love, Memories, True Love forever, Remembrance
  Forsynthia Anticipation
  Four leafed Clover Good Luck, Be mine
  Four o'clocks Timid
  Foxglove Insincerity, Hypocrisy, Falsehood, Stateliness, Youth, Wish
  Foxtail Grass Sporting
  Freesia Innocence, Trust, Friendship
  French Honeysuckle Rustic beauty
  French Marigold Jealousy
  Fringed Gentian Look to heaven
  Frog Lily Disgust
  Fuchsia Amiability, Taste, Frugal
  Full Blown Rose Engagement
  Full Red Rose Beauty
  Fumitory Spleen
  Galax Encouragement
Garden Anemone Forsaken
  Garden Chervil Sincerity
  Garden Daisy Shared sentiments
  Garden Sage Esteem
  Gardenia Secret love, Refinement, Purity
  Garland of Roses Virtue
  Gentian Unfairness, Unjust
  Geranium Courtliness, Gentility, Peaceful mind, Elegance, Stupidity, Folly, Expected meeting
  Gerbera Daisy Absent friends
  German Iris Aflame
  German Bearded Iris Ardour
  Gilly Flower Affection, Lasting beauty
  Gladiola Strength Of Character, Sincerity, Love at First Sight
  Globe Amaranth Unchangeable, Constant, Unfading love
  Gloxinia Love at first sight, Proud spirit
  Garden Marigold Uneasiness, jealousy
  Goldenrod Good Fortune, Encouragement, Success, Caution, Support, Precaution
  Gooseberry Anticipation, Expectancy
  Gorse Ire, Enduring affection
  Gorse Furze Anger
  Gourd Extent
  Grandiflora Rose High souled
  Grass Usefulness, Submission
  Great Bindweed Insinuation
  Great Yellow Daffodil Chivalry
  Ground Laurel Perseverance, Token
  Guilder Rose Age, Winter
Half Blown Rose Timid love
  Hand Flower Warning
  Harebell Grief, Submission
  Harlequin Laugh at trouble
  Hawkweed Quick sighted
  Hawthorn Hope, Expectation
  Hazel Reconciliation, Reunion
  Heath Solitude
  Heather Wishes Will Come True, Admiration, Loneliness
  Helenium Tears
  Heliotrope Devotion, Eternal Love, Attachment, Eagerness, Joy, Faithfulness
  Hellebore Slander, Malicious representation, Scandal
  Hemerocallis Mother
  Hemlock You will cause my death
  Hemp Fate
  Hibiscus Delicate Beauty
  Holly Foresight, Good wishes, Defence, Domestic Happiness
  Holly Herb Enchantment
  Hollyhock Ambition, Aspiration
  Honesty Honesty, Fascination
  Honey Flower Sweet and secret Love
  Honeysuckle Sweet Disposition, Fraternal affection, Pending Nuptials, Devoted affection
  Hops Injustice
  Hornbeam Ornament
  Horse Chestnut Luxury
  Horseshoe Geranium Stupidity
  Hosta Mystery, Health
  Houstonia Content
  Hyacinth Games, Sports, Dedication, Playful
  Hydrangea Vanity, Appreciation of understanding, Frigidity, Braggart, Heartlessness, Boastfulness
  Hyssop Cleanliness
Ice Plant Old beau, Rejected, Frigidity, Eloquence
  Iceberg Lettuce Cold heartedness
  Iceland Moss Health
  Imperial: Crown Majesty, Power
  Imperial Lily Majesty
  Indian Jasmine Attraction
  Indian Double Pink Always lovely
  Indian Single Pink Aversion
  Iris Faith, Wisdom, Valour, Appreciation of Friendship
  Ivy Friendship, Wedded love, Fidelity, Affection, Loyalty, Marriage
  Ivy Geranium Favour
Jacob's ladder Come down
  Jacqueminot Rose I am true
  Japan Rose Illusion of beauty
  Japonica Surpassing excellence
  Jasmine Grace, Elegance, Amiability
  Johnny Jump Up Idle Love, Modesty, Pleasant thoughts
  Jonquil Sympathy, Desire, Returned Affection
  Judas Tree Betrayal; Disbelief
  Juniper Safekeeping
La France Rose Moonlight meeting
  Laburnum Forsaken, Pensive beauty
  Lady's Mantle Fashion
  Lady's Slipper Capricious Beauty, Fickleness
  Lady's Smock Ardour
  Lady's Thimble Grief, Submission
  Lady's Tresses Bewitching grace
  Lancaster Rose Conflict
  Lantana Unyielding, Rigor
  Larch Audacity, Boldness
  Large Sunflower Splendid, Arrogance
  Larkspur Open Heart, Ardent attachment, Levity, Lightness
  Laurel Success, Renown, Treachery, Ambition, Splendour, Glory
  Laurel Leaved Magnolia Dignity
  Laurestina Neglect, Distrust
  Lavender Constancy, Suspicion, Distrust, Failure, Refusal, Calms children
  Lavender Heather Admiration, Solitude
  Lavender Rose Pure love
  Lemon Discretion, Zest
  Lemon Blossom Zeal, Discretion, Fidelity in love
  Lemon Geranium Unexpected meeting
  Lichen Dejection, Refusal, Solitude
  Light Pink Rose Admiration
  Lilac Fastidiousness
  Lilac Polyanthus Confidence
  Lily Pride, Purity, Innocence
  Lily Of The Valley Purity, Humility, Sweetness
  Lime Conjugal love
  Liquorice Opponent
  Lisianthus Thoughts
  Liverwort Confidence
  Lobelia Dislike, Rebuff, Arrogance, Malevolence
  Locust Affection beyond the grave
  London Pride Frivolity
  Longi Lily Pure, Modest
  Lotus Mystery, Truth, Estranged love
  Love-In-The-Mist Delicacy, Perplexity
  Lucerne Life
  Lupine Voraciousness, Imagination
Madder Backbiting, Tranquillity
  Maidenhair Fern Secret bond of love, Discretion
  Magenta Zinnia Lasting affection
  Magnolia Dignity, Splendid Beauty, Nobility, Benevolence, Magnificence, Love of nature
  Maize Wealth
  Major Convolvulus Despondency, Lost hopes
  Mallow Mildness, Gentleness
  Manchineel Falsehood
  Mandarin Evokes memories, Uplifting
  Mandrake Soothing
  Maple Reserve, Constraint, Retirement
  Marechal Niel Rose Completely yours
  Marigold Sacred Affection, Cruelty, Grief, Jealousy, Despair, Melancholy
  Marjoram Comfort, Consolation, Innocence, Blushes
  Marsh Marigold Wealth
  Marvel-Of-Peru Flame of Love, Timidity
  Mauve Lilac Ongoing Love, Do You Still Love Me
  May Rose Precocity
  Mayflowers I love only you
  Meadow Saffron Best days are in past
  Meadowsweet Uselessness
  Melissa Fun, Pleasantry, Sympathy
  Mercury Goodness
  Mesembryanthemum Idleness
  Mezereon Desire to please
  Michaelmas Daisy Farewell, Afterthought
  Mignonette I live for you
  Milford War
  Milk Vetch Comfort
  Mimosa Exquisite, Fastidious, Perception, Sensitivity
  Minor Convolvulus Night
  Mint Strength, Virility, Warm feelings, Virtue, Purity, Wisdom
  Mistletoe Affection, Love, Surmount difficulties
  Mock Orange Recollection, Counterfeit
  Monarda Success, Prosperity
  Monkshood Poisonous words, Beware, Danger, Chivalry, Gallantry
  Monthly Honeysuckle Careful answer
  Montiflora Rose Grace
  Moonflower Dreams of love
  Morning Glory Affection, Departure, Insincerity
  Moschatel Weakness
  Moss Maternal Love, Charity, Patience, Boredom
  Moss Rose Confession of Love, Superior
  Moss Rosebud Confession of love
  Mossy Saxifrage Affection
  Motherwort Concealed love
  Mountain Ash Prudence
  Mountain Laurel Ambition, Aspiration
  Mountain Pink Aspiration, Desire
  Mourning Bride Loss, Unfortunate attachments
  Mugwort Happiness, Peace
  Mullein Take courage
  Multiflora Rose Grace
  Mundi Rose Variety
  Mushroom Suspicion
  Musk Vulnerability
  Musk Rose Capricious Beauty
  Mustard Intelligence, Pain
  Mustard Seed Indifference
  Myrrh Gladness
  Myrtle Love, Mirth, Joy, Positive love
Nandina Warm love
  Narcissus Egotism, Formality, Vanity
  Nasturtium Patriotism, Conquest, Affectation
  Nettle Slander, Cruelty, Spite
  Nicotiana Healing. Cleansing
  Nigell Delicacy, Perplexity
  Night Blooming Cereus Transient beauty
  Night Blooming Jasmine Love's vigil
  Nightshade Dark thoughts, Falsehood, Witchcraft
  Nosegay Gallantry
  Nutmeg Expected meeting
  Nutmeg Geranium Expected meeting
  Nuts Stupidity
Oak Liberty, Hospitality
  Oak Leaf Endurance, Courage, Bravery
  Oak Leaf Geranium True Friendship
  Oats Music of the soul
  Oleander Beauty, Grace, Caution, Beware
  Olive Branch Peace
  Opium Poppy Forgetfulness, Sleep, Indecision
  Orange Blossom Purity, Loveliness, Innocence, Eternal Love, Chastity, Innocence
  Orange Lily Hatred, Disdain, Wealth, Pride
  Orange Mock Deceit
  Orange Rose Enthusiasm, Desire
  Orange Tree Generosity
  Orchid Magnificence, Love, Beauty, Refinement, Reflection
  Oriental Poppy Quiet
  Oxeye Patience
  Oxeye Daisy A token
Pale Rose Friendship
  Palm Victory, Conquest
  Pansy Thoughtful Recollection, Modesty, Pleasant thoughts, Reflections
  Parsley Useful knowledge, Festivity, Entertaining
  Parti-Coloured Daisy Beauty
  Pasque Flower Independence
  Passion Flower Faith, Piety, Belief, Trust in God, Religious fervour, Spiritual love, Susceptibility
  Peach Unequalled charm
  Peach Blossom Generosity, Bridal Hope
  Peach Rose Proposed Union, Agreement finalised
  Pear Affection
  Pear Blossom Health, Hope, Tenderness, Flawed beauty
  Pelargonium Fervour
  Pencil Leaved Geranium Ingenuity
  Pennyroyal Leave, Flee
  Peony Healing, Happy Marriage, Anger, Indignation, Bashful, Coy, Contrition, Shame, Gay
  Pepper Flower Satire
  Peppermint Warm Feelings, Cordiality
  Periwinkle Pleasant memory
  Persicaria Restoration
  Persimmon Blossom Beautiful resting place, Anticipated surprise
  Petunia Anger, Resentment, Do not despair
  Pheasant's Eye Unforgettable
  Phlox Sweet Dreams, Friendship, Assent, Unanimity
  Pimpernel Change
  Pine Pity, Compassion, Freshness
  Pineapple Welcome
  Pink Boldness, Fragrance, Domestic love
  Pink Acacia Grace, Elegance
  Pink Carnation Encouragement, Woman's love, Unforgettable
  Pink Convolvulus Affection
  Pink Gillyflower Affection
  Pink Heather Good Luck
  Pink Larkspur Fickle, Flippant
  Pink Lilac Youth, Acceptance
  Pink Rose Love, Grace, Gentility, Loveliness, Perfect Happiness, Please believe me, Gratitude
  Pink/White Rose Everlasting love.
  Pink Zinnia Lasting Affection
  Plane Tree Genius
  Plum Blossom Beauty, Longevity, Fidelity
  Plum Tree Promise
  Plumbago Spiritual desires
  Poet's Narcissus Self esteem
  Poinsettia Good Cheer
  Polyanthus Purse proud
  Pomegranate Foolishness
  Pomegranate Blossom Grace, Mature elegance, Perfection
  Pompom Rose Prettiness
  Poppy Imagination, Eternal sleep, Consolation, Forgetfulness, Pleasure, Wealth, Success, Dreams
  Potato Benevolence
  Potentilla Esteem
  Prickly Pear Satire
  Pride of China Dissension
  Primrose Young Love, Bashfulness, Inconstancy, Neglected merit, I cannot live without you
  Primula Diffidence
  Prince's Feather Mild embarrassment
  Privet Prohibition
  Prophetic Marigold Prediction
  Provence Rose My Heart Is In Flames
  Purple Carnation Antipathy, Capriciousness
  Purple Clover Provident
  Purple Columbine Resolve
  Purple Heather Admiration, Beauty, Solitude
  Purple Hyacinth Sorrow, Forgive me, Grief
  Purple Larkspur Haughtiness
  Purple Lilac First love, First emotions of love
  Purple Violet Thinking of you
  Pyxie Life is sweet
Quamoclit Busybody
  Queen Anne's Lace Fantasy, Steadfast love
  Queen of the Meadow Uselessness
  Quince Temptation
  Quince Blossom Temptation, Provocation
Ragged Robin Ardour, Wit
  Ranunculus Charming. Attractive, Radiant
  Raspberry Remorse
  Raspberry Blossom Remorse, Penitence
  Red Balsam Impatient love
  Red Camellia You are a flame in my heart, Unpretending excellence, Warmth, Beauty
  Red Carnation Admiration, Heart ache, Ardour
  Red Catchfly Trapped
  Red Chrysanthemum I love you
  Red Clover Diligence, Industry, Gay
  Red Columbine Worried, Trembling, Anxious
  Red Daisy Unconscious
  Red Fuchsia Taste
  Red Hyacinth Play
  Red Jasmine Folly, Glee
  Red Leaved Rose Beauty, Prosperity
  Red Poppy Consolation, Solace
  Red Primrose Neglected merit
  Red Rose Romantic love, Desire, Respect, Courage, Appreciation, Passion, Beauty
  Red/White Rose Unity
  Red/Yellow Rose Congratulations
  Red Rosebud Inclined to love, Pure, Lovely, Young and beautiful
  Red Salvia Untiring energy, Always Yours
  Red Tulip Believe me, Declaration of love, Undying love
  Reed Submission, Music
  Rhododendron Beware danger
  Rhubarb Advice
  Rock Rose Favourite, Popular
  Rocket Rivalry, Conflict
  Rose I Love You, Perfect Happiness, Desire, Friendship, Unity, Warm heart, Love at first sight, Joy, Gladness, Passion, Romance
  Rose Acacia Elegance, Friendship, Platonic love
  Rose Chrysanthemum I love you
  Rose Geranium Preference
  Rose Leaf Hope
  Rose Lupine Fanciful
  Rose Mundi Variety
  Rosebud Beauty, Youth, Innocent love
  Rosemary Constancy, Fidelity, Loyalty, Remembrance
  Rudbeckia Impartial
  Rue Disdain, Contempt
  Saffron Voluptuous, Marriage, Excess,
Saffron Crocus Joviality
  Sage Cherish, Virtue
  Sage Salvia Esteem, Virtue, Long life, Wisdom
  Sainfoin Confusion
  St. John's Wort Hostility, Animosity
  Satin Flower Fascination
  Savory Bold
  Saxifrage Affection, Tenderness
  Scabious Unfortunate love
  Scarlet Auricula Avarice
  Scarlet Fuchsia Taste
  Scarlet Geranium Comfort, Consolation
  Scarlet Lily High soul
  Scarlet Poppy Fantastic extravagance
  Scarlet Verbena Sensitivity
  Scarlet Zinnia Constancy
  Scotch Fir Elevation
  Scotch Thistle Retaliation
  Sea Bindweed Uncertainty
  Sea Lavender Undaunted
  Shamrock Light heartedness, Loyalty, Cheerfulness
  Shepherd's Purse All I have is yours
  Short Sunflower Adoration
  Silver Leafed Geranium Recall
  Single Red Pink Pure love
  Sloe Difficulty, Austerity
  Small Bindweed Humility
  Smilax Lovely, Constancy
  Snapdragon Presumption, Deception, Gracious lady, Refusal
  Soapwort Cleansing
  Snowball Spiritual thoughts
  Snowdrop Hope, Consolation, Faithful in adversity, Expectancy
  Solomon's Seal Protection, Banishing unwanted spirits
  Sorrel Affection; Parental affection
  Southernwood Banter, Jest
  Spanish Jasmine Sensuality
  Spearmint Warm Sentiments
  Speedwell Fidelity
  Spider Flower Elope request
  Spiderwort Regard without love
  Spiked Willow Herb Pretension
  Split Reed Imprudence
  Spring Crocus Youthful joy, Exuberance
  Spruce Pine Hope in adversity
  Star of Bethlehem Atonement, Reconciliation
  Star Shaped Phlox Affable, Agreement
  Star Tulip Intuitive Sensitivity
  Starwort Afterthought
  Statice Lasting Beauty, Sympathy
  Stephanotis Happiness in marriage, Desire to travel, Boastful
  Stinging Nettle Slander
  Stock Affection, Lasting beauty, Promptness
  Stonecrop Tranquillity
  Straw Agreement
  Strawberry Esteem, Love, Perfect elegance
  Strawberry Blossom Far sightedness
  Striped Carnation Gentle rejection
  Sumac Survive changes
  Sunflower Devotion, Homage
  Swallow Wort Cure for headache
  Swamp Magnolia Perseverance
  Sweet Alyssum Worth beyond beauty, Excellence beyond beauty, Exemplary modesty
  Sweet Basil Good Luck, Good wishes
  Sweet Chestnut Tree Justice
  Sweet Flag Fitness
  Sweet Pea Departure, Blissful pleasure, Appreciation, Tenderness, Delicate Pleasure, Lasting pleasure
  Sweet Scabious Widowhood
  Sweet William Gallantry, Finesse, Perfection, A smile
  Sweet Woodruff Protection for Athletes
  Sycamore Genius, Curiosity
  Syringa Future happiness, Memory
Tall Sunflower Haughtiness
  Tamarisk Crime
  Tansy Resistance, Opposition, Dislike, Refusal
  Tarragon Unselfish
  Ten Week Stock Prompt
  Tendrils of Climbing Plants Ties
  Thistle Independence, Austerity, Sternness
  Thorn Apple Delusion of beauty, Deceitful Charms
  Thornless Rose Love at first sight, Ingratitude, Attachment
  Thorns Severity
  Thrift Sympathy
  Thyme Courage, Activity, Grace, Elegance, Liveliness. Thriftiness
  Tiger Lily Wealth, Pride
  Toothwort Secret love
  Traveller's Joy Safety
  Tree of Love Old age
  Trefoil Retribution, Revenge
  Trillium Modest ambition
  Truffle Surprise
  Trumpet Flower Renown, Fame
  Tuberose Dangerous Pleasures
  Tulip Perfect Lover, Declaration of Love, Fame, Perfection
  Tulip Tree Blossom Rural happiness, Renown
  Turnip Blossom Charity
Unique Rose Not beautiful
Valerian Accommodating, Considerate
  Variegated Pink Refusal, Rejection
  Variegated Poppy Flirtation
  Variegated Tulip Beautiful eyes, Enchantment
  Venus's Fly Trap Duplicity
  Verbena Enchantment, Pray for me, Tender emotion
  Veronica Fidelity
  Vervain Enchantment, Superstition
  Vetch Shyness
  Violet Modesty, Simplicity, Faithful, Demure
  Virgin's Bower Filial Love
  Viscaria Will you dance with me?
Wake Robin Ardour, Zeal
  Wallflower Friendship, Adversity, Fidelity
  Water Lily Eloquence, Persuasion, Pure Heart
  Water Willow Freedom
  Wax Myrtle Discipline
  Wax Plant Susceptible
  Weeping Willow Mourning
  Wheat Prosperity
  White Acacia Elegance, Friendship
  White Camellia Adorable, Without blemish
  White Carnation Pure Love, Sweet Love, Innocence, Ardent Love, Devotion
  White Cherry Deception
  White Chrysanthemum Truth, Trust
  White Clover Think of me
  White Daisy Thoughtful, Innocence
  White Dittany of Crete Passion
  White Heather Protection From Danger
  White Hollyhock Female ambition
  White Hyacinth Loveliness, I will pray for you, Beauty
  White Japonica Perfect loveliness
  White Jasmine Amiability, Cheerfulness
  White June Lilies Purity, Sweetness
  White Lilac Dreams Of Love, Youthful innocence, Modesty, Purity
  White Lily Majesty, Purity, Virginity, Beauty, Sweetness, Modesty
  White Lupine Happy
  White Mulberry Wisdom
  White Oak Tree Independence
  White Periwinkle Pleasant Memories, Harmony
  White Pink Fascination, Talent
  White Poplar Time
  White Poppy Forgetfulness, Sleep, Indecision
  White Rose Charm, Secrecy, Silence, Reverence, Humility, Youthfulness, Innocence, Sincerity, Purity
  White Rosebud Too young to love, Girlhood
  White Verbena Honesty, Pure, Without guile
  White Violet Candour, Modesty, Hope, Innocence
  White Zinnia Goodness
  White/Red Rose Unity
  Wild Daisy Thoughtful
  Wild Geranium Constancy, Availability, Steadfast piety
  Wild Grape Charity, Mirth
  Wild Honeysuckle Inconstancy
  Wild Orchid You are a belle
  Wild Plum Tree Independence
  Wild Rose Charming simplicity
  Wild Ranunculus Ingratitude
  Wild Sorrel Ill timed wit
  Wild Violet Idleness
  Willow Forsaken, Grieving
  Wisteria Youth, Poetry, Cordial welcome
  Witch Hazel Inspiration, Mysticism
  Withered Flowers Bouquet Rejected love
  Withered Rose Despair
  Withered White Rose Transient impressions
  Wood Sorrel Joy, Secret sweetness, Maternal tenderness
  Woodbine Fraternal love
  Woody Nightshade Truth
  Wormwood Separation, Torment of Love, Absence
Xanthium Rudeness, Impudence
  Xeranthemum Eternity, Immortality
Yarrow Healing of heart, War
  Yellow Acacia Secret love
  Yellow Balsam Impatience
  Yellow Carnation Disdain, Rejection, Disappointment, Contempt
  Yellow Chrysanthemum Slighted Love, Dejected
  Yellow Daffodil Gallantry, Chivalry
  Yellow Dahlia Distaste
  Yellow Day Lily Coquetry
  Yellow Hyacinth Jealousy
  Yellow Iris Sorrow, Passion
  Yellow Jasmine Timidity, Modesty, Grace, Elegance
  Yellow Lily Falsehood, Flirtation
  Yellow Poppy Wealth, Success
  Yellow Rose Infidelity, Joy, Gladness, Friendship, Jealousy, Welcome Back, Remember me, Unfaithfulness
  Yellow Sweetbrier Decreased love
  Yellow Tulip Hopeless love, Desperate love
  Yellow Violet Rural happiness
  Yellow Zinnia Remembrance
  Yellow/Orange Rose Passionate thoughts
  Yew Penitence, Sorrow, Grief, Sadness
  York Rose Conflict, War
Zephyranthes Expectation
  Zephyr Flower Sickness
  Zinnia Absent friends, Lasting affection, Goodness, Remembrance

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