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Eagle Spirit Ministry is a Gypsy or travelling Ministry.

We are temporarily unable to accept new requests, because we are travelling indefinitely, but please check back from time to time, because we will reopen our requests when we complete our current travels.

Many who have requested a crystal prescription are still waiting to receive their requested item.

We have been able to create and distribute up to 100 prescriptions each week, all provided freely, and without a request for postage costs.

However, we receive up to 300 requests each week, and the reality is that the time and resources available to us do not permit us to meet all requests, at this time.


Some prescriptions have been written, and are being filled and distributed during the early part of our travels, whilst we retain full access to our systems.

We will also attend to some pending requests as and when we are able to during our travels.

However, if we were unable to complete your request prior to returning to our travels, we have provided you with an opportunity to be patient, which in today’s society is a gift in itself.

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