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A Message

I was contacted by a boy on the spirit plane with a message for his mother. The identity of the boy and his mother are unimportant, but it was a message which I had been given, and which I had delivered on many occasions.


I wanted to deliver that message not only to the boy's mother, but to all in physical form who needed to hear that basic message. At first I thought that delivering the message to all was not possible, but then I realised that I could at least make the message available to all.

Those in spirit form such as the boy, could direct their loved one to the message, and I could deliver the message without any specific direct involvement.


If someone who has experienced the loss of a loved one, 'stumbles' across this page, they may have been directed to the page by the loved one who has moved on, as a means of giving a message to those who are left behind…

Message From a Loved One

"Do not worry, I am not suffering. Do not blame yourself there was nothing that you could have done. I did what I came to do, and then I moved on. I had no need to experience anymore of this lifetime."

"I will remain with you, as I have remained with you. The bond between us is strong. You know that I am here because you can feel my love and my presence. You have also allowed yourself to see me on occasions."

  "You want to believe, but you do not need to believe, only to accept."

"There is no reason to be sad. You must remember the happiness and the joy. I am not gone from your life, but my role is different. There has been no loss, only change."

"Do not be sad, there is sadness within your heart, and you have made that sadness the centre of your existence. Remember the love past, feel the love now, and allow that love to be the centre of your existence."

"If love is at the centre of your existence, you will draw love to yourself. While sadness remains at the centre of your existence, you will continue to draw sadness to yourself."

  "Remember the love,
Feel the love,
Do not feel loss,
Because there is no loss,
Only change."

This message is available as A4 size poster. If you would like a complimentary A4 poster of this message, please contact us.

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