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Gary Simon Jagamarra


Gary Simon Jagamarra is a well known Aboriginal performer within the Aboriginal and International community . Gary Jagamarra has been performing since 1986, and during the previous 10 years he has furthered his career by expanding his performance skills. Gary Jagamarra has not only studied all the areas within Aboriginal performing arts, he has perfected the areas of Traditional Story telling, song and dance from over 15 different Aboriginal language groups within Australia.

Gary Jagamarra has performed for many organisations and television shows including:

  • Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers from Hart to Hart.
  • Foxtel Television.
  • Sydney 2000 Olympic Party.
  • Sydney Opera House.
  • NSW Art Gallery.
  • UTS University.
  • Aboriginal Education Consultancy Group.

Gary Jagamarra also has a great ability to lecture about Aboriginal Culture and Heritage and Australian History.

Gary Jagamarra is a well known Aboriginal Artist who has exhibited in New York, Germany, France, Italy, Canada and South America.



Australian Aboriginal Shaman


Nungay originates from the Central Desert Region of Australia. Within the tribal boundaries of the Walpri people this ancient healing art has been practiced within the Central Desert since time and memorial. One can only be trained up to a certain level until ultimately needing to go to a sacred place known as Pinawanawana to obtain the gift of the Nungay Spirit or Healing hands.

Nungay is sometimes referred by the Walpri people as 'A Second Spirit known as the Grandfather's Spirit'.

Within the healing one will experience many different changes within their own body and mind. These experiences are caused by the releasing of cellular memories within the body and erasing all forms of negative thoughts from the mind.

Other healing modalities used :

The patient may experience many other forms within the treatment including:

  • Native American Shamanic Healing including drums and rattles and chanting.
  • The use of Tibetan Bells/Bowls.
  • Toning.
  • Aboriginal Language Song.
  • The use of Aboriginal instruments including Boomerangs, Didgeridoo and clap sticks.
  • Reiki Healing.
  • Seichim Healing.
  • Aboriginal Bush medicines from many different areas of Australia.

Gary Jagamarra also conducts land, house and business clearings and cleansings to release old souls and spirits and or negative energies and or entities.


Reiki and Seichim


Universal Life force, otherwise known as Reiki originating from Japan, is an extremely profound form of healing that was rediscovered in the late 1800's by Dr Usui who passed this practice down to Dr Hayashi. Since that time this ancient practice has been passed from hand to hand for the past 100 years to become one of the most common healing modalities practiced today.

Seichim was rediscovered in Egypt in the 1984 by Patrick Zeigler who meditated within one of the chambers of the Great pyramids of Egypt. After this experience he then consulted with a Sheik who translated his visions and symbols into the form of Seichim. In the orient Seichim is associated with Kwan Yin the Goddess of Compassion and Mercy.

  Shamanic Healing

The wisdoms of Shamanic healing is an art practiced by most indigenous tribes of the world and passed down for thousands of years. All of these practices (although the techniques may be different) carry a golden thread which links them together, because they all work within the astral planes, and within the world in which we live and all include a relationship between the Shaman and the Spirits who live within the planes.

These Spirits live by no laws created by man and do not discriminate against colour or creed but choose to work with each Shaman's greater understanding of caring, sharing and understanding.

Many healing techniques are brought together to create a safe space to begin a new transformation within the self. These include:

  • Vibration/sound healing created from the didgeridoo. Didgeridoo healing is also used to realign the body into its original timing through the 7 main chakras. Like each chakra has its own song/tone so to does each organ within the body.
  • Muban-ma is an ancient Aboriginal form very similar to acupressure. What makes this form different is that sound is applied to each specific pressure point. This is mainly used to lift low blood pressure, to alleviate stress, depression, nausea, headaches, sinus, gout, aching muscles and nerves.
  • Aboriginal Soul Retrieval requires the Shaman to travel through the body of the patient within Spirit to find and understand any sicknesses and problems that they may have. After this Journey the Shaman is required to do a series of extractions within the etheric aura and body to release all of the symptoms and causes of the sickness or problem. This practice sometimes includes the use of crystals, stones, bone, feathers and the breath. Once this is completed the Shaman is then required to Journey between worlds of the Astral Plane, Middle Plane and the Underworld to retrieve which ever Soul Essences have been lost or taken. When retrieved these Essences are gifted back to the patient through the life force of the breath and sometimes through toning.

Within everybody there is a Higher Self that has a greater understanding of the world and everything within. The more we are in contact with this part of our higher self, the less sickness we bring to ourselves and those around us. It is up to everyone to empower themselves through a higher consciousness to become our own doctors making a better world for everyone.


If you are in, or plan to visit Sydney Australia, and you would like a consultation with Gary Simon Jagamarra you may contact him on the following numbers:

Ph: (612) 9326 3048 or Mobile 0416 324 158