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ESM Global Support

The sense of fulfilment which we receive knowing that we have helped someone on their journey, is a reward in itself. It does not matter if they are aware of our assistance or not.

We can help someone in this moment, and it will cost nothing, but a moment of our time.

If we would like to understand more about the peoples of the world who are in need, we may visit The Peoples Of The World website.

East Timor
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There is something that we can do now….


In just two mouse clicks we can donate to Solve Poverty, and our donation is free….

Use this link and click the 'click here' button on the page that opens….that easy.


Feed The Hungry.


Campbells Soups will donate 1 can of Chunky Soup to the NFL in their Tackling Hunger effort! for each click.


In just two mouse clicks we can donate to Hunger Site, and our donation is free….

Use this link and click the 'Give Free Food click here' button on the page that opens….that easy.


In just two mouse clicks we can donate to Hunger Fighters, and our donation is free….

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In just two mouse clicks we can donate to Stop the Hunger, and our donation is free….

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we will make a difference…..

  Feed an animal in need Give Free Food" Provide free mammograms! Click here to help preserve our rainforests!
  Feed a poor child
  Feel poor in Orissa

The need of amputees in developing countries.

Amputees in developing countries, particularly those living in rural communities, rely on their prostheses as a matter of survival. To be able to walk again is to be able to work and provide for the family or attend school with friends.

The effects of war, especially landmines, have devastated countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Angola and Nicaragua creating large amputee populations.

In developing countries, prosthetic services are minimal and hardly available to rural communities. The need is great for regular outreach services to these remote areas. Amputees are in need of urgent relief; the cost of a prosthesis is just out of reach for the poorest of families.

The Prosthetics Outreach Foundation (POF) is providing humanitarian relief and modern prosthetic care to amputees in developing countries.

Prosthetics Outreach Foundation

Helen Keller Worldwide


Provide a Bible


In just two mouse clicks we can provide a bible to a persecuted Christian, through The Bible and our donation is free….

Use this link and click the 'Donate Bibles-it's free' button on the page that opens….that easy.

Donate bibles

Teach and Learn in Tanzania

  Volunteers are able to work for various lengths of time, but with a minimum commitment 6-12 weeks (perhaps during the summer?) at the Aang Serian (House of Peace) Community College. In particular, the Aang Serian Community College is calling for help with teacher training and curriculum development, as well as English conversation classes for intermediate and advanced students. Teaching skills are much in demand, but previous experience is not essential, as the students and staff are enthusiastic and well motivated.
  Aang Serian Com'ity College

Angels for hope mission is to help people of all ages in need of hope or a smile. Angels for hope want people to know there are others out there who care and let them know they are not alone in this world. All of the Angels for Hope members have hearts of gold, and they want to share the gift God has given them by bringing hope and smiles to anyone who desperately needs it. All the angels, butterflies and smiley faces for Hope are sent free of charge and carry with them love, hope and prayers.

Angels for hope are available free of charge to those who are severely injured and/or chronically ill, as well as their caregivers, or just someone that needs hope - as a tangible reminder that you are not alone, that others care, and that we remember you in our thoughts and prayers.

All angels are sent with a small note to the receiver carrying a special verse and, if you want them to know, who it was requested by.

Angels for hope offer Smiley Faces for children in need of hope, in addition to angels and butterflies.

Request an Angel of Hope
Volunteer to Crochet Angels
Donate Funds or Supplies


Short Term Volunteer Work Overseas on
Third World Development Aid Projects

AidCamps International was founded to close this gap by providing a way for short term volunteers to make a significant personal contribution, both physical and financial, to development projects run by local partner NGOs, while giving the volunteers a unique view of the life, culture, and local region of the people being helped.

AidCamps International makes this possible by organising two and three week AidCamps for 10 to 20 volunteers at third world partner NGOs.

Volunteer Projects
  DirectRelief International

Since 1948, Direct Relief International has worked to improve the quality of life for people in need. Direct Relief International focus on health; by providing essential material resources to locally run health programs in poor areas around the world and during times of disaster.

Direct Relief International is a non-profit, non-political, and non-sectarian organization that provides assistance without regard to race, ethnicity, political or religious affiliation, gender, or ability to pay. Direct Relief International are committed to making every dollar count less than 3% of our support goes to administrative and fundraising expenses.


The Hisani Program

  Hisani is a local Tanzania name which means fair and kindness to all people especially to those people who are disadvantaged people in the society.

Hisani needs any kind of material and financial assistance in order to help orphans and all people and patients of HIV/AIDS.

Orphans need to be assisted basic needs, such as food, clothes, shelter medicine, school materials.

Hisani works with Orphans, Street children, Women from poor families, Disabled people by assisting them Tri cycles, wheelchairs, artificial legs & hands, shoes, glassware, and old people.

Hisani has a great demand of volunteers to come and work with us for one month up to 1 or 3 years.

The Hisani Program

Mosjos Healthcare Research Foundation.

Mosjos Healthcare Research Foundation has been started with the objective to help the poor needy downtrodden people who need health care and shelter. We request you to take active participation in all our projects for the uplift of the poor and downtrodden people of the society especially in free healthcare and building shelters.

We are planting churches in rural areas for the poor and needy people. we are conducting Free Medical Camps and thousands of people are benefiting. Creating awareness about aids the killer diseases, and about the prevention.

For our church members we wish to distribute English/Tamil bibles. All our members are new converts We are interested to give them more literature and guide them. please help us by sending used bibles, new testaments, books, booklet, tracts, used clothes, Educating literatures,CD.ROMS other materials like medicines for distribution.

Mosjos Healthcare Research Foundation

Tamilnadu Educational Foundation

The tamilnadu educational foundation was started for the benefit of the poor youths and children who do not have the money to purchase books and other informative materials for their studies.

India is a poor country with a one thousand Million Population, basically relying upon agricultural income. Schools and Colleges have been started, but they cannot meet the needs of the people with this vast population. Hence, most of the people are illiterate.

Tamilnadu Educational Foundation asks you to share your used books with the needy youths of India. Tamilnadu Educational Foundation. makes use of new and used CD Roms and Books by distributing them to educational institutes for the poor and needy. We are in need of books, booklets, Periodicals, Back issues of magazines, Tapes, Video Clippings, CDRoms, any Educational aids to including Equipments in good condition like Computers and other Teaching Aids to be used in our libraries,schools & College.

Tamilnadu Educational Foundation

Annai Theresa Orphanage

The prime objectives of Annai Theresa Orphanage is to offer these uprooted children the warmth, food, shelter, education and vocational training so that they can find their own roots in the society and become responsible and respectable persons.

It does require a lot of effort, time money and care to make them self-reliant. Generous contributions by philanthropists, can sustain these activities on the desired scale, thereby offering these uncared children a new meaning in life.

Your contributions can help organizations take in more such unfortunate children off the streets and care for them.

Annai Theresa Orphanage

Miscellaneous Programs


The following are a selection of miscellaneous and targeted programs which could use assistance in one form or another.
  Visit Modest Needs

Romani Rights
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