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Lesson #26 The Karmic Shield

  Author Unknown

The Karmic Shield is a simple thing.
Simple in the sense that it's construction is not complicated.
Actually building one with successful visualization can be difficult.


What Is The Karmic Shield?


The Karmic Shield is a form of protection you can create around yourself, others and even animals or objects.

In principal it is simple, a cube of concave astral mirrors that surrounds the person/place/thing you wish to protect.

  What Does The Karmic Shield Do?

The Shield acts as a mirror for negativity. It reflects anything directed at the protected person/place/thing and sends it back to the source.

More importantly, it activates the law of Karma, which multiplies the sending by the law of three, sending back what was sent three times over.

  Can The Shield Be Used For Attack?

No. The Shield is purely a defence.

It relies on the fundamental principal of Karma. To attempt to use the shield for offence is to risk a severe backfire of energy.

Using the shield does Not protect you from the consequences of Your Own actions.

  What Are The Steps For Building A Karmic Shield?
  The process is simple.... though the visualization can be difficult.

It is best to put yourself in a protected space. You can cleanse a room for this purpose, erect a circle for protection, or any other place that is free from outside influences.

You may even visualize the construction of your shield while in church, as it is usually sanctified ground that is protected from negative influences.

If you have the space and privacy to use candles they can help you with the visualization, as well, another candle representing the person/place/thing you wish to protect.

  Think carefully about this candle. It's shape, size and colour must reflect the person/place/thing as well as possible. However, in the absence of a suitable candle, a white candle may be used for this.

Sandalwood is a good all purpose incense for this, but you can use what ever incense you find most appealing.

First light the incense.

Have a white candle to represent the energies of God or whatever deity you feel connected to.


Light the deity candle while opening up your crown chakra. For those who don’t know what a chakra is or don’t use them...you simply allow the top of your head to open up to God.

You may like to revisit lessons one and three.

Lesson One
Lesson Three

Hold in your mind, the image of the person/place/thing to be protected while you light the second candle.

Now, hold in your mind the image of what you are protecting. Tapping into the energies of God, build around it a cube with surfaces that curve inward.

The cube will usually appear silvered and mirror like, but often can be seen as iridescent or golden. The colour you see does not matter as much as making sure that the surfaces are reflective.


After the cube has been successfully visualized, surround it with a globe of golden light. This light represents the Christ consciousness, which is the conscious mind energy of God.

Once the Karmic shield has been successfully built it is permanent. It will never fade or wear down. If, however, you wish to take it down you can do so easily with a simple visualization that dissolves the cube.

Do Not try to dissolve the cube of another person. Attempting to do so may result in a severe karmic backlash to you.For More information on spiritual protection see Lesson Six.

Lesson Six
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