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  Collected Poems

  Poetry is of the soul, not from the mind.

We feel poetry, we do not think poetry.

We can use poetry to express our positive emotions.

We can use poetry to release our negative emotions.


There is no criteria for our collected poems other than these are the poems that we have chosen to share on our website.

We have included some collections from chosen poets, and we have also included a selection of poems written by visitors or our website who have offered a poem to be shared.

Unfortunately, at this time we have not been able to include every poem that was offered to us, because we do not have the resources.


If we have a few minutes to spare, we should take the time to read and reflect upon a poem that has been shared on these pages.

We will appreciate the poetry on these pages more, if we relax and enjoy the emotions behind the words, whether they be positive or negative, than if we take a critical approach to the writing style or grammar etc.

In other words, we should read the words with our heart and feel the meaning, rather than read the words with our minds.

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