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When you read Gemma's words, your biggest difficulty will be remembering that Gemma began writing when she was nine years old, and that this collection of Gemma's work was completed when she was eleven years old.

As you read Gemma's thoughts and poetry, you will have no doubt from the depth and the hidden depths within Gemma's thoughts, that Gemma is an old soul. Gemma reveals the wisdom of an old soul, through the eyes of a child which has allowed Gemma to display a unique perspective.

Gemma's simple poem, 'Dance, Dance, Dance' demonstrates Gemma's unique perspective. Most of us would not consider that the other music, the music of the body exists, let alone that we can listen the other music, beyond and beneath the music and the rhythm of the dance.


Gemma's Poetry

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Windows and Doors
Past, Present, Future
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