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Connecting with the Higher Plane
Book Four Connecting with the Higher Plane

Date With Destiny


The morning after I had returned to The Hall Of Masters I felt a fullness. What I felt was beyond completion. What I felt was the fullness of being one with all that is.

I believed that returning to The Hall Of Masters was the point of my journey, and that in returning to The Hall Of Masters, I had come Full Circle. The reality was that I had only travelled half way, and that my circle was a long way from completion.

When I had been told that the only way to obtain fulfilment, was to obtain fulfilment from within, I had not really understood. The only way to be truly be fulfilled is to feel the fullness which comes from becoming one with all that is. We can be happy, we can be satisfied, and we can be content, which may allow us to feel fulfilled at a lower self level, but true fulfilment can only be obtained when we become one with all that is.

One week to the day before I was to go to Moscow, if I was to go to Moscow within the time frame which I had suggested to Katerina in Paris, I had some additional funds available to me, which would make the trip possible.

A day later, everything fell into place smoothly and easily.

Every time that I had the slightest seed of concern, since I had returned to The Hall Of Masters, God would say, "Apply your awareness." Each time that I applied my awareness, the seed of concern would disappear.

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  I was continually amazed at how smooth my life was after I had returned to the higher plane. I no longer worried. If I was drawn to do something, I did whatever I was drawn to do. Each time that I needed to do something, what I needed to do progressed smoothly, and without any problems. Gaps in traffic and parking spaces 'appeared' exactly when and where I needed them.

I was no longer concerned for the future or what would occur next. What was meant to happen, would happen. I was relaxed and I retained my peace.

Three days before I was due to leave for Russia I was staying in Melbourne with friends. I was cold when I went to bed. Immediately Katerina's spirit came to me and said, "I will warm you." At that instant, I was no longer cold.

Two days before I was to leave for Russia, my flight from Melbourne to Sydney was delayed. I could not understand why my flight from Melbourne to Sydney was delayed, because everything had been going smoothly.

I had planned on going to a doctor before I went to Russia to obtain a prescription for some sleeping tablets for the long flight. Whilst waiting for my delayed flight, I 'accidentally' found a medical centre at Melbourne airport, which I had not known existed. I obtained my prescription.

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I spoke with Anne who had moved interstate a few days earlier, and would be moving into a new home during the following week. Anne was happy and settled.

I reflected on those who had provided particular assistance on my journey. Sally had been first and then Anne. Both were now happy and settled.

I saw how Sally and Anne had both been given choices which repeated themselves over and over, until they broke their respective circles. I also saw that Rose was at her crossroads, and would return to her crossroads as often as was required, until she broke her circle.

Nancy was focused on her own journey and Nancy was creating a new environment for herself, by travelling a spiritual path. Much of Nancy's time was spent in solitude as mine had been.

Joe continued to travel in circles and was continually presented with opportunities to break his circle, much as Anne had been.

Anne was destined not to allow herself to remain happy, and Anne sabotaged her happiness. Anne was not ready to accept that she deserved to be happy, which in part was a product of the guilt which Anne had carried with her, from the previous lifetime which we had shared. However, at this point I did not know that Anne would choose to return the circles of her experience.

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The business was showing some signs of improvement. I had again repaid my former business partner's support by finalising a new contract for a product which had major potential, six days before I was to travel to Russia. I had also agreed a second new contract 'in principle' three days before I left for Russia, which would be formalised shortly after I returned from Russia.

The two new contracts would, if they reached their potential, generate an additional 10 million dollars in turnover for the business within the next few years. In both instances, negotiations had gone remarkably smoothly.

On the day before I was due to fly to Russia, everything fell into place smoothly.

That day there were some further developments within the business. In addition to the two contracts which I had negotiated during the previous week, a third contract which I had proposed prior to my previous trip to England and Paris seemed to come to fruition. In addition, I finalised a cost restructure of our major product which would have significant benefit to the business.

The new contracts and modification of existing contracts were coming together surprisingly smoothly, and it was becoming apparent I would be able to maintain my livelihood for as long as I needed to maintain my livelihood, despite my continued absence from the business.

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Late that afternoon, my knees began to ache and I knew I was in the process of moving my awareness up to the next level of awareness.

Pure love is the perspective of all three planes. Pure love applies differently to each plane, but pure love is the perspective of all that is, regardless of how each plane is viewed. Pure love is the only reality.

The day had arrived, and I prepared to fly to Russia to marry Katerina.

I only needed to write during one stage of my journey to Russia. Coincidentally it was on the stage of my journey to Russia that I needed to write, that nobody was allocated to the seat next to mine. The day after I arrived in Russia, Katerina and I attended to formalities. It was easy and everything went smoothly.

In the days leading up to my wedding, Katerina and I were sometimes magic together, and sometimes everything was extremely difficult. It was as if Katerina's whole personality would change in an instant. It was at these times when Katerina's whole personality changed that everything did not feel right, and I did not know exactly what it was, that did not feel right.

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Three days before Katerina and I were to marry, I became extremely tired every time I sat even for a moment. It had been so long since I had been pulled onto the spirit plane against my will, that I did not recognise what had been happening, until I was pulled onto the spirit plane.

My spirit travelled to a distant place.

I was walking along a beach. I reached a point and I knew that there was a dark spirit with evil intent in that place. I also knew that I needed to face that spirit. I stepped into the spirit's domain and I was frightened. It was a very powerful spirit. I tried very hard to surround myself with white light, but the spirit blocked my attempt.

I left the spirit plane, and I returned to the physical plane for a few minutes.

When I returned to the spirit plane, I was again extremely frightened. I attempted to leave the spirit plane, but the spirit pulled me back.

I took a deep breath, surrounded myself with white light and struggled with the spirit. Every time that I believed that I had defeated the spirit, I had not. Nothing within that spirit's domain was as it seemed.

When I eventually returned to the physical plane I felt very strong, but I did not know if I had defeated the spirit or not. Nor did I know why the spirit had engaged me, or what the spirit's real intent was.


I meditated for a short time and I understood that the dark spirit was surrounding Katerina. I knew that it was this dark spirit who was making Katerina's life difficult. The dark spirit was with us that night.

When I began to explain the presence of the dark spirit to Katerina, the dark spirit's presence became stronger. In many ways, and with the exception of the masters, the dark spirit's presence was the strongest that I had encountered.

I knew that I had not defeated the dark spirit, and I was concerned with the dark spirit's apparent strength.

God said, "You are stronger."

I knew that I would again engage that dark spirit that night. Jesus and Moses appeared. Jesus said, "I will be with you."

I began to think that Jesus and Moses would assist me in the battle with that spirit, but Moses said, "No we cannot. You must face and defeat this spirit yourself."


I knew that the dark spirit was male. I knew that the dark spirit had been around Katerina for seven years, and I knew that the dark spirit had died in respect of the physical plane, approximately eight years earlier.

Katerina had known the dark spirit in this lifetime. The dark spirit was in love with Katerina, but Katerina did not have any interest in him, and was not aware that the dark spirit had died. Katerina did not consciously remember the dark spirit, at this moment. I felt close to knowing the dark spirit's name, but the dark spirit's name was not clear.

The dark spirit had lived in Penza, a city in Russia near Katerina's home town. A city where we were now staying.

The problem that the dark spirit had with Katerina, is that Katerina did not remember him. To Katerina the dark spirit was a man she had met briefly, on four occasions. In fact, Katerina did not recall meeting the dark spirit at all.

Although the dark spirit was a strong spirit, on a dark path. All that the dark spirit really wanted from Katerina, is that she remembered him.

The dark spirit would place his image in Katerina's mind, maybe not today but in the future, and Katerina would remember him. but not necessarily associate his physical image with his dark spirit.

Having been given the key or a solution to his unresolved problem, the dark spirit would move towards the white light, and move on.

The dark spirit had pulled me onto the spirit plane, because the dark spirit wanted his problem resolved, and and the dark spirit knew that I could resolve his problem by explaining the dark spirit and his problem to Katerina. I had given Katerina the key which would trigger her memory of the dark spirit, some time in the future.


Other than my unexpected encounter with the dark spirit, it was a fascinating time for me in many respects.

Katerina was not consciously aware, and it was clearly demonstrated to me that I could do little, other than allow Katerina to become aware by herself. I knew that Katerina would become aware in time. I found it fascinating that in some respects Katerina was aware, but Katerina had no understanding, nor was Katerina aware that she was aware.

Katerina told me that she was not in contact with her spirit, which I found extraordinary because I was in contact with Katerina's spirit. However, I did know that the experience was in itself, a part of the example.

I reflected on the previous day's events. After the initial confrontation on the spirit plane, my encounter with the dark spirit around Katerina had become easy. The dark spirit had been a soul who had become lost, stuck on a point. When we spoke, it became apparent that the dark spirit was ready to free himself and move on, but the dark spirit did not know how to free himself and move on. I did not understand why the dark spirit had commenced our interaction with the dark encounter.

God said, "The dark spirit wanted to test your strength."


My encounter with the dark spirit reminded me of another event which had occurred a week earlier, when I had also been used as a medium. I was having coffee with Christina in her shop. After the other patrons had left, Christina's late father came to me, and spoke with Christina through me. Christina knew that her father had been helping her, and I explained a few of the events which had occurred surrounding the purchase of her shop. I knew that at the time, Christina did not realise exactly what was happening as I passed on the information. I did not explain that it was Christina's father, not me, who was talking with Christina, but I did know that when Christina reflected our conversation, Christina would know what had occurred.

Two days before my wedding, everything became difficult and many things were happening other than what I wanted. I allowed myself to become frustrated. I knew that becoming frustrated would achieve nothing, so I reached out to the fabric of existence. As usual my hands tingled from my contact with the fabric of existence.

I eventually allowed everything to flow, and as usual when I become frustrated because I did not get my way, I had been wrong. What I had wanted was not for the best, and what was happening, was exactly what was meant to happen, and for the best.


I meditated on the day before my wedding.

God said, "Remember all is choice. There is no correct choice, but all choices are correct.

"Katerina's character is such that it requires you to flow with events. Do you believe that this is coincidence? You cannot tell Katerina, you must show Katerina and you can only show Katerina by flowing."

Later, after the usual opportunity to apply my awareness, God said, "You cannot tell anybody. Apply your awareness at all times, live your awareness and others will see."

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