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Connecting with the Higher Plane
Book Four Connecting with the Higher Plane



"Why is Katerina not awakened?"

"Katerina's awaking is beginning. Katerina is spiritually aware of a great deal. Consciously, Katerina is aware of some things, but Katerina is not aware that she is aware of them. In time Katerina will awaken fully. Everything is as everything is meant to be."

"I have some specific questions, but I know that your answers will only lead me to what I need to experience, and that I should allow everything to happen."

"You are correct. You are now aware of the questions which I will answer in your best interest, and that the answers would therefore confuse you. You are now aware that you must accept and experience all that happens, and that you should not worry about anything. You are now aware that you know all that you need to know and that what you do not know, you need to experience. You are aware that you may choose to allow everything to happen, and experience what you need to experience, or that I will lead you to experience what you need to experience. You are aware that the easiest path is to allow everything to happen, which is the path that you have chosen, and the path which all will choose in time."

"My contact with all that is, with the fabric of existence seems to be stronger, each time that I reach out and connect with the fabric of existence."

"Yes. This pattern has been apparent with all that you have experienced, and with all abilities which you have awakened."

"My feeling of fulfilment is increasing all the time."

"Yes, your feeling of fulfilment increases as your connection with the fabric of existence strengthens."

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  "Despite my stronger connection with the fabric of existence, much of my contact with others still seems to be experienced mainly at a lower self level."

"Yes. The nature of experience means that experience must be felt to be experienced."

"My reaction to Katerina's being unawakened is different than I experienced a few weeks ago. I seem to be able to accept that Katerina is unawakened, and issues which previously concerned me no longer have any effect on me, although the issues have not changed."

"No, it is you who have changed. You are closer to being who you are. A part of the reason Katerina is unawakened, is to demonstrate that you are moving closer to being who you are."

"I know that it is unlikely that it is time for Katerina and I to be together, which does not affect me. I know that Katerina and I will be together, when we are meant to be together, and that I cannot change this reality."

"You are correct. You have already experienced an example of reunification and joy. That you will reunite fully and experience much joy is foreseen, and that you are unaware of precisely when you will reunite fully is because having such knowledge would influence your choices."

"Would I allow my choices to be influenced my knowledge, even after I have rediscovered my ability to touch all that is?"

"Yes. The nature of experience is that if you knew precisely what will happen, your experience would not be experience, because the experience would not be felt."

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"So we are on the earth plane to experience and even after coming Full Circle, our experiences are not complete whilst we remain attached to the earth plane?"

"You are correct. The purpose of the earth plane is to experience."

"So it is possible to be aware of all that is and to be one with existence, but not be aware of exactly what one is to experience on the earth plane?"

"This is the point which we are now demonstrating. You are still effectively 10 + 1. 10 being who you are and 1 being who you are not."

"And I do not know which is the 1?"

"Correct. As we have demonstrated, you have on occasion believed you had identified what is the 1, when all you have done is look at the mirror reflection of who you are, and see the reality in reverse."

"As I review the current events in my life, it is increasingly apparent that I did know what would transpire in my life."

"Yes, your higher self knows everything that will occur."

"Even though I knew what would transpire in my life, I did not understand my knowledge."

"No, you needed to experience what has transpired in your life, and what will transpire in your life."

"There have been times when I have known about an event which was to transpire, and I nearly prepared for the event which was to transpire. However, I subsequently decided that the event would not transpire, and I changed my mind about the preparation for the event which was to transpire."

"Yes. You were not meant to prepare for the event which would transpire. If you were meant to prepare for the event which would transpire, you would have prepared for the event which would transpire. The experience was also to remind you that your instinct will offer you protection, even when you are not meant to know exactly what will occur."

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"I sometimes find it frustrating when my abilities are dormant."

"Your abilities are within you and your abilities are available to you. Reach out and use your abilities whenever you feel the need to use your abilities, but remember that your abilities will only surface if your need is genuine, but not if you simply want to prove to others that your abilities exist."

"I would have thought that by now my abilities should be available all the time."

"Your abilities are available to you at all times. It is you who choose not to call on your abilities, and then you wonder why your abilities are not used. You choose not to use your abilities. Choose to use your abilities, and your abilities will be there for you."

"As I reflect on my contact with the other masters, I see that the other masters gave me support, but that the other masters did not reveal any great knowledge to me."

"No. Revealing knowledge was unnecessary. All knowledge is already within you. You have and continue to draw on the knowledge within you, as you are ready to receive your knowledge from within."

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"I find it difficult to come to terms with the times when I feel that I want to do something, or I want to say something, and I do not do or say whatever it is."

"You are looking into the mirror, instead of through the mirror. That you think that you want to do or say something, is a reflection of your remaining fears, or more accurately the reflection of your previous fear habit. You know that if you are meant to do or say something, or anything you will."

"Yes, but why does the experience of not doing something or saying something cause me some concern?"

"You are experiencing applying your total awareness, which is a different experience to what you have experienced in the past. You are experiencing the application of total awareness, not partial awareness. For any experience to be complete, you must experience both sides of the coin. You must experience applying your awareness, and you must experience not applying your awareness. You know from your experience, that a 'two sided coin' is the basis of experience."

"Yes. When I apply my awareness I feel nothing but the joy of life, so why do I not apply my awareness all of the time?"

"In accordance with the pattern which has applied to every step in your awareness process, you apply your total awareness a little more each day. In time you will apply your awareness, all of the time."

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"There are some points which we seem to repeat often."

"Yes. We repeat the points which are very important. If you review the points that we repeat, you will see that the points that we repeat relate to dispelling of the myths which have developed in respect of what is required to become a master. All have the ability to become a master, and all must simply allow themselves to become a master. There are no rules, no right or wrong. Simply allow everything to happen, and experience whatever response you choose to experience."

"I understand the need to allow everything to occur, but what about the insights (which became The Truth Of Reality), that I was given?"

"The insights are a guide, some basic principles to make the journey easier for those who chose to apply the insights. As you have experienced, the meaning of the insights changes with the level of awareness of each who chooses to draw on the insights."

"Yes, but are we not saying that the insights should be followed?"

"No. The meaning of the insights for each is personal. There is no right nor wrong meaning of the insights. The insights are keys for each to draw upon the experience which each has accumulated. It is not the insights as such which will make the path easier for those who choose to apply the insights, it is the knowledge which the insights enable those to draw on from within themselves, which will make the path easier."

"So the meaning and the application of the insights will really come from within those who apply the insights?"

"Yes. The insights themselves are a key or catalyst for one's own awareness."


"Every time that I feel that my journey is almost complete, it is apparent that there is more I that must do."

"Yes, all will have more to do even when they feel that their journey is almost complete. You are no different. If your journey was complete when you believed that your journey was complete, others would not understand that only one part of their journey was complete, when they felt that their journey neared completion. You are the example."

"We keep repeating that I am the example."

"You are the example. How much easier would your journey have been if you had an example to draw upon?"

"I am surprised that my review and my questions continue, after I have returned to the higher plane."

"Why does your continued review and questions surprise you? Each new level of awareness provides new questions which assist you to increase the depth of your awareness."

"Why do I allow myself to be drawn into the awareness level of others?"

"All is experience. By allowing yourself to be drawn into another's level of awareness, you are experiencing that it is necessary to apply your awareness level, and not another's awareness level."


"So in time, I will apply my awareness to all situations."

"For the most part, you already apply your awareness to all situations. In time, you will allow others to apply their level of awareness and not expect others to apply your level of awareness."

"Is this why Katerina's level of awareness is at the level which it is?"

"You have created an environment in which to learn."

"So the period during which Katerina needed to return to Russia, was not for Katerina to awaken?"

"Katerina is awakening at her own pace, and Katerina is only slightly aware that she is awakening. Have you not noticed a slightly increased level of awareness within Katerina? You had an expectation of the level of Katerina's awareness, and as you should now understand your expectations are seldom an accurate reflection of reality."

"Was the reason for our period of separation mainly to allow me to return to the higher plane?"

"To allow you to return to the higher plane was one reason for your separation, but not the only reason for your separation."

"Why do we include these questions in our book?"

"They are a part of the example. The principles of your example will be drawn on by others, in respect of their own experiences."

"I sometimes become concerned because I am overweight, and I do not look after my body as I should."

"As I have explained to you, looking after your body is not necessary, all is choice. You are as you are, because we are making a point."


"I usually know what people are feeling, whether they express their feelings or not."

"Yes, you do know what people are feeling. However, you often doubt yourself when people do not express their feelings, or when they deny their feelings, which is a result of their fears. Trust your instinct."

"I understand, but it is as if I see far deeper into what others are feeling, than what they do themselves."

"You can and you do."

"Why do I still doubt myself?"

"Self doubt is the way of your journey. You are not yet fully adjusted. If you were fully adjusted, you would not experience what you need to experience. Nor would you ask these necessary questions."

"We still seem to be going in circles."

"Yes, because of the circular nature of all that is."

"I know that, but …"

"You are experiencing the application of your total awareness, which is a very important part of the experience that is your example."

"Yes, but …"

"As we have discussed you have assumed that after you had returned to the higher plane, your experiences would be easier."

"Well, yes …"

"Your experiences are easier, whenever you allow your experiences to be easier. Go slowly. Take one moment at a time, and allow each moment to be."


"I usually do allow each moment to be."

"When you do allow each moment to be, you have no difficulties. Occasionally you slip into the habit of worrying about how something may be later today, or tomorrow or next Tuesday fortnight. Live only each moment."

"Living only each moment is easy, but living only each moment is also not easy."

"You are correct, which is the point of your current experiences."

"Sometimes I am unsure of which course of action to take, so I allow another to decide and I follow, which seems like a cop out to me."

"Not at all. Remember, not everything is about you or any. If you are required to experience something, you will experience that thing. Sometimes, or in your case often, it is convenient to allow another to lead you to do something, which is for their experience, and at the same time it allows you to fulfil your experience. You have experienced what you have needed to experience, and you have simultaneously allowed another to experience what they need to experience."

"And this simultaneous experience happens for all?"

"To varying degrees, yes. However, your level of awareness and your ability to flow enable you to easily simultaneously experience, which is the same for all who become aware."


"Is it possible for a soul to discontinue to use a body, and for another soul to take over that body?"

"Two souls using the same body in a single lifetime is possible, but extremely rare."

"How is it possible for two souls to use the same body in a single lifetime?"

"The original soul dies from an earth plane perspective, and another soul enters and uses the body immediately."

"Why would another soul enter and use an existing body?"

"The remaining experiences in that particular lifetime are compatible with what the 'arriving' soul needs to experience."

"What about the previous experiences in that lifetime?"

"The conscious mind is part of the body and as such, the memories from the lifetime are contained within the body."

"Are the previous experiences not required by the 'departing' soul?"

"The previous experiences are retained in the subconscious or the spirit self, of the 'departing' soul."

"So effectively both souls have the same memories?"

"To the 'arriving' soul, the previous experiences are memories, but to the 'departing' soul, the previous experiences are experiences."

"Do the family and friends of the soul have any idea what has happened?"

"The family and friends of the soul have no concept of what has occurred. However, there are documented cases where a person's personality has altered dramatically following a 'near death' experience."


"We say that all can change their environment if they choose, but for some changing their environment is almost impossible."

"Sometimes an environment must be changed collectively. Remember that all have chosen the circumstances in which they are born. If one choses to be born into an environment where choice has been taken from them, then experiencing an environment where choice has been taken from them is their choice."

"Sometimes I wonder about my ability to awaken Katerina."

"Katerina has chosen to experience a difficult lifetime where she has lost her belief in herself. Katerina has lost her belief in herself to maximise the experience restoring her belief in herself and attaining awareness."

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