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Connecting with the Higher Plane
Book Four Connecting with the Higher Plane



The day of my wedding arrived. I was at the home of Fredrick and Natasha, friends of Katerina.

I sat quietly meditating. I considered the impending ceremony, and the contradiction which was Katerina.

Katerina's spirit came to me. She said, "Do not worry, I am in control. Everything will be all right. You must be patient with me. I do not understand."

Katerina's spirit meant that I must be patient with Katerina at her lower self level. My soul contact with Katerina at this moment should not have surprised me, but my soul contact with Katerina did surprise me.

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  I reflected on the times when Katerina had let her spirit, which was close to her true character, shine through. When Katerina let her spirit shine through, life for me was magic, and I experienced the joy which I had been promised. When Katerina was experiencing who she was not, I found life with Katerina frustrating, because I knew who Katerina was.

I understood that I needed to be patient. In time Katerina's true character, the tender and loving person who was apparent, when Katerina's true character shone through, would increase as the aspects of Katerina's character which reflected who Katerina was not diminished.

I desperately wanted to show Katerina all that I had learned about our existence, and I wanted to show Katerina now. However, I knew that I could not show Katerina all that I had learned about our existence. All that I could do was live the reality of our existence, and allow Katerina see the reality of our existence for herself.

Despite the difficult times when Katerina and I both questioned the wisdom of what we were doing, I knew within my soul that what I was doing was right, and I knew that our life would be filled with joy.

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I knew that the problem of Katerina's awareness was more with me, than with Katerina. I wanted Katerina to be at my level of awareness, which I knew was not possible at this time.

I understood that Katerina's character was not an accident, and that I was once again experiencing, that it is not possible to force another to become aware. I needed to allow Katerina to become aware at her own pace, but I did know that Katerina was more aware than she realised.

I allowed myself to reach out and become one with all that is. To once more touch the very fabric of existence. I continued to be surprised that I could touch the very fabric of existence, and still be affected on occasion by my difficulties, or more correctly, my perceived difficulties within the earth plane.

I knew that being able to touch the very fabric of existence, whilst retaining my perceived difficulties within the earth plane was part of the example, and I knew that it was my perception of how one who was close to becoming a master should act, which caused me difficulties. The salient point was that my difficulties were my perceived difficulties, my difficulties were not real difficulties.

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God said, "You have understood correctly. You can see clearly that you need to be patient with Katerina, but you also need to be patient with yourself.

"How could you truly and fully experience the joy if you did not also experience the frustration? Experience is a double sided coin, as you know. You are experiencing the strong emotion of rejoining with your soulmate, you feel the joy very deeply, and therefore you also feel the frustration very deeply. Rejoining with one's soulmate is an extremely powerful experience as you are discovering. Why would you be surprised that the intensity of this experience applies to both sides of this particular coin of experience?"

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When I first saw Katerina on our wedding day, Katerina's beauty brought tears to my eyes. God had been right, I certainly felt the experience of marrying Katerina.

As we were married, I felt that God had indeed smiled at me.

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