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Searching for My Soul
Book Three Understanding My Destiny



Twice that day I failed to follow my instinct, and each time I paid for failing to follow my instinct. I was given subtle reminders with immediate effect. Other than those two incidents, it was a quiet day. Surprisingly I was able to relax despite the circumstances. I was curious as to how everything would work out, but I was only a little nervous.

I continued to 'go it alone' for the most part, and only occasionally would I ask God for guidance. I knew that if I had asked God for guidance, I would not have received the subtle reminders.

I awoke very early the following day, but I did not feel that I needed to do anything so I went back to sleep. When I awoke again, I remained a little nervous, but I had expected to be very nervous. I supposed that I knew at every level that I had nothing to worry about.

My routine that morning was the same as my routine had been for more than twelve months. Despite what was happening, nothing changed.

I did receive another new insight, and I knew that I had begun a new book of insight, which was to become chapter eight of The Truth Of Reality.

Every time that I attempted to envisage how my meeting with Katerina would transpire, I knew that I needed to allow my meeting with Katerina to happen. The two parts of our soul were about to reunite, and I had no point of reference on the physical plane. If our reuniting on the spirit plane was anything to go by, it would be an experience beyond comprehension.


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As soon as Katerina walked through the gate of the airline terminal, I knew her.

When I first held Katerina, the experience was magic. When we drove into Paris in a taxi, Katerina rested her head on my shoulder easily and naturally, as if we had known each other all of our lives, not tentatively as if we had just met.

As the day continued, I was surprised how comfortable we were together. In many ways we were very different, almost opposite, but our differences did not matter. Together we seemed to be balanced and comfortable.

Our language problems made being together interesting, but we seemed to be able to understand each other whenever it was important.

Throughout the day I did question myself continually about what I was doing, and each time God repeated, "Do not worry."

It was apparent that there was much that I would learn from Katerina by way of balance to myself.


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I stared at Katerina's face and I had no doubt whatsoever that Katerina's face was the face which I had seen in the vision of my marriage.

Katerina applied some perfume which she had brought with her from Russia. It was the same perfume that I had smelt when Katerina's spirit had visited me.

I knew that our meeting had been destined, and I was completely overwhelmed.


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