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Searching for My Soul
Book Two Seeking the Knowledge Within

The Seer.

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God's comment had not been the first reference to 'someone who would continue my teaching'.

When I was on the island, I had been given a vision of another preparing to continue my teaching. The vision had been contained in one of the fuzzy snapshot glimpses, which I was given of the future, at the same time as I had seen myself depart from this world.

A few days earlier a person I will call 'The Seer' for privacy reasons, mentioned 'one who will save us all'. I noted the comment at the time, but I should have realized I was being told something.

In many ways 'The Seer' is an enigma to me. 'The Seer' is a very strong willed and often angry person, who is also tender when he lets his guard down.

What surprised me about 'The Seer' is that 'The Seer' knew things, things which I was experiencing, that 'The Seer' could not have known.

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There were many times when 'The Seer' had delivered very important keys to me. Mostly 'The Seer' would say a totally irrelevant sentence, completely out of context with what was happening around us, and suddenly much knowledge would be released within me.

At other times 'The Seer' would say something as fact, which would confirm something that I had just learned, and yet I had told 'The Seer' nothing of what I was experiencing.

Whenever I would question 'The Seer' about his comments or observations, 'The Seer' could offer no explanation.

I did not understand what 'The Seer's' role was, nor did I understand why 'The Seer' had a role. 'The Seer' was very troubled at times, often for reasons which I do not think he even understood.

All I knew was that 'The Seer' knew things, and that 'The Seer' saw things. I suspected that if 'The Seer' ever found peace within himself, 'The Seer' could become a very powerful seer, if that was his destiny. However, I doubted that 'The Seer' would become a very powerful seer in my lifetime.

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'The Seer's' role would continue for much of my journey, 'The Seer' often commented on issues which 'The Seer' could not possibility have known, at a conscious level, required comment.

A year after I had written this short chapter, I would understand that I was really protecting 'The Seer's' identity from himself. The Seer was not ready to understand his identity as a seer, and when he was ready to understand his identity as a seer, 'The Seer' would recognize himself in my words.

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