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High Energy Removal Phas Four
Presented by
  Catherine Adams

Having completed the previous three phases, you have grounded out your unwanted energy. Whenever we release energy, we create a void.

Imagine replacing your unwanted energy with some beautiful, divine, translucent energy.

We offer this gold/white light. Look at the beautiful gold/white of the background on this page. Take a deep, deep breath and inhale this lovely gold/white Colour.

You might want to scroll down so you do not see these words.

If you feel in need of healing energy, you may like to try our Blue Page.

Blue Meditation Page

Alternatively, you may like to choose a colour that you feel you need, from our colour chart.

Color Chart

Light Beings have assured me that will be assisting you.

Catherine Adams









  Come back to release and renew as often as you want.

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