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Katrice Balmer


Katrice's journey started when she was diagnosed with a severe back problem. Life in a wheelchair beckoned and Katrice had to do some serious Soul searching on what was the best option for her. Back surgery was one option, but the Neurosurgeon Katrice was dealing with at the time saw that back surgery was not the best route for Katrice to take.

Katrice had been an aerobics instructor/personal trainer for years at that time so being and staying active was a definite part of her life. The Neurosurgeon put Katrice in touch with a trainer who specialized in treating people with disabilities.

Before long Katrice was moving much better, and met another person who did Reiki. Katrice decided to take a short course and it became evident that there was more to Katrice than she had previously realized. 


Katrice’s intuitive abilities rose very sharply and within one month Katrice had the opportunity to see how very powerful we all are as healers.

Katrice’s young son was playing with firecrackers with his friends and had a whole pail of them explode in his face. Lucky for him his eyes were not seriously damaged, but he did lose all his eyelashes and eyebrows plus had pretty severe burns on his face.

Katrice’s son was working as a bus-boy at a restaurant that evening but his face looked awful so he agreed to let Katrice work on him.

Katrice had never used her abilities with anyone else, but all of her nurturing and healing abilities as a Mother rose up and within 15 minutes, there was no more redness anywhere on his face.


That experience got everything rolling along at a pretty fast clip. Katrice did not take any more courses, but Katrice did try various healing methods and it seems that simply being in the energies of other healers allows Katrice to re-awaken gifts and talents that she had never been aware of.

Katrice did talk to many people and read a number of books, but again found that she seemed to already know or remember a different way of being.For the next 10 years Katrice attempted to be who she had always been, all the while opening up to more and more of her intuitive/ psychic abilities.

One day Katrice had a very strong past life memory rise up which started her writing. The words started to appear on the page and Katrice was fascinated. At that time Katrice had also started to do readings at a number of locations in the Vancouver area, and a form of energy work, that to this day, is still evolving.


Katrice's husband at the time stopped joking about her 'woo-woo' stuff, and started backing away from her. He backed away so completely that a very short while later Katrice was to be on her own.

A friend of Katrice's was looking at moving to Kauai in a few months and asked if I wanted to join him for a while. Since both of Katrice's children were out on their own, with their blessings, Katrice left on what she thought would be a short adventure.

Katrice stayed on Kauai until just recently, five years later. While on Kauai, Katrice went through many more transformations and shifts in energy.

Katrice has now returned to Vancouver, Canada to share what she has learned throughout her journey to Wholeness.


Katrice is currently running meditation circles in her new little temple in the city. Katrice does Soul Readings, Energy Balancing and Healing and, is also doing Inspirational Writings.

Katrice has a book in the works, but as she changing, so too is the focus of that particular venture. Katrice has great trust and faith that when it is time for her to continue, Katrice will be guided to do so.

Be blessed with Love and Light and ever expanding joy.


Katrice in Vancouver

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