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True spiritual teaching, regardless of the physical source, is a gift from God, irrespective of the label and interpretation which is applied to God.

  True spiritual teaching, cannot be sold, true spiritual teaching must be freely given and shared. That true spiritual teaching should be shared does not mean that the cost of providing the physical teaching, such as the production of a book should not be recovered.

For example, the knowledge within the Bible, and other spiritual texts is free, but we may have to pay to cover the physical cost of the book, if we want a book. We can however freely access the knowledge on the internet, or via a Priest, Monk, Cleric, Wiccan and so on.



That true spiritual teaching must be freely given and shared means that we are never charged large amounts of money for special, or hidden knowledge.

That true spiritual knowledge must be freely given and shared means that the spiritual knowledge is a gift from God and true spiritual knowledge is priceless.

If we are offered secret or hidden knowledge for a large amount of money, what we are being offered is not spiritual knowledge.


Eagle Spirit Ministry uses our website to make a selection of spiritual texts in various forms available.

As to which texts may be 'right' for each individual can only be determined by each individual. It is not the place of any religious or other organisation to arbitrarily decide which spiritual test is truth and which is false.

As soon as we place limits on truth, we are placing limits on God because God is truth, and God is infinite.

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Essence of Paradise
Kundalini Survival
Work is a 4 Letter Word
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