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Christmas Message


Holiday Message from "God"....Not What You Might Expect
by Angel Shadow™


Dear Souls,

I am aware of the complaints many of you have regarding how "Christ"mas is
disappearing in today's society, but like many things, change isn't always a
bad thing. Maybe it's time you stopped complaining and realize there is more
than one path to the Divine.

Here are a few suggestions: (of course, you have the free will to act any
way you choose)

Try to keep in mind "Jesus" wasn't actually "born" during this time of the
year. It was your human ancestors who decided to celebrate this "birth"
during a Pagan festival. Yes, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but "Christmas"
was formed from Pagan roots. Do a little homework.

I don't care what you label your "holidays." Just do me one favor...Get
along and treat each other with respect.

Stop worrying about what everyone is calling the "tree" this year. Does it
really matter? How about getting in touch with your own heart and not worry
so much about what everyone else is doing.


Instead of objecting to the way the holidays are being handled by society,
use your time to write to family and friends and let them know how much you
love them.

Instead of dwelling on your own misery, try thinking of those less
fortunate. I about the homeless who sleep in the freezing cold
every night? Or the 90 year old in the nursing home whose family won't be
paying them a visit? Or the countless individuals who will be taking their
own life this year because they feel so hopeless and alone?

Instead of holding on to that grudge for another year, try some good,
old-fashion forgiveness. That chip on your shoulder is throwing you

Instead of complaining to the person at the cash register that you had to
wait in line for 20 minutes, try offering them a warm smile and a pleasant
attitude. They're just doing their job and are most likely just as
frustrated as you at this point.

Here's a good one! How about setting a positive example of what Oneness
truly is. I don't segregate. It's humanity that came up with that brilliant
idea and it seems to be working out splendidly for all of you.

Instead of fighting with each other over who has the "right" path, try
educating yourselves. "Heaven" forbid you learn about the paths of others.
Let go of your fear. It has no place in My home. Dig deep for the true
message in the phrase, "God's kingdom has many mansions." Open your eyes,
heart, and mind. I am everywhere, but you won't "find" me until you look
within. Figure it out.


Just because someone doesn't follow you down your path, doesn't make
their's any less important or special in my eyes. I didn't create organized
religion. That's another man-made issue that continues to segregate and
cause much strife in your world.

Last, but not least....think for yourselves and don't bring harm to others.
Remove that choking, fear-based collar from around your neck and you'll
discover how easy it is to breathe. Remember, you won't "find" me in a
building-I don't care how elaborate it is. Look into your heart to find the
love and oneness that will make you whole. THAT is my true home.


Season's Greet....No!
Happy Hol......No!
Merry Chris.....No!
It really doesn't about this.....

Enjoy life, and use your free will wisely....

With unconditional love,
(Yes, I am a perfect balance of male AND female.
I can't believe you didn't remember that!)

  © Copyright 2006 Angel Shadow™
All rights reserved.
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