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About Angel Shadow


Angel Shadow's ancestry is Irish and Cherokee Indian and she is known to have a bit of a gypsy spirit.

Her beliefs do not follow one specific religion, but she is most drawn to the earth based belief systems.

She brings education and understanding to the Old Ways and to spirituality in general, through her series of articles, short stories and poetry. She also maintains her Sacred Circle website and monthly newsletter.

Angel Shadow is a freelance writer. In addition to her articles and poetry, she also writes screenplays.

  Meet Angel Shadow

"Ever since I was young, I felt I was different. The everyday 3-Dimentional world seemed restricting and cumbersome and many times I was angered at the thought of being here. I spent much of my childhood experiencing alienation. But life had something in mind for me long before I realized it.

"My journey has continued and I'm stronger now that I have ever been. My lessons and tests are far from over, but I have the courage to handle whatever comes my way and hopefully will be able to assit others on their path as well."

  Angel Shadow
  Interpretation by Shadow Walker….
  Shaman Healer/Cherokee Indian

"One that walks with the spirit. Would be a shadow and if the spirit is a revered one, then it in terms would be an angel. So together I would say you are one to walk with the shadow of the spirit. To walk in the shadow as a companion to the spirit to help and assist."

  Angel Shadow's Teaching
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Remaining Spiritual
Shadows Within The Light
Rising Above
Masks Of Humanity
Dealing With Uncertainty
Bridging The Gap
Live and Let Live
Defining Who You Are
Someone Needs You
Emotional Healing
Holiday Message
Overcoming Abuse
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