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Someone Needs You

  By Lady Athena

Someone needs your touch.
Someone needs your smile.
Someone needs you to reach out and say you care.

No matter how lonely you get there is someone you can reach out to. You have a purpose and calling in life. Everyone is special and has their own unique gifts. No one needs to be put down or frowned at.

We all make mistakes and we all learn. All of us hurt from time to time. All of us know heartache and failure. All of us know what it is like to be loved and not to be loved. We all need each other.


It is time to start overcoming the bridges and start standing in one accord. It is time to breath hope into the ones who have no hope. It is time to step out of our comfort zone and hold out our hand to the person next to us.

Do you see the homeless person on the street and just pass by him because you have gotten so use to him he does not even bother you anymore? Next time look deep in his eyes and see his pain. He has suffered in his life and what brought him to where he is at now.


Do you hear of the stories of the Teenage Committing suicide? What made them do that? Why? It is because they didn’t feel hope. No one came to them in their time of need and they didn’t think that no one cared.

Have you been into a Nursing home lately and hugged some of the elderly? Have you stopped and looked deep in their eyes to see the loneliness and confusion they have?


No matter who you are, no matter what you have gone through someone needs you. Never give up on yourself.

Above all remember you are special.

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