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The Works of Tsúnyöta Köhe't


Tsúnyöta Köhe't has embarked on a journey of rediscovery.


Much of Tsúnyöta Köhe't's writing has been esoteric, written through Tsúnyöta Köhe't. The writing of Tsúnyöta Köhe't is a combination of Tsúnyöta Köhe't's experiences and the wisdom which was imparted to him along the way.


The Full Circle series of books chronicles Tsúnyöta Köhe't's journey each step of the way, including every mistake, every wrong turn and every dead end.


Tsúnyöta Köhe't's story is not a vague overview detailing spiritual experiences which seem unattainable to most people. Tsúnyöta Köhe't has included all of his experiences from the perspective of an everyday environment and without spiritual snobbery.


The Truth Of Reality is the collection of the insights, which Tsúnyöta Köhe't gained throughout his journey.

  The Additional Works of Tsúnyöta Köhe't are compilations and additional material from and beyond Tsúnyöta’s journey.

The Prior Works Of Tsúnyöta Köhe't are writings from Tsúnyöta's life prior to the commencement of Tsúnyöta's spiritual journey.

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