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Full Circle

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"Full Circle is a series of books detailing my spiritual journey. When I began my journey, I did not have any concept of where my journey would take me. In fact, when I began my journey I was simply searching for answers in my life.

"I found a reality which I could not have imagined, and along the way, I took every wrong turn, every dead end, and every detour. However, I was not alone. I was guided in ways which I would not have believed possible."

"I am an ordinary man, an ordinary soul. I am no different to any other soul, and I have achieved nothing, and become aware of nothing that is not within us all.

"Do not look to me for the truth within my words, and do not look to anyone else either. Look only within yourself. The truth is within us all and the truth can only be found by looking within."

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Tsúnyöta Köhe't
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Tsúnyöta's journey began when Tsúnyöta asked one simple question. 'Why?' It was a question asked with every part of Tsúnyöta's being. Tsúnyöta did not expect an answer, but Tsúnyöta received an answer to his heartfelt question. An answer which Tsúnyöta was not prepared for.

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Tsúnyöta begins receiving insights, which simply appear in his mind. Tsúnyöta begins recording those insights and keeping a record of his journey. Often Tsúnyöta needs to read what he has written before he knows what he has written.

Tsúnyöta discovers that there is more to our existence than our physical being. Tsúnyöta is contacted by souls in spirit form, some known to him and some unknown to him.

Tsúnyöta starts to recall memories from previous lifetimes, and becomes aware that our existence extends beyond a single lifetime.

Tsúnyöta accepts the existence of God, but Tsúnyöta is unprepared for the dialogue with God which begins.

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Tsúnyöta begins an extensive dialogue with God, and God begins to explain reality. God outlines what lay ahead for Tsúnyöta.

Tsúnyöta becomes aware of his previous lifetime as Judas Iscariot, as Tsúnyöta begins to understand why he has been given this task.
Tsúnyöta learns that he can move between lifetimes, and experience events from past lifetimes.

In addition to guidance from God, Tsúnyöta begins to communicate with masters, including Moses, and his old friend Jesus.

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Tsúnyöta continues to seek clarification from God and in the process, Tsúnyöta begins to understand the true nature of God.

Tsúnyöta begins a series of question and answer sessions with God, as The Truth Of Reality is expanded upon.

Tsúnyöta explores existence on the spirit plane and our existence in between lifetimes.

After travelling to Europe, Tsúnyöta returns to solitude in the mistaken belief that his journey is almost complete, but Tsúnyöta's journey has only begun.

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Tsúnyöta continues his dialogue with God. Tsúnyöta learns that his journey is far from over, as Tsúnyöta's awareness continues to increase.

Tsúnyöta completes a second series of question and answer sessions with God, as The Truth Of Reality is again expanded upon.

Tsúnyöta moves beyond the spirit plane and reconnects with the higher plane and all that is.

God explains the role of a master, and Tsúnyöta again believes that his journey is almost complete. Instead, Tsúnyöta's journey moves to another level.

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Tsúnyöta believes that he has nothing left to give in respect of his journey, but Tsúnyöta's journey continues.

Tsúnyöta continues his dialogue with God and completes a third series of question and answer sessions with God, as The Truth Of Reality is expanded to another level of awareness.

Tsúnyöta begins to accept who he is, and begins to accept that he is master, as Tsúnyöta understands the true nature of a master.

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Tsúnyöta explores who he is with guidance from Jesus.

The Truth Of Reality continues to expand beyond the higher plane.

Tsúnyöta is shown beyond the higher plane and taken to the beginning of existence itself.

Tsúnyöta's existence expands to all three planes of existence, moving between planes as needed.

Tsúnyöta puts the pieces of awareness together to begin to complete the picture which is The Truth Of Reality.

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A Season in Hell

Tsúnyöta's life becomes a living hell as the promise of heaven is revealed to be a reality of hell.

The Truth Of Reality is expanded and Tsúnyöta completes a fourth series of question and answer sessions with God.

Given a choice of remaining in hell or accepting death, Tsúnyöta accepts death.

Tsúnyöta is reborn but is unaware of his true spiritual identity.

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Tsúnyöta enters heaven after a spirit plane battle and begins to explore the gardens of heaven.

Tsúnyöta embarks on his fourth trip to Europe where he recovers his grail, a pilgrimage flask which Tsúnyöta had created 1500 years earlier.

After completing his first grail pilgrimage, Tsúnyöta returns to Australia to locate a spiritual site and complete his second grail pilgrimage.

Tsúnyöta travels to Japan and America to complete additional grail pilgrimages.

Tsúnyöta is shown the higher plane 'symbol' of his identity.

The legend of Eagle Spirit and Tsúnyöta's identity as Eagle Spirit is revealed.

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Falling from Grace

Tsúnyöta returns to solitude where Tsúnyöta reflects on his life and his existence.

Tsúnyöta continues to understand the meaning within the Bible.

Tsunyota explores the existence and true nature of fairies. Tsunyota discovers the truth of alternate realities, but Tsúnyöta struggles to accept his identity as Eagle Spirit.

Tsúnyöta's spirit is broken, and his faith in God is tested. Tsúnyöta losses his faith in God, and nearly everything else.

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Tsúnyöta moves beyond faith, but Tsúnyöta is unable to restore his trust in God.

Tsúnyöta's fears become Tsúnyöta's reality.

Tsúnyöta allows himself to become Eagle Spirit and begins to view the world as Eagle Spirit.

Tsúnyöta moves beyond fear, and into a period of transition.

Tsúnyöta begins to see the future of the earth plane, and continues to explore reality. Tsúnyöta expands his awareness, but Tsúnyöta is still unable to allow himself to be who he is.

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Tsúnyöta continues to close the gaps in his awareness.

God reveals Tsúnyöta's earth plane name Tsúnyöta Köhe't.

Tsúnyöta cannot fully restore his trust in God and does not allow himself to enter the existence of Eagle Spirit.

Unable to remain within the gates of heaven, and unable to return to the earth plane, Tsúnyöta finds himself in the wilderness.

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In an attempt to restore his trust in God, Tsúnyöta becomes involved in a series of spiritual discussions.

Tsúnyöta remains in the wilderness.

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Tsúnyöta explores the concept of moving through time.

Tsúnyöta researches many religions, philosophies and science to build The Truth Of Reality externally.

Tsúnyöta begins to compile The Truth Of Reality.

Tsúnyöta accepts that he is unable to leave the wilderness by himself, and seeks God's assistance. God ordains Tsúnyöta.

Tsúnyöta establishes Eagle Spirit Ministry.

Tsúnyöta returns to I am and becomes one with all that is.

Tsunyota accepts the spirit plane role of a master.

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Tsúnyöta regains his trust in God, and Tsúnyöta allows himself to slowly leave the wilderness.

Tsúnyöta understands the nature of cosmic energy, and begins to prepare for Journey's End.

Tsúnyöta recalls a visit to The Atlantis Chronicles.

The work of Eagle Spirit Ministry begins.

Tsúnyöta allows himself to taken action to accept who he is, as the cracks in Tsúnyöta's awareness are filled and the unanswered questions from Tsúnyöta's journey are answered.

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Spirit of an Eagle

Tsúnyöta completes his spiritual discussions and in so doing finally understands the truth of the nature of soulmates.

Tsúnyöta understands how he, and each of us fit within the fabric of existence.

Tsúnyöta continues the work of a master on the spirit plane, and the work of Eagle Spirit Ministry on the earth plane.

Tsúnyöta begins the publication of his works.

Tsúnyöta completes the preparation for the final acceptance of who he is, and to allow his journey to end.

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Tsúnyöta closes the remaining gaps, and fills the remaining cracks in his awareness.

Tsúnyöta completes his preparation for The Travels Of Tsúnyöta Köhe't.

Tsúnyöta completes the circle of awareness, Full Circle and The Truth Of Realty.

Tsúnyöta accepts who he is, without reservation and without question.

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"At various stages during my journey when I was attempting to make some sense of all the conflicting religions, philosophies and science which surround us, both God and Jesus asked. 'What if it is all true?'

I leave you with this thought.”

Tsúnyöta Köhe’t

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