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Analogies of Reality
Analogies of Reality

Home Run.


We should consider all the times when something good, something which we really wanted, nearly happened. We must look deeply into these moments, and see that it was ourselves who prevented us from realising the something good. We must see how many times that we failed to hit a home run, simply because we stopped running when we got to third base, believing that we could not hit a home run.

We must understand that the next time that we walk up to bat, we only have to keep running to have our home run. We must accept that good things can happen to us.

We become like a batter, knowing that we will hit a home run, knowing that we have it in us to hit a home run, and knowing that it is our day to hit a home run. However, we are scared to walk to the plate, in case we fail.

We cannot hit our home run without acceptance. We need acceptance to strike the ball. On the next occasion when something good is within our reach, we need to accept that something good can happen to us, we must accept that we can hit a home run. We should take a moment to imagine ourselves as a batter…..

  We cannot make ourselves hit the ball, we need to allow ourselves to hit the ball. We must allow our instinct to take over. We must let it happen, if we try to make it happen we will swing in desperation, and we will miss the ball. We must trust our instinct. If we are watchful, our instinct will take over. We must flow with our instinct. We must not attempt to drive our instinct.

We take a deep breath, we stretch, we look the pitcher in the eye without wavering, and we take a confident stride to the plate.

We glance around and our eyes rest for a moment over the scoreboard as we visualize the ball disappearing over the top. We will walk our home run.

We focus on the pitcher again, we never take our eyes from the pitcher's eyes, in the pitcher's eyes we see the type of pitch the pitcher will throw. We take another deep breath and then relax.

The pitcher winds up and fires the ball into us. Whilst we keep our eyes on the ball the ball moves slowly towards us. We must be watchful because as soon as we avert our eyes, the ball will regain speed.

When we are in danger of taking our eye from the ball, we must remain at peace, with our eye firmly on the ball. We must accept that we can hit the ball and allow ourselves to hit the ball.

We strike the ball and we watch the ball sail over the scoreboard, exactly where we wanted the ball to go.

  When we have hit our home run, when we have allowed the good things to happen to us, we must remember that one home run does not end the game.

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