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Analogies of Reality
Analogies of Reality

We need a point of reference if we are to understand. The Analogies Of Reality are intended to assist our understanding by illustrating a point in a way that we can relate to. The Analogies Of Reality are intended to create a picture in our mind which will assist our understanding, through providing us with a point of reference.


Throughout my journey, I was periodically given short stories, analogies to assist me to understand certain aspects of reality. I knew that I needed to bring these Analogies Of Reality together into a single volume, but I needed to wait until my Journey’s End, before I could begin the process of compiling the Analogies Of Reality which I have been given.

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Analogies Of Reality, is a collection of short stories, many of which were written esoterically throughout my journey to illustrate aspects of reality. Some of the Analogies Of Reality were given to me as a complete analogy, and other of the Analogies Of Reality were given to me in instalments of various lengths, which were provided as my journey, and my awareness progressed.

Tsúnyöta Köhe't

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  The Caterpillar  
  A Drop of Water  
  The Island  
  The Homeless Man  
  Artificial Fulfillment  
  Mult-dimentional Maze  
  Rebuilding Ourselves  
  Why We Need Experience  
  The Dark Veil  
  Vibrational Rates  
  The Mountain of Awareness  
  Many Roads  
  Shooting Star  
  A Scratched Record  
  Home Run  
  The Mirror  
  Riding a Pushbike  
  A Living Entity  
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