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Analogies of Reality
Analogies of Reality
The Island.

A pilot is flying across an ocean. The pilot becomes lost, but sees an island which had not been on his charts.

The pilot is running low on fuel, so the pilot lands on the island. The island is inhabited by simple people, who live a simple existence. The Islanders had never encountered others before, and the Islanders had believed their island was the world, which their island was to them.

All of a sudden something lands from the sky, like a big bird, and out steps the pilot. The Islanders see a man, but the Islanders cannot understand the pilot. The pilot does not come from the Islanders' world.

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In a single moment, the Islanders learn that the Islanders are not the only people in the world. The Islanders learn that their world is only part of the real world, and their world is only a small part of the real world. The Islanders learn of the existence of strange birds made from an unknown substance, which can carry people across the winds.

Three of the Islanders' beliefs were shattered in a single moment. New ideas and a new truth existed. Did the real world exist only after the plane had landed, or did the real world exist all along? The Islanders had learned a new truth, and the new truth changed the Islanders' world, but did the new truth change reality?

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After the pilot had landed on the island, the pilot told the Islanders who he met of a wondrous world across the ocean. The world across the ocean was inconceivable to the Islanders, because the world across the ocean was full of many strange things, which the Islanders could not understand.

The island priests met with the pilot and the island priests saw that the truth threatened their own existence. That night as the pilot slept, the island priests killed the pilot, and disposed of the pilot's body. Over time, the island priests managed to dismantle the plane, and the island priests had the plane taken piece by piece, and dumped into the ocean.

The Islanders who had met the pilot, repeated many of the pilot's stories, changing things they could not understand, to things that the Islanders could understand. The priests disputed the stories, saying that the existence of the pilot was an hallucination placed in the minds of the weak. As time passed, those who had seen the pilot began to die, until there were none of the witnesses to pilot left.

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The next generation of priests continued the hallucination story, and the Islanders who still believed that the pilot had existed were few. The new priests now truly believed that the Islanders who believed the story about the pilot, were only the weak minded, but a few of the Islanders, knew the truth deep in their souls.

This continued, generation after generation, and the priests were never able to fully eradicate the truth. Some Islanders always believed that the pilot had existed. The priests had been able to convince the majority of the Islanders that the pilot was not real, and that no other world existed, but the priest's conviction did not change reality.

One day a young diver found a piece of the plane, which was added to the pieces which had washed up onto the shore over the years. As the pieces of the plane were slowly put back together, more Islanders began to see the truth, and more Islanders began to believe that the pilot had really existed. As the Islanders who believed continued diving into the depths of the ocean, where they could not see the bottom, they found more pieces of the plane, until the plane was ultimately rebuilt, and the truth was once again revealed.

In all the years, nearly two centuries between when the pilot had landed his plane on the island, and the plane being rebuilt, neither the truth, nor reality had changed.

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Three generations after the pilot had arrived on the island, the pilot's great grandson, a sailor arrived on the island, trying to find out what had happened to his great grandfather. The sailor did not know how he had found the island, but the sailor seemed to know exactly where the island was. The sailor had also been the pilot, but the sailor who was the pilot's great grandson did not know this.

The sailor arrived by boat, and many of the Islanders assumed that the two messages were different because the pilot had arrived in a plane, but the sailor had arrived in a boat. The Islanders who met the sailor began repeating what the sailor told them, which was somehow similar to what the pilot had said, and also different. The sailor's message had not yet been changed. Some Islanders however, knew that the sailor's message and the pilot's message were the same message.

The priests also disposed of the sailor and sunk the sailor's boat far out to sea.

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Much of what the priests had advocated had been correct, but the religious teaching had been altered generation after generation for the survival and greed of the priests. Many of the current priests were good men with genuine belief, who were unaware of the changes to the religious teaching which had been made generations earlier.

Other than where the pilot's message had been changed by the Islanders due to lack of understanding, the pilot's message was based on the truth. The sailor's message had also been changed so that the Islanders who met the sailor could tell the sailor's story, but the sailor's message was also based on the truth.

The Islanders now had three messages, all based on the truth, all containing the truth, but none of which that were the truth.

The truth of the visits from both the pilot and the sailor were maintained by the very souls that had witnessed the visits from both the pilot and the sailor. When their souls reincarnated, these Islanders knew deep down, that the existence of the pilot or the sailor was true, but these Islanders did not know why they knew that the existence of the pilot or the sailor was true.

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On the island, life progressed, and artificial fulfilment gradually overtook the island. Centuries passed and during this time, travellers occasionally arrived. Each told of wondrous things in other parts of the world, and each confirmed that the island was not the world, but only a part of the world. The travellers never left the island, all had been murdered after a short time. The Islanders who had met the travellers, embraced and repeated the travellers' messages, again changing things which they did not understand. Many could not see that the travellers' messages were the same as the messages which the pilot and the sailor had delivered, or even the same as messages delivered by other travellers who had stumbled upon the island from time to time. As generation after generation embraced the teachings of the various travellers, fact became myth, and many religions were born.

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At the time of rediscovery there were many religions, each based on the truth, but each distorted by the Islanders who had embraced the words of the various travellers. There were many truths held by many Islanders, each different as each embraced their own truth, but they were not the truth. Each was only part of the truth. Each traveller had become the symbolic leader of a new religion, as the Islanders searched for a truth to believe in. A truth which the Islanders knew existed, but a truth which the Islanders could not find, because they were looking in the wrong place.

The Islanders believed in their own truths, but the Islanders did not understand that once they found the real truth, they would no longer need a belief. A belief was only a way to hang on to something which the Islanders did not understand, something which the Islanders had chosen to make true. The Islanders only had to believe, because what they believed, was not quite true.

When the truth is found, belief will be exposed. Belief will be replaced with knowledge.

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On the island, two tribes have formed and the various beliefs are spread among both tribes. One tribe lives a simple existence. Finding shelter in caves, or creating structures from what nature has provided.

The simple tribe had not developed a monetary system. The simple tribe gathered the plant base of their diet from nature, and the simple tribe was always careful to only take what they needed, and to replace what they take. The simple tribe fished as needed, and occasionally hunted an animal or a bird.

The simple tribe spent a lot of their time dancing, and sharing stories and love. The simple tribe's entertainment came from within. The simple tribe found all the beauty that they needed in nature. The simple tribe were at peace, happy and content.

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The other tribe, the advanced tribe built permanent shelters. The advanced tribe learned how to make bricks out of clay, and over time take more and more clay from the earth. This weakens the hold which the remaining trees have on the earth.

The advanced tribe terminate the life force of the trees permanently, instead of building their shelters around live trees, and utilising trees whose life force has expired naturally.

The advanced tribe become so busy building their shelters, which the advanced tribe believe are permanent that the advanced tribe no longer has time to hunt and fish and gather the fruits of plant life. The advanced tribe still need sustenance, so some spend all their time hunting and fishing, taking more than they need. They trade the excess with some in return for building materials, and with others in return for labour. What is left is waste.

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In time, the advanced tribe developed a monetary system, and the advanced tribe began to measure a man's importance, by the size of the house which he lives in.

The development of the advanced tribe continued, generation after generation. The advanced tribe were always finding ways to travel faster, and easier. The advanced tribe were always finding ways to use less labour in their endeavours, but instead of spending the time which they saved at peace, the advanced tribe used the time which they saved to continue to find ways to do things faster, and better by their standards, and to acquire more money and bigger structures, without ever having the time to enjoy what they have acquired.

The advanced tribe never relaxed, the advanced tribe never rested, and the advanced tribe wore their bodies out. The advanced tribe lost sight of the true beauty of nature, because the advanced tribe had no time to stop and look at the true beauty of nature.

If the advanced tribe neglected a shelter for any length of time, nature reclaimed the ground, so the advanced tribe were forever fighting nature back. The advanced tribe spent their spare time cutting grass, trimming what trees remain, and pulling what they saw as weeds, in their ongoing battle with nature.

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Meanwhile, the simple tribe continued to live simply, moving their simple structures from time to time, as the seasonal winds come. The simple tribe bend with nature, instead of building structures which will resist the winds.

Over the course of a year the simple tribe moved their structures four times, it took the simple tribe a day to move their structures, four days each year.

The advanced tribe must spend one day each week fighting nature, 52 days each year.

Generation after generation this continued, the simple tribe working with nature and the advanced tribe fighting nature. One day a hurricane hits the island….

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The simple tribe had built their structures within nature, and the simple tribe's structures bend with the wind, protected by living trees with a strong root system, secure because the clay remains in the ground. The trees bend with the wind, but the roots are unaffected.

The advanced tribe find that their shelters cannot resist the hurricane, nor can they bend with the hurricane, and the advanced tribe's structures collapse around them. The remaining trees cannot bend either, because their root systems are not secure. The clay has been removed from the soil. The trees are uprooted and blown onto the dwellings adding to the destruction of what were believed to be, permanent structures.

After the hurricane, the 'permanent' village of the advanced tribe is destroyed, but the 'temporary' village of the simple tribe is in tact. The simple tribe had never forgotten what they knew, and now the advanced tribe were given an opportunity to relearn what they once knew.

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The advanced tribe now had a choice forced upon them, did they relearn and revert to a simple existence, or did they fail to learn and commence the battle again, believing that they now can construct stronger structures which will resist nature. It is not an easy decision, but it is an easy decision.

Even the strong winds of reality could not blow away the advanced tribe's belief in their artificial world, which had been developed and maintained generation after generation. The advanced tribe rebuilt their artificial world.

A few from the advanced tribe did see the truth, and a few from the advanced tribe left the village to start a simple existence on another part of the island, and a third tribe was born.

In time, the advanced tribe's village was rebuilt, and one day one of those who had left the advanced tribe's village returned, and told all who would listen about the beauty of reality, and the peace of a simple existence.

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The existence which the third tribe had created sounded pleasant to those of the advanced tribe who listened, but most of the advanced tribe could not embrace what they were being told. They would have to give up what they had acquired and most of the advanced tribe felt that the price was too high.

The one who had delivered the message returned to the simple existence of the third tribe, saddened because only a very few from the advanced tribe had been able to see reality, and most of the advanced tribe had their vision blocked, by their artificial world.

Time passed, and the advanced tribe's artificial village expanded generation after generation, until the advanced tribe's artificial village consumed the land where the simple tribe, and the third tribe existed. The simple tribe and the third tribe were pushed onto smaller areas. The simple tribe and the third tribe found themselves in an environment which was no longer balanced, and the simple tribe and the third tribe could no longer sustain themselves.

Those of the simple tribe and the third tribe who were wise, knew that life would one day come Full Circle, and they accepted what was happening, others from the simple tribe and the third tribe fought, but to no avail.

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Some of the advanced tribe felt guilty, and through goodness provided for the simple tribe and the third tribe, but all that the simple tribe and the third tribe wanted was their existence back.

The misguided advanced tribe, blinded by their artificial reality, built shelters for the simple tribe and the third tribe, and the advanced tribe were horrified that the simple tribe and the third tribe did not spend their time maintaining the shelters which had been built for them. The advanced tribe did not understand, that the simple tribe and the third tribe knew that fighting nature was a waste of time.

Over time, the simple tribe and the third tribe had the artificial world of the advanced tribe thrust upon them, and generation after generation many of the simple tribe and the third tribe lost sight of the truth.

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The simple tribe had retained may of the original beliefs of the Islanders, even though they did not fully understand the beliefs which had become a hybrid of variations from the religion of the old priesthood, the pilot, the sailor and the various travellers. The third tribe had various beliefs with some accepting one or another of the old religions. The advanced tribe, for the most part discounted the religions as primitive myths, unaware that the very basis of the their advanced existence had been born form the stories of the world beyond the island as described by the pilot, the sailor and other travellers who had stumbled across the island.

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One day, one of the Islanders walked up into the mountains to rest from his problems. In the mountains the Islander rediscovered the truth. The Islander saw the reality of the world, and the Islander saw the beauty of reality. The Islander understood that his world was artificial. When the Islander returned home, the Islander saw through the artificial world, and the Islander saw that his problems, like his world were artificial.

The Islander longed to return to the mountains. The Islander longed for a simple existence, and the Islander knew that he could never again be satisfied with the artificial world. The Islander also knew that he had obligations, and the Islander had ties to the artificial world which were real.

In time, the Islander learned how to exist within the artificial world, without becoming consumed by the artificial world. All that the Islander needed to do was see the artificial world for what it was, and the Islander could live his simple existence within the artificial world. The Islander's neighbours did not understand him, but the Islander saw that his neighbour's lack of understanding like their world was artificial.

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The Islander rejoiced at this gift which he had been given in the mountains. The gift of peace, but the Islander was to learn that his gift had a price. The Islander had also been given a seed. The Islander was asked to repay his gift by sowing the seed. The time of rediscovery had arrived. The Islander knew it was a fair price, and the value of the gift far exceeded the price which the Islander had been asked to pay.

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