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Analogies of Reality

The Dark Veil.


Our fears, doubts and insecurities form a dark veil which becomes wrapped around our soul, and dims our vision of the world. We cannot really see the true light and beauty of the world, while we are looking through the dark veil. We have to remove the dark veil before we can see clearly.

Like our insecurities, the darkness is an illusion. The darkness is real to those who live in the darkness, but the darkness no longer exists when our insecurities are removed. When we remove our insecurities, we remove the dark veil that is blocking the light.


We need to understand that our fears, and our insecurities are illusions which effectively prevent us from seeing the light. We also need to understand that our fears and our insecurities are both the products, and the tools of experience. The removal of our fears, and our insecurities can be a difficult task if we chose, but the removal of our fears, and our insecurities can also be an easy task.

Our fears and insecurities must be removed because the dark veil which is formed around us, not only blocks the light from within, but the dark veil also blocks the view within, and prevents us from seeing who we truly are.


The dark veil is a living thing. Removing the dark veil is half the battle. The only way that we can destroy the dark veil, is to starve the dark veil. If we stop feeding the dark veil, with our fears and insecurities, the dark veil will eventually die.

When the dark veil has been removed and starved, there is nothing to prevent the light within us from shining.


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