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Connecting with the Higher Plane
Book Five Understanding Who I Am



"I would like to clarify the issue of dreams a little more. I have repeatedly said that I seldom dream, but it is generally believed that all dream each time that they sleep."

"It has been considered that travel to the spirit plane, whilst the conscious mind is at rest, are dreams. This is a sound explanation for those who seek an explanation from the perspective of the physical plane."

"How do we recognise our soulmate?"

"You do not recognise your soulmate, at least not in the way that you allude to. There is no check list, no signs for you to look for. You are simply drawn together when it is time and you 'know' who and what the person is."

"Is it necessary that both souls are human?"

"No, both may be animals, or one may be human and another animal. Rejoining of souls does not necessarily have to be physical."

"Do both souls have to be physical entities?"

No, both do not have to exist on the physical plane, one or both may exist on the spirit plane."

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  "So my situation is not necessarily the example?"

"Your situation is the example, because the principles contained in this part of your example, as with all parts of your example, are the most common. The point we are making is that there is no rule. It is likely that the reunification of soulmates will follow the principles of your example, but it is not necessarily so. There is no rule, only experience."

"Frequently a person will die, and shortly after their partner will die. Does this mean that they were soulmates?"

"Usually, people die close to each other as you describe, when they are soulmates, but because people die close to each other does not have to mean that they were soulmates."

"Does the same principle of soulmates apply if someone dies, and a short time later their dog, for example, dies."

"In principle yes, but not necessarily."

"I doubt that people would be comfortable with the concept that their soulmate may be a dog."

"Such a lack of comfort would only be a product of viewing all from the earth plane perspective, which maintains that those with a conscious mind are superior, to those without a conscious mind."

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"Why do we feel love for our bonded souls, stronger than we feel love for all souls?"

"The love for your bonded souls, is not stronger than the love for all souls, it is your connection with your bonded souls that is stronger than your connection with your all souls, because the connection with your bonded souls is direct."

"Is it correct that we must allow the love for those with whom we are connected, to come Full Circle?"

"When a soul comes Full Circle and returns to the higher plane, love for all that is comes Full Circle, because the higher plane is pure love."

"Yes, but what about circles which have been created between souls to create an environment for the souls who share the enevironment, to gain experience?"

"The circles created between souls to gain expereince are closed, because closing the circles created between souls to gain expereince is a convenient way for the soul who is coming Full Circle to gain awareness of the true circular nature of all that is."

"Yes, but what about the karmic aspect of the circles created between souls who are gaining or sharing expereince?"

"As I have explained, the nature and purpose of karma has been misunderstood. The principles of karma allow experiences to become complete. Karma is not a punishment cycle as has been supposed."

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"Is it correct that a bonded soul may be in an animal form?"

"Yes, as you know souls do not only reincarnate in human form. A bonded soul may also be expereincing the form of a plant."

"So if we take this explanation one step further, a particular soul may be with us in many different forms in what for us is a single lifetime."

"Yes. A soul may be with you as an elderly relative who passes on, then as a pet, then as a plant, then as a child and between each incarnation, they may be with you in spirit form. For them our example is four lifetimes, but for you our example is one lifetime."

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"I notice that many religions are becoming more flexible, and are adjusting to reflect society."

"You are correct, but are those religions not saying that their followers should obey whatever the religion's particular set of rules are, and they will find their way to God?"

"I guess that is what the religions are saying."

"When their followers reject their rules and the number of followers begin to diminish, the religions become 'flexible' and change the rules that must be followed to find God."

"I suppose that is what they have done."

"It certainly is, and it will continue to be this way. The more followers that a religion has, the stronger and more influential the religion becomes."

"Which seems to have little to do with God."

"That is my point."

"Yes, but religions need to be able to accommodate all."

"Why? If the religion's rules are 'the way to God' as the religion would have their followers believe, how can the religion's leaders then change the religions rules when it suits them?"

"There are no rules to find God."

"You are correct. All that any who choose need to do, is look around them and see how religions are changing their rules. Religions have changed their rules, since the religions were formed, and religions will always change their rules."

"Are you saying that what the religions are doing is wrong?"

"No I am not saying that what the religions are doing is wrong. I am pointing out that religions are continually changing their rules. It is not for me to say whether the religions are right or wrong."

"Not for you to say? But you are God."

"Yes, and it is not for me to say whether the religions are right or wrong."

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"Is it correct that souls are given a natural ability in each lifetime?"

"Souls choose to experience one or more of their abilities in each lifetime. These abilities may be what has been termed spiritual or what has been termed physical. Either way they are 'natural' abilities. How 'natural' abilities are experienced is subject to what the individual soul has chosen to experience within their lifetime. Even if a soul chooses not to recognise their 'natural' abilities, or to recognise their 'natural' abilities and not fulfil the potential provided by their 'natural' abilities, they are still experiencing their chosen natural abilities."

"I recall that you once told me that the key to finding God within, is acceptance."

"Yes, acceptance is the key to finding God within."

"I did not accept when I first found God within."

"Firstly, you discovered and cleared the bridge to your soul which enabled direct two way communication between us. Secondly, you did accept. You had difficultly believing, but as I have said on many occasions what you believe does not change reality. Despite your difficulty believing, you did accept. It was your acceptance that was the key. Once more, we demonstrate that belief is irrelevant."

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"I notice that throughout the text we refer to my previous 'identities' and the identity of others using their name, as the name has evolved and been translated over time to the current form. Why not use the correct name as their name was applied at the time?"

"It is not necessary. In fact if we did use these past, 'technically correct', names, those who read your story would need to 'translate' each time they encountered the name. It is far easier to communicate when we use terminology which is easily understood."

"It seems that an increasing number of people are beginning to see parts of the truth of our existence, which have been discounted for some time."

"Yes, you are correct. Many are now seeking the truth and as such they are open to receive the truth. That many are now seeking the truth is why the timing of your role was important. That many are now seeking the truth is also why you were convenient to complete this task, because your timing coincided with the timing of others."

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"I often read a passage in a book or hear something which is nearly right, but I feel that the author does not quite understand what they are saying, or attempting to say."

"They understand what they are saying from their level of awareness, just as you understand what you read from your level of awareness. As you have experienced from the insights which you yourself wrote, the meaning changes with awareness."

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