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Connecting with the Higher Plane
Book Five Understanding Who I Am



"When I consider all of the times when we discussed how events or people have fitted into my life or into my existence, we have seldom provided any detail. Why is this?"

"Detail has not been necessary. We have made the point on numerous occasions that detail is not necessary. The process of understanding how people and events fit into one's life is in three parts. Firstly by reflecting on one's own lifetime, secondly by drawing on past life memories, and thirdly by discussions with the God within. All must follow this process at their current level of awareness, and repeat this process each time that their level of awareness increases."

"Yes, I understand this, but why?"

"All answers are contained within. Within the lifetime of each person, within the existence of each soul, and within the higher self."

"Effectively, all answers are contained within each trinity."

"Is that not what I said? The 'lifetime' draws on the lower self or conscious self, the 'existence' draws on the spirit self, or the subconscious self, and the higher self, or God self, contains all knowledge."

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"You have told me on a number of occasions that my journey was complete, and that I had come Full Circle, but still we continue."

"You are correct. Firstly, despite coming Full Circle you still needed to accept that you are a master. We needed to create an environment which effectively gave you no choice, but to accept that you are a master. To accept that you are a master you needed to understand the true nature of your previous or interim world which you had created, which was an environment of placing yourself in my hands."

"Okay, I concede that I needed to accept that I am a master, but we now continue."

"Yes, it is nearly time for you to begin exploring your new world. The world of a master. The days of living within my promise."

"As I conduct my final review, it still seems to me that some of what we have said is contradictory."

"It may seem that some of what we have said is contradictory now, but what we have said is not contradictory. Everything that has been said has reflected your current level of awareness, whatever that may have been at the time. That some things seem contradictory is only because your level of awareness has changed. Each time that you have selected one of your apparent contradictions, we have shown that the contradiction is, in fact, only a change in your level of awareness."

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"I look at life all around me and so much seems to be the exact opposite of what we have explained."

"You see the mirror effect of the earth plane. As you discover your new world, all will see that what we have said is correct."

"You once said that if people did not cover their bodies and proclaim that physical pleasures were evil, there would be no rape."

"This is so."

"But is not the experience of rape, the violation, the doing of evil, a necessary part of experience?"

"Yes it is. That is why the body was covered and the judgements about indulging in physical pleasures proclaimed. Such a course of action was necessary for experience."

"Yes, but the experience is in reverse, and the experience is an illusion."

"All experience is an illusion, but all experience must seem real to be experienced."

"If the gaining of physical pleasure is not evil, why are those who gain physical pleasure in specific circumstances, persecuted for gaining physical pleasure?"

"To be persecuted for gaining physical pleasure is their choice. All choose the circumstances of their birth. If they did not choose to be persecuted, they would have chosen to be born into a culture where whatever they experience is acceptable."

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"I sometimes wonder about the questions that I ask, and why I ask some of my questions."

"You ask the questions that others will ask. If people were to finish reading our words and seek clarification, we would not have adequately shown them the way."

"But won't all find their answers within?"

"They will indeed, but it is not unreasonable for us to supply clarification."

"Sometimes I feel that we are rationalising some of my human failings."

"We are explaining that much of what society has determined are 'failings' are in fact a mirror image of reality."

"We offer no proof that what I say is correct."

"The proof to which you refer is not possible, but before your story is over, your life experiences will provide such proof."

"Now that we have established that you know what is going to happen within the existence of all, what then is the point of asking one's higher self for assistance, or praying to God, or following one's instinct, however we choose to describe the concept?"

"We will choose the concept of praying to God. Yes I know what is going to occur. By definition this means that whatever is going to occur, will occur anyway. By answering a prayer, I am able to direct the conscious self to follow the path which will lead the conscious self to what needs to be experienced by the easiest path. As we have established, following one's instinct is exactly the same concept as praying and listening to the answer."

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"If someone does not follow their instinct, what is going to happen, will happen anyway."

"Yes, you are correct, but the experience will be more difficult to endure. You also overlook the fact that those who seek and receive guidance, do so exactly when I know that they will seek and receive guidance."

"Yes, I understand."

"I know that many will seek guidance, and I will provide that guidance. Sometimes, I will provide guidance by way of leading those who seek guidance to this work, which is why you are the example, the timing is convenient."

"Okay, but what if a soul is dying and another prays for you to save the life of the dying soul?"

"Firstly the soul who is 'dying' will either die or not die subject to what they have chosen to experience. Secondly, the soul who prays will have their prayer answered based on what they have chosen to experience. Let us assume that they have chosen to experience the death of a loved one. Obviously that loved one has chosen to experience death in the manner that they will experience death. The two souls share a life as a matter of convenience. I cannot alter chosen experiences as you know, but I could, for example, lead the person who's loved one is dying to, say your work so that they may understand that death is not real. In so doing I have not altered the experience which had been chosen, but I have made the experience easier to endure by providing the soul with the opportunity to understand the true nature of death through your work."

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"Can we expand a little on the spirit?"

"Your spirit self is your bridge to your soul. Your spirit self is the bridge between your lower self and your higher self. Your spirit self is also the bridge between each of your incarnations, and your spirit contains the memories of all that you have experienced. The memories contained within your spirit self can be drawn upon as and when needed, often this is done without understanding exactly where the experiences are being drawn from. Your spirit self is also your subconscious."

"As I complete my final review, I again note that we constantly change the terminology that we have used for nearly every concept."

"Have we not said that labels are unimportant. If we said that labels are unimportant and then we used consistent labels, we would be implying that our labels are correct. By randomly using various labels for the same concept, we are demonstrating that labels are not important."

"I was specifically told on more than one occasion that I would write three books."

"Yes you were, and so you have. However, you were not told that you would only write three books. At the time you knew the three books you would write related to your story of your experiences, because you believed that you had already written nearly six books of insights (which became the first six chapters of The Truth Of Reality). Now you have written your seventh book of insights (The seventh chapter of The Truth Of Reality). Although you do not know this yet. This book is the fifth part of your story. So from your perspective you have already completed your twelfth book. What if I told you that you would write thirty books? You already know that there will be at least another five books, but it really does not matter. You will write what is necessary for you to write, and that is all that you need to know."

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"I am still a little uncomfortable that I have shared the whole truth of what I have experienced with only one person. I have withheld many of my experiences from others, and in fact, I have lied to some people as to exactly what has occurred."

"Firstly, before this year is ended you will have begun to share the whole truth with the world. Secondly that you have lied to a few is to allow them to experience what they have chosen to experience. If you told them the truth, or specifically that part of the truth which you have concealed from them, such knowledge would alter what they have chosen to experience. Consider our own relationship. Have I not often withheld the truth or part of the truth from you to allow you to experience what you need to experience? Have not the other masters also withheld knowledge from you and therefore both I and the masters have effectively lied? Is it not in your best interest that we have effectively lied? What is the difference?"

"You once said that you sent insects to annoy me."

"Yes, and once again my words reflected your level of awareness at the time, but I have also said that insects wanted to witness your experiences. I knew that the souls who were those insects would choose to witness you becoming a master, and I knew that you needed to experience being plagued by insects. That those experiences were shared when they were shared, was a matter of convenience, prepared by all of the souls involved, insect and human in physical form, whilst on the higher plane."

"Why would a spirit lower its vibrational rate to be seen on the earth plane if that spirit did not want to be seen?"

"Some spirits choose to experience their ability to lower their vibrational rate and take on physical appearance, whilst the spirit is between incarnations."

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"When I first began my journey, I had to force myself not to think about negative things, but as my journey progressed, I had to allow my thoughts to go were they would. What is the difference?"

"There are two differences. Initially your thoughts were from your conscious mind focusing only on what you believed that you wanted. Now your thoughts are from your subconscious, drawing on memories from various lifetimes, as you need your memories. Also, when your recorded journey began you were using your negative thoughts to fuel your fears and insecurities. Now that you have removed your fears and insecurities, they are not there to fuel. All that remains of your fears and insecurities, is an occasional echo."

"At one stage on my journey I 'asked' you about everything that I did or said. I no longer ask you about everything that I do."

"Actually you do. When you needed to ask me, we were working together. Now we work in unison. I may sometimes lead you where you do want to go, or step back to allow you to experience something which you need to experience, but we are always working in unison."

"What do you mean, step back?"

"Exactly that. I step back and allow you to experience at a lower self level, which as you know, is the only way in which you can experience."

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"At one stage of my journey I had difficulties because I continued to lose sight of my 'spirituality' and then I had difficulties because I embraced my spiritually, and lost sight of my 'humanity'."

"You are correct. A master in physical form consciously exists on all three planes simultaneously and in unison. At various stages of your journey, you have lost sight of one of the planes, or tried to exist only within one of the planes. You were not balanced between the three planes. Each time that you lost your balance, you experienced difficulties until you regained your balance between the three planes."

"My balance between the three planes?"

"Yes. You are now balanced between the three planes, consciously existing on three planes simultaneously and in unison, which is why it has been necessary for you to balance between two worlds and carry a burden. It was through this difficult aspect of your journey that you experienced balance."

"Do not all souls effectively exist on all three planes?"

"Yes all souls exist on all three planes, but not consciously and not evenly balanced between the three. This lack of balance causes them difficulty which is why the need to balance during your journey was necessary and was a very important part of your example."

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