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Connecting with the Higher Plane
Book Five Understanding Who I Am



"I now understand that the tests which I have experienced during my journey are and were unnecessary illusions. If I am the example why would I choose to experience unnecessary illusions?"

"Some will choose not to experience unnecessary illusions, and through your experiences know that it is not necessary for them to experience 'tests'. Others would have chosen to experience these tests, but in response to your example will choose not to experience tests or unnecessary illusions after all. Some will choose to experience tests and confirm from your example that the tests which they have chosen to experience, are unnecessary illusions."

"If time does not exist on the higher plane, and if it does not matter to the higher self how much time is required to gain experience, then why do we bother with the example?"

"We provide the answers and the example within your work, because sufficient numbers of souls have consciously asked for an explanation of existence to make the request, a collective request."

"How many souls are required to ask the same question, before the question becomes a collective request?"

"It does not work that way. Do you think that I sit patiently waiting for request number 10,000 after 9,999 have asked a question before replying? A collective request is more than one. When I refer to a collective request, I mean a way of responding to all souls who have asked a question in a way that those souls will receive the answer, if they choose to experience receiving the answer. For example, if two souls ask the same question, they may experience an event which collectively answers both of their questions. It is simply a matter of convenience. That one of those two souls may choose to receive the answer and the other one may choose not to receive the answer is of no consequence. Your work conveniently has the ability of answering the questions of all those who have asked, if they choose to receive the answer. For the record, the number of souls who have asked this particular question to this point is far more than 100 times the number I suggested in this explanation."

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"Why have we often repeated that my experiences have been concentrated?"

"For several reasons. Firstly to allow you to understand that your journey has taken much strength, and therefore allow you to accept that you are both worthy and a master. Secondly, there will be those who find your journey overwhelming and it is important that they understand that your experiences were concentrated and that their experiences need not be as intense as your experiences have been, mostly due to the concentration. Thirdly, some will feel they are doing something wrong because their journey is slower and not as concentrated as your journey. We needed to demonstrate that the concentrated nature of your journey is unusual, through the necessity of recording your journey."

"There are those around me now who have written me off as a little crazy."

"Yes there are. There are also those who seek your guidance and wisdom. This is all a part of your 'controlled environment' which has allowed you to gain the experiences that you needed. Do you think that this pattern will not be a reflection of your environment when you begin teaching? Some will seek your wisdom, some will proclaim that you are 'crazy' and others will be indifferent. This is why your controlled environment was, as your controlled environment was."

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"All choice must be conscious choice, and yet we experience because our higher self creates the environment which we need to experience. How is this conscious choice?"

"Your higher self knows what needs to be experienced, and therefore creates the environment to provide the experiences which are both needed and desired. The choices which are made within that environment are conscious choices. Your higher self knows what choices will be made, which assists your higher self to create the environment which is needed, but it is still the conscious self which makes the choices. As I have explained, allowing your higher self to take control, must be conscious choice."

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