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Connecting with the Higher Plane
Book Five Understanding Who I Am



"Surely if I used my abilities to show people that what I have said is real, my demonstration would assist others to gain awareness."

"In fact the reverse would occur. Basically there would be two responses. Some would believe that your abilities are a trick and spend their time rationalising and attempting to disprove what you say. The result of this would be that you would spend all of your time in dispute with those people who doubted you, constantly attempting to re-prove what you have said. The other response would be that many would accept that you are a master. You are different. You are a new messiah. In fact you could have a religion named after you. Either response would be the reverse of what you wanted to achieve. If your abilities are to be used as proof, each must find the abilities within themselves. It is through experiencing abilities within themselves, not through witnessing abilities within you, that the abilities will assist others to gain awareness, and in so doing, return to the higher plane."

"The mountain that is my awareness is also my learning curve, isn't it?"

"Yes a learning curve is exactly what the mountain of awareness is. When you reached the summit of the mountain of awareness, you also reached the point on your learning curve where the curve begins to plateau and rise gradually."

"Even now when I consider that each must experience their own path, and that if I am not in someone's life, it is because I am not meant to be in their life, it seems like a 'cop out' answer."

"That if you are not in someone's life, it is because you are not meant to be in their life is not a 'cop out' answer, it is a fact. If you are not meant to be in another's life, you will drift apart. If you attempt to change what is meant to be, you will be forced apart. You yourself have experienced both of these methods to remove you from another's life."


"Yes that is so, but if someone is experiencing hurt, and I do not attempt to alleviate their hurt, am I not simply 'coping out' and saying; 'that is the path that you have chosen'?"

"I understand your point, which is a product of the mirror effect of the earth plane. I am God, and I cannot interfere, as you know. Are you suggesting that God 'cops out'?"

"But do we not have an obligation to others?"

"No, your only obligation is to yourself."

"But am I not walking away from my past obligations to others?"

"Okay, let us get down to the point. Firstly, no one has an obligation to any other than themselves. Following one's own path is all that any can do. If you follow your own path you are not being selfish. Expecting another to follow the path that you want them to follow is being selfish. The only responsibility any have for their own actions, is to themselves."

"We have expanded on all of these points previously."

"Yes we have, and we have reiterated the points clearly and succinctly."

"Many would disagree."

"Each must follow their own path."

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"What is meant by doing God's work?"

"The terminology 'doing God's work' can and has been interpreted by many in different ways. It is important to understand that each soul is gaining experience and assisting others to gain experience, which is the purpose of the earth plane, so in effect all are doing God's work. There are those who choose to hide behind God's work to provide themselves with artificial fulfilment. There are also those who choose to experience a life of sacrifice for the sake of others, which is experience as with all things. Those who are destitute experience receiving or not receiving assistance, as do those who are given the opportunity to provide assistance, experience providing or not providing assistance.

"If we view this question from the perspective of a soul who is aware, such as yourself, you know that all is experience and you are drawn to assist others experience what they have chosen to experience. As we have shown, this may be by way of doing nothing or doing 'something' and that 'something' may change, from one soul whom you are assisting to another. The difference and the only difference once again is awareness. You are aware of what is occurring, and also of what is required of you in any given situation."

"What about genetic breeding? Say for example if a dog is genetically bred as a killer?"

"The ability to breed certain characteristics into animals, plants or even people was not discovered by accident. If a soul chooses to experience specific characteristics, what better way than to choose a body or vessel that has been genetically altered to have those characteristics."


"That is very convenient, but what if the genetic engineering goes wrong?"

"It is convenient, but it is also convenient that genetic engineering can go 'wrong' or other than intended. It is only 'wrong' from the conscious perspectives of those who are conducting the genetic experiment. It is right from every other perspective. Those conducting the genetic engineering have experienced getting it 'wrong' which was what they chose to experience. Getting it wrong was right. The soul which makes use of the body that has gone 'wrong' is experiencing the physical characteristics that they have chosen to experience."

"We once said that if say someone we love is killed, that we need to understand that death is an illusion and respond with love. As we have continued our explanations we are now saying that the death of a loved one must be felt to be experienced. It would seem that we are contradicting ourselves."

"This is an interesting question and it will take a little answering. We will answer the question from the perspective of one who's loved one is killed. They have chosen to experience a lifetime where their loved one is killed. When the loved one is killed, they have experienced their choice, or as we have explained the cause. They are then faced with a variety of effects or results which they may choose to experience. They may decide to retain bitterness and self pity. If bitterness and self pity is chosen they are the ones who suffer. The person who has lost the loved one has chosen to embrace and experience their artificial loss.

"However, if they mourn the loved one, and understand that it is their own loss which they are mourning not the passing of their loved one, and then accept that the passing of their loved one is the experience that they have chosen and that death is not real, they are effectively experiencing what has been chosen. All must accept that if any person leaves their life, regardless of the circumstances, it is because the person who has left has fulfilled their purpose in that person's life.

"If a person dies regardless of their age, it is because they have experienced all that they needed to experience in this lifetime. Someone who experiences the loss of a loved one is supposed to feel that loss, feeling is experiencing but after experiencing, they need to release the experience and then move on to their next experience."


"Why do some people have seemingly stronger instincts than others."

"I am instinct. No one soul's instinct is stronger than another. However, the instinct appears stronger as one's awareness increases. As one becomes aware, one is becoming aware of who you are not, and therefore one becomes closer to who they are. One's instinct is a part of who they are, so as one removes who they are not, one is removing much that blocks their connection with their higher self, which is also their instinct."

"Now that has an interesting connotation. It seems to me that as one's awareness increases they do in fact become closer to God."

"God is within all souls, and no soul is closer to God than another. That which blocks the connection to God is also within and as that which blocks the connection to God is removed, the connection to God is closer because there are less things in between the soul and God. As such someone with a higher level of awareness could be termed 'close to God'."

"We have previously established that all are close to God."

"Yes and we have not altered what we have said previously. All that we have done is to add some depth to your existing awareness."


"What about animals becoming extinct?"

"Animals become extinct when their form or existence no longer needs to be experienced."

"As I reflect, it is apparent that we continue to re-demonstrate points over and over again."

"Repetition is necessary. We are attempting to allow those who choose to see the truth within, when century after century of dogma, has blocked the truth within."

"You once said that a master sees themselves as 10, not 10 plus whatever. However, I still see myself as 10 plus 1."

"When we had the discussion, you were 10 plus 2, and again when you were 10 plus 1, but you were unaware of which part was 10 and which was 1. Now you are aware of which part is 10 and which is 1. You know that what remains of the 1 still needs to be experienced, but you know that 1 is not you, because you know that you are 10."

"I have been thinking about your comments regarding extinction. Many now work very hard to prevent animals etc, from becoming extinct."

"Yes, but again working very hard to prevent extinction is a chosen experience. If a species, a form of existence, is no longer required, souls simply choose not to incarnate in that form of existence and the species becomes extinct. A process which cannot be altered. That some choose to attempt to prevent extinction is a convenient way for them to experience all that goes with fighting for a hopeless cause."


"There are many who would dispute your explanation."

"There are many who do dispute everything. There are many who have chosen to experience disputing the words of another. If one chooses to dispute your words, we have conveniently provided an environment for them to experience what they have chosen."

"Why do I still refer to you as God, and talk to you as though you were a separate entity?"

"It is easier and clearer for all to understand. You could refer to me as 'the God within' or 'my higher self', it does not really matter other than for those who read your words. They would then have to translate each time that you mean God. Alternatively they would decide that you were saying that the God within was not God. The God within is God, God the drop which forms a part of God the ocean."

"You often talk to me as God the ocean, not God the drop."

"As I have said, go to a beach and look upon the ocean. Where does each drop start and finish? Does it matter? Each drop is the ocean."

"You once said that if I used my abilities or resources for selfish reasons, I would lose everything. How would this occur and why?"

"How and why are the same. You would lose your connection with the pure love."

"Many of the teachers have allegedly performed great deeds, and some of those have been proven to be natural phenomenon."

"You are correct. Of course the teacher 'happened' to be in the right place at the right time, and 'happened' on many occasions to know what was to occur. Perhaps I had foreseen the events, and I led the teachers to be where they needed to be, when they needed to be there, because I knew what was to happen."


"So many of the recorded miracles, were not miracles at all?"

"No. As I have explained, the earth plane has physical limitations. Some miracles were originally analogies, and other miracles were the product of convenient timing."

"Were those who were destined to fulfil a specific role foreseen?"

"Yes. It was foreseen that Moses would free his people from slavery, in response to their collective choice to create a new environment. However, Moses was required to wait many years in exile, until it was time for the events which had been foreseen to occur. It was those events that allowed Moses to lead his people to freedom, and not to their death. There are many examples of this throughout history. One only has to study history to see them. An individual's destiny was often foretold, because it was and is known what would occur. However, nothing occurred until the timing was right, not because I made the event happen, or an individual's faith made the event happen, but because the event was foreseen and therefore convenient."

"Okay, let us talk about your promise again. You once said, 'Be concerned only for your actions now, and not for the outcome and you will want for nothing'."

"Yes I did, and my statement is correct."

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