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Connecting with the Higher Plane
Book Five Understanding Who I Am

The Role Of A Master


God said, "You have exactly what you can deal with and no more. You believed that after you returned from The Hall Of Masters that everything would be different, and everything is different whenever you flow. Whenever you allow everything to be. You are disturbed because you did not wish to forget your friend's birthday, but you forgot your friend's birthday because you were meant to forget your friend's birthday. What you wanted was irrelevant. What occurred was what she needed to experience. No more than this. You were a convenient player in her experiences. Everything did change for you after you returned from The Hall Of Masters, you only had to allow everything to be. You know this.

"Live what you have learned and accept what you know. Living The Truth is the final step for you. Live the truth and allow all that is to happen, to happen. You know this. Apply your knowledge. You live the truth most of the time, and each day your ability to live the truth increases.

"You know from today's experiences that you are still to be used to assist others to learn, and that past life memories will still surface from time to time. You will still be faced with a number of circumstances and the circumstances that you are faced with do not change. What changes is that you accept the circumstances that you are faced with for what they are."

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  That evening I experienced two past life regressions, both of which had involved Katerina.

I was a soldier. I was being hunted by enemy solders. Katerina was helping me to escape. It was a long time ago, maybe 2,500 years ago. We were climbing a rope bridge/ladder which traversed a cliff face overlooking a lake. Katerina wore a long flowing dress and I wore a tunic.

In the other lifetime, which had occurred in the 9th century we had again married. Joe had been Katerina's father in that lifetime.

I reflected that whilst in Russia I had known that I had previously shared lifetimes with Katerina's mother and grandmother, but I could not recall these lifetimes. However, I was familiar with their souls, particularly with the soul of Katerina's grandmother.

God continued, "You do not have the answers for any other than yourself. Each has their own answers within themselves, and each must look within.

"Do not be concerned. You know that everything is as everything should be, and you know much of what is to occur for yourself and for others. Allow everything to be, and do not look for events, because events will occur when events are meant to occur.

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"Do not be concerned that others do and will judge you. You are not answerable to any. Recall the way in which Jesus was judged. What you endure is nothing in comparison, because it is not necessary for you to experience such judgement.

"Nor should you be concerned that others are having difficulties. Their difficulties are to force them to break their circle. Recall how severe your difficulties were when you broke your circle. It is the same for all. Breaking a circle which has been well established through repetition is not an easy experience. It is far easier to break the circle, before the circle becomes a powerful circle through repetition.

"You can do no greater harm than preventing someone from breaking a circle, and no greater good than allowing someone to break a circle.

"Breaking a circle is not easy while the circle is being experienced, but after the circle has been broken, the experience is worth the pain. You know that breaking the circle of experience is worth whatever is experienced whilst breaking the circle and we have demonstrated that breaking the circle of experience is worth whatever is experienced whilst breaking the circle in your writing. Allow others to see that breaking the circle of experience is worth whatever is experienced whilst breaking the circle now, and allow others to draw strength from your experience.

"Allow is all that you need to do, and allow is all that you must do. Allow all to experience what they have chosen to experience, and allow others to draw strength from your words, if they choose.

"You know that there are many masters. You know that masters do not interfere, and you know that I do not interfere. Why then would you expect to interfere?

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"All who doubt what you have said should review their own lifetimes and the history of the earth plane. The Truth Of Reality is present within everything and The Truth Of Reality can be seen by those who choose to look. I do not interfere and masters do not interfere. We know better. Pure love allows all to experience, because experience is the only way that any can return home and once again become part of pure love.

"If you are meant to help someone, you will help them, but you will not interfere. You cannot interfere, because you have the knowledge of a master.

"Consider all that you have experienced since you returned to the higher plane. All has been designed to allow you to experience that you cannot interfere with the experience of any. All must experience and become aware at their own pace.

"The role of the master is to teach. To allow all who want an opportunity to find the truth within themselves.

"The role of the master is not to interfere. You have experienced that the role of the master is not to interfere, by desiring to interfere with the awareness of others. You have experienced that interfering with the experiences of others is not who a master is, through attempting to interfere with the experiences of others without success. Before you could experience who a master is, you needed to experience who a master is not. A process which has been apparent within all that you have experienced.

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"Every time that you attempt to assist someone to avoid an experience which they have chosen, you are attempting to protect someone from themselves. This is a nonsense and cannot be achieved at any level. What are you attempting to protect them against? An experience which they have chosen?

"Protecting someone against an experience which they have chosen is no more possible, than it was possible for those who attempted to protect you from the experiences which you had chosen.

"No master has ever attempted to force the awareness level of another. A master delivers their message, and allows others to accept the message if they choose.

"The way of the master is to deliver the message and allow others to follow whatever path they choose. A master does not seek to convince any of the truth. A master states the truth and leaves the truth as that. A master knows that no more can be done. Is this not what you have experienced since you entered The Hall Of Masters?"

I was not surprised that I was provided with an opportunity to apply my new awareness again the following day. Regardless of how much I wanted to interfere with another's experience, I could not interfere with another's experience. I could, however, provide a little guidance.

That night, I was provided with an opportunity to experience the guidance which I would give. I saw clearly that I could provide guidance to those who were ready to accept my guidance. Those who were not ready to accept my guidance would neither accept my guidance, nor understand my guidance.

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The following morning, I reflected on a matter which had been on my mind during the previous day or two. I did not like working in the business when half of the people who also worked in the business now despised me.

God said, "It is a small price to pay."

I immediately knew what God meant. Staying involved in the business had enabled me to be provided for in the everyday world whilst I completed my task.

I recalled when I had left to betray Jesus.

Jesus knew exactly what I would do. I was angry, Jesus was not. Jesus had said simply, "You must do, what you must do."

It was another day. I was given another opportunity to apply my awareness not to interfere.

God said, "An earth guide is simply a guide. It is not the role of an earth guide to remove the pain of others, or interfere with their path. The role of an earth guide is to provide guidance when needed."

I reflected on the difficult time which Nancy was facing. I knew that the experience was difficult, and I knew that the experience was necessary for Nancy. I knew that I could provide guidance, but Nancy needed to face the battle to break her circle alone.

I knew that our work was nearly finished, at least this first stage of our work and I knew that Nancy would soon move on to pursue her path and fulfil her destiny. What I did not know was that we would complete the second stage of my journey and begin the third stage of my journey, before our paths separated.

I knew that Nancy was currently experiencing a turning point in her life. I knew that it was time for Nancy to break her circle, and I knew that Nancy would break her circle. However, I suspected that Nancy's path would not be easy.

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This stage of my journey was drawing to an end for both of us and soon we would each move on to our respective destinies. However, what I did not know was that our destines would run parallel during the second stage of my journey. The stage of delays as I continued travelling in circles whilst I increased the depth of my awareness, and completed my preparation to become who I am.

Nor did I know that our destinies would once more overlap in the future.

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